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Meetup’s $2/RSVP Charge Looks Set to Trigger an Exodus

Another month, another scandal! You might have to pay a $2 fee to reserve your spot next time for some events on Meetup. This pricing change was introduced this month but keep calm, WordPress groups are not subjected to this rule. Yet.

Matt Mullenweg and David Heinemeier Hansson Discuss WordPress Market Share, Monopolies, and Power in Open Source Communities

If you love deep, contradictory conversations, then you must read the exchange of replies between Matt Mullenweg and David Heinemeier Hansson (Basecamp co-founder) on market share, monopolies, and power in the open-source space. The two businessmen resumed the teaching discussion in a podcast, so if you enjoyed it on Twitter you can hear the sequel here.

No More Mixed Messages About HTTPS

If you still have pages or elements (images, videos, scripts, stylesheets, demos) on your site that run on HTTP, it’s time to change them all to HTTPS. No matter if your main domain uses the latter; if you don’t add it to all your web pages and subresources, Chrome will gradually move towards blocking those resources.

First publisher relaunches using Newspack

Remember Newspack, Automattic’s non-profit initiative for journalists? El Soberano, a Chilean news site, is the first publisher to (re)launch on this platform. “Working with the Newspack development team has been a journey of discovery”, said the publication’s executive director.

GoDaddy and WooCommerce Join Forces to Make eCommerce WordPress Easier Than Ever

GoDaddy, the world’s most popular hosting company, just launched a new partnership with WooCommerce to help you set up an online store. In addition to integrating WooCommerce into the onboarding process, GoDaddy’s new eCommerce managed WordPress plan also gets you free access to premium WooCommerce extensions and customizable design themes, including popular extensions like WooCommerce Subscriptions and Product Add-ons.

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