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Get Data Insights to Fuel Your Ecommerce Business

Do your customers zigzag between your ecommerce site, social media profiles, blog, and marketplace product listings? Then you probably find it challenging to gain insights that enable you to craft a personalized experience at scale.

Personalized experiences are important—71% of consumers expect brands to deliver them. And 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. Large b2C ecommerce brands know this and design systems to consolidate omnichannel data, which enables them to tailor experiences with better insights. 

While you may not have the resources to design such a system, you do have the opportunity to use software that offers the same level of access to your data as the big brands.

Custimy is an all-in-one CDP software that provides small and medium-sized companies with the insights they need to fuel their customer experience.

Its founders mixed extensive knowledge from the ecommerce and marketing world with a no-code approach, cloud solution, and artificial intelligence to create a customer data platform that blurs the lines between SMBs and enterprises.

But exactly what data is used in Custimy? What are its salient features? How does it compare to a CRM?

In this detailed Custimy review, I’ll give you all the answers and explain how you can use Custimy to build a better and stronger business.

Custimy Customer Data Platform – Overview and Key Features

Custimy is a robust CDP that provides the foundation to ensure that your customer data insights and analysis are consistent across all your channels, tools, or platform. 

It does this by tracking identifiers from your different channels and unifying them in the CDP. These identifiers are based on demographics, personal information, transactional data, and more. 

 Many other CDPs base identifiers on device ID or cookie ID, but with third-party cookies being phased out, this is no longer a long-term or viable solution.

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Custimy serves as the foundation of your customer data, enabling your teams and tools that use the platform to become more insightful.

Here are some of its key capabilities:

Acquire the right customers

Typically, companies look at ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and POAS (Profit On Ad Spend) to evaluate the customer’s profitability. But these KPIs only offer a glimpse of the view, and you risk losing out on gaining the right customers.

Custimy looks at customers’ behavior, traits, and lifetime value (LTV). It lets you identify your most valuable customers based on these KPIs and synchronizes segments automatically to your marketing channels. 

This automated, data-driven approach ensures the consistent acquisition of new profitable customers with an expected higher lifetime value.

Retain existing customers

Getting our customers to repurchase is not easy. That’s because it’s difficult to track their post-purchase behavior and determine when they are ready to buy.

Custimy improves your odds of retaining customers by forecasting their buying propensity, identifying their behavior, and tracking their behavior and spending habits within your brand ecosystem (webshop, emails, socials, etc.). 

AI algorithms in Custimy update audiences for email flows and repaid targeting, making it easier to identify those ready to buy. This helps you avoid losing a customer to your competitors because you didn’t act when they were ready to purchase.

Improve marketing results

Data-driven marketing is all about ensuring the right customers are exposed to your brand, products, and categories. In other words, you need to feed your marketing channels with the necessary audience signals to outshine the competition and improve your ROI.

Custimy helps you take an AI and Machine learning approach to building value-based audience segments. Additionally, it sends updated audience signals to marketing channels like Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, and Google Ads, allowing you to target the right customers at the right moment across their preferred channels. 

Moreover, Custimy’s CAPI (conversion API) integration allows you to reclaim your tracking and conversion ability. It presents opportunities you haven’t seen since iOS 14, tracking actions across your entire marketing funnel so you know where to tune them for maximum ROI.

Minimize return rate

Ecommerce return affects many more aspects of your business than you might think. Your logistics, customer support, and shipment provider all get an additional responsibility, while you lose out on a sweet sale.

Ecommerce return affects many more aspects of your business than you might think. Your logistics, customer support, and shipment provider all get an additional responsibility while you lose out on a sweet sale.

Ultimately, a high return rate will cause you to lose both profits and revenue. Minimizing these extra costs while keeping your revenue is key to growing your ecommerce business.

With that knowledge, you can better decide where to increase product information, which items to stop advertising, or even what goods to completely cut out due to too many returns. Along the same lines, targeting customers with products they are more likely to keep can help you cut costs and keep money flowing into your store.

Increase overall profits

Custimy also provides complete insights into your products and first-hand knowledge of what customers are buying (and keeping) those items.

With a few clicks, you can get insights that reveal your best-performing products. You can then allocate more budget toward them to boost your bottom line.

Custimy Insights Cockpit

Besides the above features, Custimy gives you a full picture of all your data by integrating every channel with customer touchpoints. It automates the whole process for you and ensures you can easily find all your KPIs in one place, i.e., Custimy Insights Cockpit. 
And with easy reporting, you save valuable hours spent on gathering data from different resources, consolidating them in a spreadsheet, and crunching numbers with disparate tools.

Also, I loved that Custimy is easy to use and displays your whole business in numbers. Based on my experience using it, it’s really a no-code platform that empowers you to stay ahead of the game with key business insights. Say goodbye to the days of feeling lost in different tools or programs with your data siloed off. 

Custimy Data Is First-Party Data 

 It’s no secret that third-party data will be seen as a liability in the future—especially with all the changes to the rules around iOS 14.5 and Google announcing it will phase out cookies in 2023. Having first-party data ensures that you own your knowledge of customers and that you are in control of what happens with it (it’s a future-proof way to work with data). 

Custimy is a CDP based on first-party data. That means users share data directly with your company; such data methods are future-proof and don’t rely on third parties to power your business.

Custimy Isn’t the Same as Your Standard CRM

To the uninformed marketer, Custimy may sound like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. However, there’s a striking difference between the two systems. Even though both CDP and CRM handle customer data, that’s the only similarity they share between them.

A CRM is a tool used to manage and organize customer-facing interactions and customer relations. However, it does not provide any data or analysis into how customers interact with your product, service, or brand. That’s where a Customer Data Platform comes into play—it makes it easy to understand the customer journey and how each step influenced their behavior and revenue with comprehensive data analysis. 

Have you ever heard of a CRM creating profiles for every customer you have? Custimy can do that for you. With 360-degree profiles at your fingertips, you can create and deliver personalized experiences via whatever touchpoints you use to interact with your customers.

Final Verdict

SMBs operating in the B2C ecommerce space have traditionally struggled to overcome the challenges of siloed data.

But with Custimy, you now have a way to turn manual data handling into full automated product and customer activation.
Custimy Customer Data Platform can collect, consolidate, analyze, and activate customer data for you. By using a CDP to your tech stack, you can streamline your customer journey across all channels. These success stories reveal that Custimy CDP can help you reshape customer experiences with personalized interactions that generate revenue and repeat business.

Want to give it a try? Take a 30-day free trial with Custimy and experience the power of CDP for your own business.


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