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50 of the Best Topics for Bloggers You Can Write About This Year

? Today, we’ll make this clearer. First, we’ll talk about what a niche actually is, and then we’ll list 50 (or so) topics for bloggers that can score high in popularity ? and offer scope for profits.

What is a niche?

In the blogging world, a niche refers to the single area of content you’ll focus on catering to a distinct audience.

Generally, blogs attract readership from very specific groups of people – for instance, architects, local residents, beach walkers, coffee enthusiasts, and so on. What’s important is that your blog’s readership won’t comprise “everyone,” so you shouldn’t even expect your content to be interesting to all groups of people. Instead, you need to niche down!

The importance of choosing the right niche

Niching down means to narrow down the range of topics you blog about to only focus on the things that a small group of people will be interested in.

? Picking a niche that’s unique gives you the following advantages:

  • You establish authority on a narrow but specific topic, and readers looking for information about it will associate you with quality information
  • It’s easier to focus on your passion and not be distracted by competition if you cover only a small range of topics
  • You’ll find it easier to create unique content, and you’ll be able to go into it more deeply
  • Selling to a targeted audience is easier, and you can  make good money from a blog like that  if you get things right.

How to find the best topics for bloggers

If you’ve niched down and already have some ideas on what you could write about, then you’re lucky! From there, you simply have to  start a blog  and begin  to create content . You’re more likely to stay motivated to write and be able to make money from it.

If you still need a bit more help though, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re first going to list some factors that are worth paying attention to when picking the topics for your blog, and then we’ll give you a ready-made list of the best topics for bloggers you can use right away.

? There are four main ways to come up with blog topics:

  • Focus on what’s popular and trending. You surely have a social media account. Did you know you can also use it for research and not just looking up yet another cat video? Check out what people in your niche talk about and write a blog post discussing the most common issues.
  • Do some soul searching and recall a list of things you pondered for a while in relation to your niche. Maybe there’s a problem that’s been surfacing every once in a while that you want to discuss with other people? Or some interesting solution you found to your own challenge a while back?
  • Do keyword research. Use any of these  tools to find the top keywords  in your niche.
  • See what the competition is doing. Browse through other industry blogs and see if you have any better takes on the topics they write about.

Now, check out our final list ? of blog topics you can use right away:

Best topics for bloggers in 2022

We’ve grouped these topics in a handful of categories:

Finance blog topics ?

Finance topics for bloggers

1. Saving up for a new home

It doesn’t have to be a home, any goal will do – college, retirement, a dream vacation. If you figured out any of these challenges for yourself before, help readers follow in your footsteps.

2. Growing passive income streams

Share ideas on how to make money work for you. Investments, rental income, royalties, self-publishing – there’s a whole world out there.

3. Finance for kids

Get kids on the path to financial discipline with a child-friendly finance blog.

4. How to invest in novel instruments like NFT, cryptocurrency

If you’re keeping abreast of new and exotic instruments, let readers know how they can benefit from them, too.

Lifestyle blog topics ?

Lifestyle blog topics

5. Living in a caravan

A home on wheels is a dream for many. Help out first-timers with camping spots, caravan routes, weather updates, caravan essentials, and more.

6. All about minimalist living

Most people have gathered more stuff in their homes than they’re going to need in a lifetime. Share tips on cutting down the clutter, garage sales, secondhand buyers, and more.

7. Trends and style advice from a fashionista

If you have a fashion sense and keeping up with trends is second nature to you, there are many people who’d like to hear about it.

8. Interior design and decoration

If you’re big on decorating your home, do write about balcony decoration, bar arrangement, soft lighting, kids’ rooms, and more to inspire readers.

Food and nutrition ?

Food and nutrition topics for bloggers

9. Recipes for overall health

Good health is on everyone’s mind these days. Have some recipes handy? Let others know how to cook up food that warms the soul and boosts immunity.

10. Supplements for all ages

There are supplements on the market that cover almost every nutrient requirement. If you’ve got the knowledge, let people know what supplements are suitable for different ages and conditions.

11. How to preserve different foods

Demonstrate how to sun-dry veggies, pickle mangoes, salt lemons, or even brew wines.

12. Tuck box ideas for kids

Young mothers are always looking for ways to make kids’ tuck boxes more interesting. Pen your ideas in a blog for fellow-moms.

13. Whip up no-cook meals in minutes

Bachelor boys, home-alone adults, and teenage roomies are always hungry, yet reluctant to spend time in the kitchen. If you’ve got ideas for whipping up a meal without turning on the burner, there’s a whole bunch waiting to follow you.

Fitness ?

Fitness topics

14. Yoga for all

Fitness takes on a whole new meaning with yoga, and you can help others learn the ropes of the different asanas and breathing techniques.

15. Rehab fitness

Not many fitness programs target the differently abled, wheelchair-bound, or those recuperating from surgeries or other medical conditions. With mobility an issue for these folks, specially designed online fitness sessions can be a lifesaver for them.

16. Parkour for super fitness

There’s fit, and then there’s superfit. Show off your parkour skills to the aspiring superfit.

Neighborhood ?‍?‍

Topics for bloggers about your neighborhood

17. Round about town (local events)

What’s happening in your city this weekend? Is your neighbor having a garage sale? Is anyone going to clean up the beach today? If you have the answers to such questions regarding your city or town, why not blog about it.

18. Pet care services near you

You know of top-notch pet clinics, spas, pet care centers, or vet services in the neighborhood – put it down in a blog to help fellow pet owners.

19. Your guide to the neighborhood

Do you know your neighborhood well? Places of interest in and around your town or city? Your neighbors and tourists would sure like to know, and regular blog posts are a neat way to keep them up to date.

History / literature buffs ?

History / literature buffs

20. Know more about your country

Have access to a storehouse of little-known facts about your country? Put it down in words for fellow countrymen and history buffs.

21. A re-look at events that changed the world

Perspective about long-gone events changes with time (and distance). Share your view about events that changed the course of history.

22. Quotes for every occasion

Compile a ready-reference of quotes that public speakers and speechwriters may want to use time and again.

23. Your reading guide for poetry, fiction and new authors

If you’re peering into books 24×7, let others know which book, author, or poem is worth reading.

Housekeeping ?

Housekeeping topics for bloggers

24. Best money-saving tips for housekeeping

Most housekeepers are thrift conscious and would like to hear about ways in which they can stretch a dollar to its limit.

25. A-Z housekeeping hacks

Simple hacks, like using baking powder for stubborn stains or folding jeans to save space in the cupboard, can all add up to lighten housework.

26. Furnishing your home on a budget

Know how to convert old tires into garden seats or turn cartons into organizers for the cupboard? Know the best second-hand furniture shops? Put them all down in helpful blog posts.

Shopping ?

Topics for bloggers about shopping

27. Best places to buy cooking utensils

If you’re the cook-daily-at-home type of person, you’ll surely appreciate advice from an expert about the best places to buy utensils for different cooking needs.

28. Best deals on groceries

Whether it’s Amazon or the corner shop, search, and find the best deals on groceries. Readers will get into the habit of checking your blog before making purchases.

29. Big savings with group buying

There’s a lot of savings to be made with volume buying. Attract readers to your blog with great deals to buy in groups and avail the best discounts.

30. Gifts for every occasion

Gifting is an art. It’s not about the money you spend, but how your gift touches the receiver. Help people choose appropriate gifts and the places they can find them at best prices.

Holiday and travel ?️

Holiday and travel

31. Best places to stay all year round

Seasons come and go, but your annual holidays come only once a year. A ready reference to visit places that are enjoyable throughout the year is sure to be appreciated.

32. Backpacking for kids

You don’t get to learn backpacking in school. So let your blog be the place kids and parents come to for tips on it.

33. What I learnt about culture as a frequent traveler

Learning about local culture while traveling the world requires one to be perceptive. Not-to-be-missed experiences from around the world can make travel more enlightening.

34. Pet-friendly holidays

If you know of places that allow paws and claws, or fur and tails, to accompany you on holidays, do share a list.

35. What’s in my bag – packing tips

Learn from frequent travelers how you can sail through airport security, while keeping luggage to a bare minimum and not skimping on essentials.

Curation and review ?

Curation and review

36. What to watch this weekend

YouTube videos, OTT platforms, TV soaps, new releases – options for weekend viewing are many. Sadly, the weekend is only two days. Advice on what to watch can help stressed employees unwind.

37. Fifty plus? Check out these useful products for seniors

Nowadays, many products hitting the retail shelves can ease the lives of senior citizens. Showcase these products on your blog to help seniors become aware and choose wisely.

38. Tech review of latest gadgets

Not all the people who buy gadgets can evaluate them technically. You could help them with buying options or teach them about little-known features in the gadgets they possess.

Personal experiences ?

Personal experiences

39. A dose of feel good

Share video clips, images, or stories of happenings that can bring a smile to a reader’s face. Furry friends can be a hit here, and so can heartwarming instances of human behavior.

40. How prayer changed my life

Personal stories of how prayer proved to be a lifesaver for you, or how it helped someone who was at a crossroads can be inspirational to others.

41. Twenty years in care giving – here’s what I learnt

Let your blog be the place that caregivers come to for support and to share tips on coping.

42. My bag of tricks for overcoming a crisis

If you’ve led an eventful personal/professional/corporate life until now, explain to newbies how you trumped over tough situations.

Miscellaneous ?


43. Fact checker-news junkie

Today, there’s a glut of news choking everybody’s inboxes and social accounts. If you have a method or network to verify these reports and fact check them, you’re doing everyone a great service.

44. Let’s look up – star gazing for everyone

Tell anyone who’ll listen to lift their heads up from their devices and to the skies above them. The night sky is magnificent – encourage all to look up in wonder.

45. Scenic drives in LOCATION

Any location will do here. If you’ve traveled down the road on four wheels (or even two), recommend your favorite spots to others.

46. Best places to study cinema

Review the places to study cinema to help wannabe actors, directors, and film technicians.

47. Should I take a second job? All about work-life balance

Work-life balance is a thing these days. And if you’ve managed to achieve it in your life, share your thoughts/journey with others searching for the right balance.

48. How to build an app from scratch

It’s true – there’s an app for everything. That shouldn’t stop anyone from building a new one or a better one. If you have the knowledge, you can teach readers the steps to get there.

49. Be eco-friendly – make wealth from waste

If you know methods to recycle, upcycle, reuse old stuff and turn it into useful products, planet earth will thank you.

50. Bikers: tips to maintain your machine in top condition

Bikers are passionate about their mean machines and will be receptive to tips on maintaining them in peak condition.

Wrapping up ?

That’s it! ? These have been 50 of the best topics for bloggers that you can write about as soon as today.

While choosing the right topic is important, it’s equally important to then let your personality shine through your blog. That’s what is likely to make the blog stand out and be noticed among others, seemingly similar publications.

Which of these topics for bloggers has gotten your attention? Let us know in the comments below.

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