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Going From Local to Live Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Local, for many years now, has been the number one local WordPress development solution for those who want to build with WordPress on their local machines. 

Easily spinning up a new site, configuring it, and operating it on the almost zero-latency environment that is your own desktop has been a huge productivity boost for developers. And we can’t ignore the fact that it’s also a gorgeous-looking app! 

Building locally is one thing though. Taking what you’ve built from Local to live is another. With Local version 8.3 out this week, we make this “getting my site live” piece a whole lot easier! 

We’ve taken a fresh look at the deployment functionality of Local and made some massive improvements to the overall user experience and its reliability. In addition to streamlining the flow of connecting your WP Engine account to Local, we’ve also taken steps to give you more control over what is actually moved when you hit the button.

Let’s have a look!

Connecting Your Account

To connect Local to your WP Engine hosting account you first need to have one. Explore our plans to find a hosting solution that fits your needs. Once your account is ready, it’s as simple as clicking the “pull” button in Local against one of your sites and then authenticating with your account.

Something like this:

Selecting Your Site and Environment

Once Local is authenticated to your WP Engine account, you can select the account (you can actually have multiple accounts), the site, and the site environment (dev, staging, production) you want your site to push to or pull from.

Like this:

Choose What You Move

Now, sometimes you don’t want to push everything live. Sometimes you just want to send up the files without the database, or even just some of the files. Others want to pull only the database down, syncing up their development environment with production data while leaving files untouched. This is now easy in Local!

Check it out:

What’s Next…

For Local users looking to further streamline their workflows, it’s these kinds of improvements that make all the difference! 

We’re not stopping here though! The roadmap for this year is full of exciting features and improvements that will further cement Local as everyone’s favorite local WordPress development tool!

If you want to get a glimpse of what’s to come, make sure you join us at this year’s DE{CODE}  You can register for free here

Not working with Local yet? You can download it for free right here!

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