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February 2019 Comics w/ CodeinWP … #Developers #Debugging #WebDesign

February 2019 Comics With CodeinWP: On Perceptions, How to Be Cool in Tech, and Design Mistakes ?‍♂️

Try telling him it’s an inanimate object

Rubber duck debugging takes some wooing

You know, if the duck could pay rent you wouldn’t have a roof over your head.

Gestalt laws of perception: Busted!

A classic issue of perception in the tech realm

Nothing is more than the individual parts.

Don’t disturb karma when it’s working your way

The happy designer is the one who makes good mistakes

For sure, this is one of those times you just walk away. Slowly.

Based on a true story

How to annoy your friends and learn Google

Because you built your career to help me fix minor issues, dude.

This is why I am not a cat person

Be cool now and get on the block editor bandwagon

It’s easy to be a troll but being ahead of your time is the building block of greatness.

Bam! That’s all we have for February 2019. It’s been a pleasure to bring these comics to you every month, and a pleasure to work with our highly talented artists.

If you have any ideas for things to cover next, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

We’re shifting away from the monthly publication schedule of the series, so it might take a while before you see the next edition. Still, you can count on it being as funny as always! Cheers! ?

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