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8 Tips to Hire Top-Notch WordPress Design and Development Freelancer

WordPress is a popular content management site for numerous industries. Whether you’re a blogger or major business owner, you likely use it to sell products and services or connect with clients.

Of course, updating your website so it looks great and works well isn’t always easy. These are eight ways to hire top-notch WordPress design and development freelancers in 2021 and strengthen your digital presence.

1. List Your Priorities

What does top-notch mean for your business? List the priorities you want in every new hire to make your job listing clear. Identify every skill your design and development teams should have, along with years of experience and certifications. Applicants can also include examples of past jobs in their portfolio or link to an active website to showcase their skills.

Referrals are another way to double-check that applicants have the skills you need. Contact former employers to learn if someone has the expertise you’re looking for in each application.

2. Review Your Hiring Budget

Hiring top-notch team members will require a bigger budget than if you opened an entry-level position. You’ll pay for their experience and ideas, so it’s a worthwhile investment. Review your hiring budget to see if your salary estimates match what professionals will want.

The average freelance WordPress developer charges $15-28 per hour, but they can look for more than that if they’ve been in the field for over a decade. More freelancers will apply if they know they’ll receive fair compensation for their skills.

3. Hire International Staff

Hiring freelancers means you can open your team rosters to international opportunities. Build a robust global talent strategy for long-term talent acquisition. Team leaders can create an international mobility model that supports global employees and encourages their professional growth. If new hires feel professionally supported, they’ll stick with an international company for their permanent employment.

4. Upgrade Your Network Security

Expert freelancers won’t take you seriously if your network remains vulnerable. Digital security is the same thing as their job security. Upgrade your virtual presence by managing user access privileges and creating stronger passwords.

Locking down your network gives freelancers more control over their design and development plans without worrying about unauthorized usage.

5. Use Exclusive Hiring Sites

Anyone can post their freelancing availability online, but they won’t always have the experience you need. Use exclusive hiring sites that vet each freelance user before connecting them with potential employers. You won’t have to wonder if you’re meeting talented applicants before going through the costly and time-consuming process of hiring someone.

6. Look for Soft Skills

Industry-specific skills are crucial, but so are soft skills. Clearly communicating, meeting deadlines, and remaining productive while working independently will make freelancers merge effortlessly into your existing team. There won’t be any hiccups in your workflow because your new team members know how to work together remotely.

7. Offer Benefits Retainers

Freelancers don’t get employer-provided health insurance because they’re 1099 employees. It’s one of the most significant challenges of freelancing, but you’ll hire happier team members by offering a retainer to cover their health insurance costs.

This is an extra investment for their skills and time, making you a more appealing employer to people who may have become tired of paying for their health care out of pocket.

8. Schedule Personal Meetings

Freelancers often feel cut off from their teams. Design and development experts may continue their freelancing career with your company if you offer a different experience. Include scheduled face-to-face meetings in your job listing so they can look forward to an employer who wants to know them personally. They’ll feel valued and likely stay with you long-term.

Hire Top-Notch Freelancers in 2021

Top-notch WordPress design and development freelancers want more from contract gigs. They need support, professional development opportunities, and an employer who cares about their digital presence. Use these tips to hire the best candidates for your team and improve your website with little to no turnover.

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