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Top 10 Free Shopify Themes for eCommerce Sites

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform built on Ruby on Rails. Currently, it powers more than 600,000 online stores all over the world, such as the New York Times Shop, Penguin Books, Red Bull, and Tesla Motors. Although there are many Shopify templates on the market, it’s not that easy to find free ones. So, we have collected the best free Shopify themes for you, all of which come with premium-like features and beautiful, professional designs.

1. Star

Star Free Shopify Theme

Star is a feature-rich Shopify theme offered as a freebie by As Outlane is a professional Shopify agency, Star has many features you will normally find only with premium themes. You can set up Star without any programming knowledge, just in a few minutes. It’s a responsive theme, so it looks good on mobile devices as well. You can choose from two styles that work out of the box:

  1. Polaris (on the image above)
  2. Sirius

You can add multi-level dropdown menus, product filters, Google Maps section, parallax sections, and product reviews to your site, too. Although you can get Star up and running without any customizations, it also provides you with advanced customization tools such as theme settings, color and image swatches, Shopify fonts, and many more.

2. Annabelle

Annabelle Free Shopify Theme

Annabelle is a free multi-purpose Shopify theme you can use for any kinds of shops. It’s a freebie created by SpaceSquirrel, a professional eCommerce agency specialized in Shopify development. Annabelle comes with three different styles:

  1. Annabelle 1 for apparel, footwear, high fashion, and accessories stores;
  2. Annabelle 2 for arts and crafts, furniture, photography, and vintage shops;
  3. Annabelle 3 for luxury products, jewelry, eyewear, and watch stores.

All three styles are fully responsive, featuring an elegant design and beautiful typography. Annabelle also provides you with customization tools so that you can tailor your Shopify site to your own needs. It has advanced features you’ll love, such as featured product carousels, product zoom, and an Instagram gallery. However, note that you have to subscribe to SpaceSquirrel’s newsletter to download the theme.

3. Venture

Venture Free Shopify Theme

Venture is an ideal choice if you want to build a Shopify store for a large number of products. It has been created specifically for big catalogs that host hundreds or thousands of items. So, it’s packed with features like multi-column menus, slideshows, product filters, and banners for discounts and promotions. Venture includes three different styles:

  1. Snowboards
  2. Outdoors (on the image above)
  3. Boxing

As the theme is officially supported by Shopify, you don’t have to worry about its quality. Venture also lets you create a unique design for your Shopify store. It comes with built-in color palettes, free stock photos, social media icons, customizable content sections, and more.

4. Pop

Pop Free Shopify Template

Pop is a minimalist Shopify template that has been designed with the goal of keeping your shop accessible to every user. It’s probably not the best choice for large catalogs, but if you want to host a smaller number of products you can hardly find a better theme. Pop has an elegant and minimalist design that lets visitors focus on your products. You can choose between two different styles:

  1. Bone (on the image above)
  2. Toy

You can also engage your customers with features like product image zoom, home page slideshows, and a slide-out shopping cart. Pop has been optimized for search engines and has a responsive design, so your visitors can comfortably browse your products on their mobile devices.

5. Boundless

Boundless Shopify Theme

Boundless is a free Shopify theme for stores that want to showcase huge product photos. It has a minimalist design that puts imagery at the center of attention. Your products are displayed in a neat image grid on both the homepage and product pages. Boundless has been specifically optimized for high-resolution imagery. It comes with two different styles:

  1. Black & white
  2. Vibrant (on the image above)

Besides the built-in styles, it also offers a number of customization options so that you can completely tailor your online shop to your own needs. Boundless allows you to create slideshows with a fading effect, add sticky navigation to the top of your page, embed a homepage video, and feature professional product galleries.

6. Fashe

Fashe Free Shopify Template

Fashe is a professional Shopify template offered by the Colorlib web design agency as a freebie. Originally, Fashe was a premium theme, but Colorlib decided to give it away for free. However, it still has all its pro features, so essentially, you get a premium Shopify theme at no cost.

It’s a Shopify theme primarily for fashion shops but thanks to its versatility, you can use it for any other kinds of online stores. You can choose from three different front page layouts (click the Home menu in the demo to see them in detail). Fashe comes with nicely animated product photos, full-width sliders, category pages, customizable product filters, and tabbed product information sections as well.

7. Brooklyn

Brooklyn Free Shopify Theme

Brooklyn is a free eCommerce theme for modern-looking apparel stores, officially supported by Shopify. It’s an excellent choice if you want a theme that specifically focuses on brand imagery. Brooklyn displays product photos in a dynamic image grid that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention. The layout of the grid automatically changes based on the number of photos on display. You can choose from two pre-designed styles:

  1. Classic
  2. Playful (on the image above)

Besides, Brooklyn allows you to add a full-width header slider to your homepage to showcase multiple product or brand images to your visitors, right when they’re landing on your site. If you’d rather add a Youtube or Vimeo video to your homepage, Brooklyn lets you do that, too.

8. Sports Store

Sports Store Free Shopify Theme

Sports Store is one of TemplateMonster’s free Shopify offerings. As the name suggests, it has been created with sport and fitness shops in mind. Sports Store has about the same structure and functionality as TemplateMonster’s paid sports Shopify themes. So, you can essentially get a pro Shopify theme for free of charge.

With Sports Store, you can easily build a user-friendly eCommerce store. It has an awesome drop-down menu supplied with tooltips and images to facilitate the customer journey. You can also add social media blocks, sliders, banners, call-to-action buttons, and a customizable countdown timer to your store. Note that you can only download TemplateMonster’s free themes if you give them a social media shoutout on Twitter or LinkedIn.

9. Minimal

Minimal Free Shopify Theme

Minimal has a simple but elegant design that can be an ideal solution for small to medium-sized Shopify stores. With Minimal, you get access to free theme updates, built-in search engine optimization, a mobile-friendly design, and free stock photos from Shopify’s Burst image store. You can choose from three different styles:

  1. Vintage (on the image above)
  2. Fashion
  3. Modern

You can also add advanced eCommerce features to your store, such as a homepage slideshow or video, product image zoom, related product widgets, product filtering, and many others. Besides all the functionalities you might need, Minimal also features beautiful typography and an easy-to-use navigation bar.

10. Alcoholic Beverage Store

Alcoholic Beverage Store for Shopify Stores

Alcoholic Beverage Store is another free Shopify template by TemplateMonster you can get in exchange for a Twitter or LinkedIn share. This theme is an excellent choice for any kind of food or drink stores. It has a 100% responsive design that features beautiful animations as you are moving the page up and down. Alcoholic Beverage Store mixes modern design with classical elements like a stylish wooden texture.

The main navigation bar has an informative drop-down menu with categories, prices, and thumbnail images included. Besides the top navigation, Alcoholic Beverage Store also helps customers with a sidebar menu to get to the product they are looking for. You can make use of other advanced features such as a homepage slider, “Sale” stickers for special offerings, and call-to-action buttons, too.

Next Steps

Building a popular eCommerce shop is not for the faint of heart. But, Shopify offers a great platform to get an online store up and running without any programming knowledge. Free Shopify themes can help you create an eye-catching design for your eCommerce site at no cost.

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