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How to Market Your WordPress Dropshipping Store?

So, you decided to start a dropshipping business. You went ahead and learned about it and finally build a WordPress dropshipping website for your business and launched it. That is great! But, getting started is the easy part. The real job is marketing the dropshipping business, which is something that most dropshipping business owners struggle with. In this tutorial, we will look at different ways that can help you market dropshipping business easily.

The thing with dropshipping businesses is that if you want to make a good income with it, you need to market it as much as you can. Your dropshipping business’s primary objective is to promote the products and bridge the gap between the buyer and the vendor. Incorporating good marketing and promotion strategies for your eCommerce store is the only way to bridge this gap.

Why do you need to market your dropshipping store?

A store needs to be promoted, not just for sales but other things as well. A good marketing strategy can help you build a brand and here are the reasons why you should promote your blog.

Reasons to Promote your Dropshipping Store

Boosting sales

Boosting sale is one of the primary goals for any business running online or offline, and this applies to drop shipping businesses as well. Once you have excellent promotion done for your website, it will help in boosting the performance in terms of sales as well.

Naturally, if the user is not aware of your store, they are never going to be your customer. Users need to learn that you exist and are selling the products that they might be interested in and this is achieved by doing marketing.

Also, merely letting know your targeted users about your store is not enough, you need to keep reminding them about offers and other advancements in your store, and this is where promotion comes into the action.

dropshipping marketing

Gaining popularity

Often marketing and promotion are only looked at as a medium to gain sales, but it is capable of way more than that.

A proper marketing plan can help you in building a better customer base and boosting the popularity of your brand. You can also start doing marketing campaigns solely focusing on creating brand awareness and building the popularity of the brand.

Store Improvement

What your customers like and dislike can only be ascertained by looking at the sales and marketing data of the campaigns. If you are marketing a product and still it is not working out well, you can surely deduce that it is not worth the efforts by looking at the analytics. In this situation, you can take a look at the analytics of your marketing campaigns to see which product responds well to marketing.

Voice of the Brand

Once you start doing marketing for your brand, you create a voice that will help your users identifying you. The way you present yourself to the users matters a lot, and for this, marketing plays a vital role.

Now we know how marketing can help your dropshipping store, we can move ahead to check out the methods and techniques that you can implement on your dropshipping business to boost sales.

How to Market WordPress Dropshipping Store

Here are the methods which you can use to market your WordPress Dropshipping Business.

Setting Up a Conversion Oriented Blog Page

A blog page is considered one of the most powerful source of marketing for any online business trying to grow online. In a study, it was found that blogs are considered the 5th most powerful and reliable source of information on the internet preceded by News websites, Facebook, retail websites, and Youtube.

Since you are running a WordPress website, setting up a blog page is really easy. You can start writing and publishing blog posts in no time. If you are using the AliDropShip plugin to run your WordPress dropshipping business, you can easily setup up your blog page with the built-in blogging platform to attract traffic and viewers to your website.

wordpress blog page

Blog Promotion is one of the most cost-efficient strategies to attract the desired group of audiences on your website.

Blog Content

No matter how good or beautifully the website’s blog page is designed. If the content on your blog pages is not of top-notch quality, you will have a hard time ranking on Google search results.

Make sure the quality of the blogs is always the best. If your blogs are not good, you will have a hard time ranking and bringing in traffic. Also, your blogs must always help potential and existing customers in answering their questions. The more you help your customers in making a decision and educating them via your blog, the more you will see the retention and increase in readers on your website.

Blogging and SEO

A very important role that blog promotion strategy plays is helping you in ranking your web pages on the search engine page results, or SERP reports. This is done with the help of SEO.

If you are not sure what SEO is then in simple words, SEO helps your web pages in ranking on Google results for specific keywords. All the practices that you incorporate on your website’s content to make the page appear in a good position on google results come under SEO.

promote wordpress dropshipping store

With blogging, you can incorporate keywords in your content and make it easier for Google to understand the business you are running and what traffic should come to your website. SEO does come with a learning angle, but the amount of return it gives is phenomenal.

Overall, blogging is a sure-shot way of bringing in traffic and boosting sales. Just make sure that you pay attention to your blog since you are doing this as a marketing campaign and not as a hobby. Create a calendar and start writing regularly. Try out different types of content on your store and see which one attracts the most traffic.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps one of the most reliable sources to retain customers. More than 75% of companies agree with the fact that email marketing has a good or excellent return on investment.

For your store, you too can use email marketing as a way to boost sales and retain more customers and even increase the rate of returning customers.

promote wordpress dropshipping store

Email marketing can be easily automated with the help of tools available online that specializes in email marketing. These tools offer many features and functionalities that you can use to speed up your email marketing campaigns a lot. You can learn more about the tools and email marketing regarding all the technical aspects here. On top of the technical skills, you need to learn about how you can make the best out of email marketing, and that is something that you can learn before you send out your first email.

Email Marketing Tips

If you are through with how you can send emails to your readers in terms of the technical aspects, we can take a look at what makes an email marketing campaign conversion oriented. Here are some tips that can improve your email marketing efforts.

Firstly, go to your email account and take a look at the promotional emails in your account. I am sure there will be enough to get you started regarding how a promotional email looks. Try to see why you opened that email. What is the thing that made you read that email till the end? Was the email designed beautifully, or was it just simple text? What is the email trying to tell you, and what is its selling point? This will help you in creating your emails as well.

When it comes to crafting an email, try to think creatively. What content will make the customers open the email and how will the email be beneficial to them. Do not settle with the first draft of your email, rather try to keep on improving it before hitting the send button.

Do remember to add appropriate links to the emails. An email with irrelevant email will lead to confusion for the users and therefore, less retention rate and even failing the campaign for which the email was sent. If you are sending email to your users regarding the launch of new products on your store, do remember to add appropriate links for the products, so the users do not have to go and search for the product manually; instead, they can just click on the link and check out the product.

Effectively Collecting Emails

For collecting emails, you can set up campaigns on your website for signing up for the newsletter, or you can create a downloadable ebook for your users which can be forwarded to their email IDs. You can even start upselling to your existing customers and pitch them about the new arrivals in your store. Just remember not to annoy the customers with too many emails or else it will lead to an increase in opt-outs.

Do give email marketing a run-through and try the Hit and Try method. Most good email marketing services have email analytics which you can use to see which email is working and which email is lacking.

Adding Customer Reviews, Testimonials, and Ratings

One another great way to build social proof on your website is by adding customer reviews, and testimonials on your website. Having good reviews of the product will help potential customers in making their purchase decisions faster.

Ratings have proved to be a great booster as well. Since you are running a dropshipping store, there is a good chance that the visitor or the person willing to buy the product is skeptical about the quality of the product they are looking at. This is where the reviews and ratings can help.

promote wordpress dropshipping store

The reviews and responses of the product help the users in understanding how the product turned out for the previous buyers. In customer reviews, images can also help as the potential customers can also see how the people are using it and how the implementation of the product is. If there are enough good reviews, your customers will have a better chance to make the purchase.

According to stats, 63% of the customers will more likely purchase if it has product reviews and ratings available.

Tips for Adding Customer Reviews on Your Dropshipping Store

When it comes to a new store, it is a good possibility that you do not have enough reviews or ratings. So for this, you can take snapshots of reviews on vendor stores and add snapshots on your website. This will help in boosting conversion for your product. If you are using AliDropShip to drop ship from AliExpress, you can use the import feature to import the customer’s reviews on your store easily with a single click.

If you are getting orders but not enough reviews, chances are the users are not getting the motivation to add a review on your website, you can automate an email for the users who have bought the product from the store, to send out emails after let’s say, 10 days, to ask them to add their reviews and thoughts on the product. You can even add a coupon for their next purchase for every review they add.

If you are getting big orders or even orders from big brands who re happy with the purchase, you can add a testimonials section on your website. Ask the customer to give a one-line or two-line review of the product they bought from your store.

Since you are a dropshipping business, try to keep the focus of testimonials on the service you are giving. Ask the customers to give a review of the buying experience and the service of the store. Apart from pricing, the service is something that will set you apart from the other stores. The product might be the same, but the service is what will matter here for any potential customer. Good word going around from your customers will help in boosting conversions.

Starting a Community or Group in Your Niche

Now another thing you must do to create a good user base is creating a community around your brand.

You can create a forum on your website and can help your users in connecting. This will help in your brand building as well.

Furthermore, identify your niche and start looking for already existing communities and groups on various platforms like Facebook, forum websites, and similar places. Once you join these communities, do not start engaging with the just to boost your sales. Instead, try to be a part of the community by helping out other community members wherever possible. Once you become a reliable voice in the niche community, you can start making recommendations for your products in your store. When doing it, try not to push too much as it might reflect badly on your reputation and will eventually tarnish your brand image. community for WordPress dropshipping store

Also, from these groups, you can identify what your customers are looking for while making a purchase. You can see the conversations and ascertain what the users of that specific niche are looking for, and then you can use that data to improve the products on your website.

For example, if you are a dropshipping clothing store, you can see what is the current trend in the fashion that the group is looking for and what kind of clothes they would more likely buy. From this data, you can change/add the products you are dropshipping on your store. Once you have made the changes, you can come back and update the group members about the new clothes in the store.

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook currently has more than 2 billion users active worldwide. This surely is a great number, but it offers more than that as facebook is one of the best tools for marketing any dropshipping store because of the size of data it collects. With Facebook ads, you can target a very specific user base and can make the best out of your advertising campaigns.

Facebook advertising is highly customizable in terms of audience, budget, and goal. You can select the format of your advertisements and can select where you want them to appear as well.

Learning facebook advertising is not that difficult, and with the updated interface of Facebook’s campaign manager, you can easily set up Facebook ads.

facebook to promote wordpress dropshipping store

Here are some tips that can help you in building better Facebook Ads.

  1. Target Your Contact List: It is always better to target the users rather than finding new ones. With the help of facebook campaign manager’s custom audiences option, you can easily set up advertisements campaign by uploading your email list and running ads for those targeted people.
  2. Invest In Video Content: Videos have better retention and engagement rate than other forms of media. This means that it has higher chances of working out and attracting audiences which can be your potential customers. Video content though, may be hard to produce, is a very good means of attracting and retaining customers through ad campaigns.
  3. Be Authentic: In your ad campaigns, try to maintain the voice of your brand rather than imitating someone else. Consider a tone of voice that perfectly reflects your business brand and personality. For example, the voice of an adventure sports supplies store will be way different from the voice of a medical supplies store. Consider a voice then create a campaign for your advertisement.

Running Offers and Deals on Your Website

Everybody loves discounts, hands down!

When you are focusing more on brand awareness, you can leverage the sales and numbers a little bit, and for this, you can start doing promotions and running offers on your website. When you run offers and promotions, you will see conversions and sales boost on your product.

These deals and offers can be used to attract more buyers. You can also create a deals page on your website which will summarize all the offers and discounts currently running on your store. WordPress dropshipping store promotion

Furthermore, you can promote the offers to your customers easily via mediums like email marketing as we discussed earlier and can attract more customers to increase sales.

One more thing that you can do in terms of offering discounts is creating a weekly cycle of discounts and offers and publishing them on the website regularly. This will help in boosting traffic as well since the customers will be coming in every day to check out the discounts and the products which are available for a better price that day. Having all products on your website regularly going in offers will also create a hype in your community as well.

You can notify these deals and discounts to your customers in groups, niche forums and can even run Facebook ads for the dedicated audience. This will be a good way to pull back traffic on your website with the help of deals and discounts.

Dropshipping Marketing: Take Advantage of Social Media

I am sure you must have heard of this suggestion earlier, and the reason I am listing it here is that it is one of the best-proven methods for bringing in traffic and gaining popularity for any dropshipping store.

The first thing that you require to do for your social media strategy is creating social media profiles. Create a page on facebook and accounts on Instagram and Twitter. You can also go ahead and create profiles on other social media platforms as well.

Now once you have the profiles ready, you need to link these profiles on your store so your customers can reach you on your social media profiles as well. Add all the necessary details on your social media pages regarding what a user can find on your store and what all products you are selling.

Creating social media profiles is just the initial step; the next thing you need to do is create a good social media strategy or plan.

Set Social Media Marketing Targets

The first thing you need to do is creating a goal plan for your Social Media Initiatives. These goals will help you understand why you are pushing in all these efforts, and on top of those, these initiatives will help you measure your efforts in the long run. Once you have your goals in place, you can see which plan is working and where you need to put more effort.

Optimizing your Social Media Presence

The next important thing you need to do and take care of is optimizing your social media accounts. Creating an account is one thing and making sure it is up to date is another thing. You need to make sure that the page details regarding your store are 100% correct and the page is linked to your website is linked correctly. You do not want your visitors and directed traffic to go to end up on a 404 page.

Create a Content Calendar

Content Calendar, as the name says, tells you about the schedule you need to publish on. You can create a calendar depending on the goals you have set earlier. Try to keep the calendar versatile and having a good mix of content that has the potential to engage a wider audience. Set the publishing frequency and the content that needs to go on a date. For this, you can also use SMM tools such as Buffer, HootSuite, or MeetEdgar.

Publishing and Monitoring

Now for the content, you need to create a good content mix of various types of posts. Doing this will help you in seeing which type of content is working, and later you can continue posting the popular post types.

After you are done publishing for some time, you can go ahead and see how the posts and social share are doing. You can check the performance of the posts and can later recraft and pivot your content and social posting frequency. Do not skip this step as if you are not analyzing what is working and what is not; you will have a hard time making an impact with the help of social media.


Another good way to expand your brand’s presence is by creating a Youtube Channel. Youtube is no longer a video hosting platform; rather, it is a search engine for video content. If you want to expand your brand presence, you need to start appearing in youtube video search results as well.

Popping up on search results will require SEO, and this can come with a little learning curve, but if learned and implemented, it will bring significant traffic to your website.

Your Channel Content

Now you must be wondering what your channel’s content should be. Let’s talk about that. If you have any ideas regarding the content, great! You can go ahead and give that content a try, but if you are having a hard time working out the content for your channel, here is what you can try.

Customer Testimonials

As I said earlier, you need to have testimonials of your customers to build social proof; you can use social proof marketing here as well. You can create videos of your customers talking about the product and how it helped them. This will definitely be helpful as you can use this content on your website as well. For example:

Product Reviews

Another great conversion booster is product reviews. Product reviews help the customers and potential customers in understanding the product better. If you are selling a somewhat technical product, you should do a product review and usage guide video for the product. This does not have to be an expensive professional made, rather a video that conveys the information to the end customer. For example:

Education Videos

Now, this is the kind that will be an added plus for the people in your niche as well. You can start educating your customers about the niche you are selling in by making videos about lucrative topics. For example, if you are selling cat food and toys, you can create a video on “How to teach this cool trick to your cat” or “Top 5 most famous cats on the Internet”. This will keep the cat lovers of the targeted audience in the loop, and occasionally, you can release the content about your products as well like “Best bed that you can get for your cat.”

Upselling and Cross-selling

If you are getting orders on your products, then upselling and cross-selling are great ways to promote.

As a store owner, you would want to maximize the user’s orders. This can easily be done by adding cross-sell to your customer’s checkout process. Displaying related products and slowing bundle prices will improve the conversion rate of purchase of the product, which is cross-promoted.

Amazon is a popular example for cross-selling as you always see a “frequently bought together” option on the product page which shows the product which is popularly being bought along with the product the visitor wants to buy.

Dropshipping Marketing: Summing it Up!

With these solid, proven marketing techniques, you can definitely be able to boost sales and gaining more popularity for your store.

You do not need to incorporate all the techniques at once. Instead, start with a single technique, and when it is regulated, and you are comfortable doing it, incorporate another one. Remember, marketing is a play of patience and if you plan to yield good results, be patient and consistent in your marketing efforts. Do not give up on a technique that you have just picked just because it does not seems to be working. Give it some time and try to find what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it.

Remember to always keep the quality over the quantity when it comes to it. Nobody gets excited by seeing an advertisement which is too “sales-y” or mediocre. Maintain a neutral tone in all your campaigns and create a brand presence as well. With all this, I am sure you will be able to perform better in terms of sales.

Let me know if I missed out on a technique that you are already using and how it has worked for you.

If you have any questions, just drop a comment below and share the article with others if you found it useful!

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