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Newsomatic Review: Feature-Rich Autoblogging Solution

Autoblogging is not a new concept and has been around for years. For those of you new to this term, Autoblogging is a process that allows you to fetch content from various sources and publish blogs with that content automatically without any need for human intervention. It just needs selecting specific feeds, setting up the schedule, and starting the machine. The autoblogging tool starts populating your website with content from selected feeds.

In this article, I will be reviewing one of the most popular auto blogging tools — Newsomatic. I will also give it a test run to see its features and functionalities.

Let’s dive in!

Newsomatic Review

Newsomatic is an automatic API-based content importer that you can install on your website and start pulling content from your favorite feeds or sources. If you are into auto blogging, this tool is the ideal automation machine that makes post publishing and populating blogs super easy.

Newsomatic Review

While most auto blogging tools stick to news and similar niches, Newsomatic covers various niches as there are more than 70 listed sources that work with the Newsomatic API. You just need to set up the cycle once, and it starts importing content from the listed websites.

How does it work?

Newsomatic is powered by its functional API that makes pulling content from other websites easy. The new and upgraded API version enables easy starting up, and you can begin populating your website with helpful content within minutes. Since the plugin has its dedicated API, the users get full control over it. So, if you want to add new sources, you can do it just by contacting the plugin devs.

Features of Newsomatic

When I first gave this tool a test run, I was amazed by the number of options and granular control it offers. It won’t be possible to cover every feature in this review so that I will be covering all the prominent features only.

  1. Easy import: With Newsomatic API, you can easily import content and blogs from popular websites and start publishing on your website in minutes.
  2. Customization: Resulting posts are fully customizable like any other post based on some predefined rules.
  3. Control over content: You have full control over links, images, titles, content, featured images, and even post status.
  4. Translation: With Google translate support, you can translate the blog posts to any language of your choice effortlessly.
  5. Posting directions: You can define the minimum or maximum limit of the post titles and can choose to post only if the article has an attached image; define banned and allowed keywords.
  6. Text Spinner: The plugin comes with a powerful words spinner that replaces words with synonyms to beat plagiarism issues.
  7. Auto replaces images: The tool allows you to automatically replace images in blog posts with images from copyright-free sources like Pixabay, Pexels, and Flickr.
  8. Random sentence generator: This feature creates random, meaningful sentences that work for both crawlers and readers.
  9. Skipping posts: You can set up different rules to skip posts that do not match your preferred criteria.
  10. Information meta box: This gives a detailed information meta box to give extra information about automatically generated posts at the end of every post.
  11. Search articles easily: This feature allows you to search for articles by keyword in any language.

Alright, that’s enough about features. Let’s take Newsomatic for a test spin and see how it works.

Hands-On with Newsomatic

I created a test environment to try out Newsomatic, and in my experience, the installation was pretty straightforward. Simply uploading, installing, and activating the plugin like any other would do the job.

Since the plugin is distributed from Codecanyon, you need to add the purchase code in the plugin settings tab and the Newsomatic API key.

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Hands-On with Newsomatic

The main settings page is a huge list of customization options that we will get into later. First, let’s see how you can start importing posts from other websites.

Automating Custom News to Posts

To start the autoblogging engine, you need to go to WP Admin > Newsomatic Post Generator > Custom News to Posts. Here you can add as many sources you like for your website.

Let’s say I am setting up an automatic engine for a Gaming website. Here’s what I’ll do;

  • Select the article source from the list of options. I am choosing GameSpot.
  • Now for the schedule, I am setting it up to run every 2 hours.
  • To limit the maximum number of posts, enter the number of posts.
  • Post status is set to publish.
  • Item type to fetch is set to Post since I want to import blog posts.
  • Set the author I want to byline. You can even import the author from the source.
  • Click on the Active checkbox to set the rule to active.
  • For more granular options, click on the Settings button. Here you’ll get access to the advanced settings. If you want to change the search query string, source country, generated text title, content, format, you can do it all from this menu.
Automating Custom News to Posts with Newsomatic

One notable feature that deserves to be mentioned is that a help tooltip box accompanies every customization option. If you are not sure about any option, you can simply hover over the question mark icon, and it will tell you exactly what the option is supposed to do — no need for back-and-forth referring to the documentation.

Now once you’ve set the changes, click on the Save Settings button. Now you can select an action for the rule.

For that, just click on the Select an Action button and select the option you want to run. For example, I want to run this rule and import blogs from GameSpot. I just need to choose the “Run This Rule Now” option and click ok on the prompt message displayed. All the posts from that niche will be imported.

Likewise, you can set up other sources as well.

Plugin Main Settings

Probably the first page you’ll see and covers all the overall options for the plugin. This page allows you to control how the plugin functions for all rules and posts fetched. It would make more sense if you jump into the settings and check out the options yourself, but if you are interested, here is a brief run-through of the most useful options:

  1. Plugin options: Set posts to drafts, check for duplicate posts, and manual cron running can be enabled or disabled.
  2. Post content options: Here, you can define the post content like link generation, custom date format, no-index robots meta tag, read more text button, spinning title content, auto-translate, stripping HTML elements, etc.
  3. Posting restrictions: Here, you can set rules for posting cycles like maximum or minimum title length, content length, banned words list, required words, and skipping posts without images.
  4. Featured images option: Here, you can customize options like copying featured images locally, skipping featured images from generated post content, resizing height, resizing width, and even copying images from content locally.
  5. Royalty-free images import: Here, you can set up API keys for the service you want to use and can set custom selection and filter rules for the images.
  6. Random sentence generator: Here, you can create a list of possible sentences, the second list of possible sentences, and even a list of variables. The options make it easier for the engine to fill the content with random sentences.
  7. Affiliate Keyword Replacer Tool: If you are creating content to focus on a unique keyword, you can do it with this tool. All the keywords here get replaced by the predefined keyword.

All these options make it possible to make the posts stand out without much effort. The posts will be automatically fetched without the need to customize or review every single blog post. Now we know about the most notable features, let’s take a look at the pricing and plans.

Pricing & Plans

Compared to the features, the price of Newsomatic is surprisingly attractive at $39 for a single website and six months of developer support. If you want extended support, you can get it for an additional price of $12.75.

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For the features and almost never-ending granular controls, it makes the plugin a really good deal.

Final Takeaway: Newsomatic

Writing a blog post from scratch can take time. It will undoubtedly yield better results in the long run, but if creating high-quality posts from scratch is not possible for you, check out Newsomatic.

As per my analysis, the plugin effortlessly made it possible to fetch content from other websites, customize it to make it look like your own, and even bypass plagiarism problems with its nifty tools like random sentence generator and keyword mixer/ text spinner. This plugin can help you in pushing more content on your website easily.

If you want to give this plugin a try, you can do it here: Newsomatic Post Generator.

Let me know your thoughts on this plugin and how will you use it for your next project? What niche are you specifically targeting? Sounds off in the comments section below!

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