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Big News! WPShout Unites With CodeinWP

It took some time to find the right place for WPShout in our portfolio, but now we think we’re there. WPShout was acquired in 2022 in our attempt to address more advanced WordPress users. It’s our hub for WordPress professionals, offering developer tutorials, courses, and resources for website building.

Since then, we’ve continued to maintain three different blogs in the WordPress space – CodeinWP, Themeisle and WPShout – in addition to the WordPress themes and plugins we’re creating over at Themeisle.

As the sites evolved, we realized that CodeinWP and WPShout have a very similar audience. They offer resources for more advanced WordPress users who are involved in the community and contribute to the open-source project.

At the same time, we needed more focus on our work, so we started discussing how we could reduce the complexity, without ditching the assets we’ve created so far.

That’s how the idea of merging CodeinWP and WPShout was born.

While we’ve kept the WPShout brand and name, we continued to use CodeinWP’s site structure, which is newer and offers more flexibility. On the new WPShout, we’ve tried to bring in the best of both worlds. We’ve merged the two databases, and the number of published articles focused on WordPress development and website growth went over 1,400.

It’s our first time merging two large sites, and it went unexpectedly well:

Milica Aleksandric.

From a technical point of view, the merging of the websites went very smoothly. I was pretty familiar with all the steps we needed to go through, as well as potential pitfalls and issues that might arise.

That said, we did spend over two weeks planning, mapping out the new site structure, and preparing all the content to be moved. Having this much time to just plan and review helped with discovering and preempting potential issues.

Milica Aleksandric, Technical Ops

Moving forward, we’ll continue with the redesigning of the site and simplifying the structure to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Our newsletter goes out weekly to over 20,000 subscribers, and we’re planning to re-do the Up and Running course, one of the most successful WPShout initiatives.

We’re also updating existing content on our blog with the aim of offering our best-written, unbiased advice for our readers.

Thanks for joining us in this new chapter of WPShout!

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