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Using The Blank Template To Create A Sidebar For A Single Post

One of the more intriguing templates that come with most – if not all block themes – is the blank template. It gives website creators a lot of flexibility in creating a template from scratch to suit their content and layout objectives.

Using the post blocks such as post title, post content, featured image, post author, and the others, it is possible to build a template that pulls existing content from your database to create any type of page.

In this video I use the blank template to build a specialized single post template that is used when I want a traditional right sidebar layout for some of my blog posts.

Here I used the Blockbase theme developed by Automattic, but any block theme that has a blank template will suffice.

Prior to the release of WordPress 5.9 in January 2022, none of this would have been possible without knowing PHP and how to create a template file.

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