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Scala Managed VPS Hosting Review: Affordable with Reliability

Are you looking for a managed VPS hosting but do not wish to spend a fortune on the same? Do not worry anymore. In today’s hosting review, we will take a look at a powerful managed VPS hosting, which comes with a very affordable pricing plan. The hosting I am talking about is Scala Hosting. A reliable and secure managed VPS hosting that comes loaded with features that you cannot resist if the price is your concern. Let’s take a look at what the hosting is capable of and what features it packs with it.

Scala Hosting: Overview

Scala Hosting comes with a fully managed Cloud WordPress VPS hosting. A managed VPS hosting is one of the best forms of hosting you can get if you are looking for reliable and secure hosting for your website. If your website hosts sensitive data and other data that you do not want to land in the hands of the hackers, then the traditional shared hosting is not the hosting you should be working with.

Scala managed vps hosting

While a shared hosting plan comes with an affordable price, it does come with a cost of security concerns. If one of the sites on your shared server gets hacked, your website becomes exposed to hackers. In that case, hackers can get access to your website and your data quickly. But that is not the case with managed VPS hosting.

Managed VPS hosting isolates your website on its server and improves the security of your website substantially and hence keeps you from worrying about your website’s security.

Apart from the managed VPS host feature, Scala hosting comes with the SPanel, which is a strong alternative to the cPanel. It comes with daily backups to remote servers with no extra cost. In terms of optimization, you get LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed integration, 100% compatibility with cPanel, and a dedicated WordPress manager.

There are many more features that come with Scala hosting, and we will be taking a look at them in the features section below. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Features of Scala Hosting

In this section, we will check out the features of Scala hosting. Although we cannot discuss every element here, we will take a look at the most prominent features of Scala Hosting.

Managed VPS Hosting

Although we have already discussed this, it does not goes without putting it on this list. With the Managed VPS hosting, you do not have to worry about your hosting at all. Scala will take care of all the technical aspects and will keep your server highly optimized, so you do not face any problem with running your website.

You get to choose how you store your data and in what device type. Yet if you want the professionals to handle this, it is possible too. You can leave all the technical and challenging work in the hands of the experts while you can focus on growing your website business.


SPanel is an impressive alternative to cPanel. This tool is developed by Scala hosting and offers a wide variety of functions. It comes with a graphic interface to manage your cloud server and all the services in it like website, database, FTP, DNS, email, etc.

SPanel Scala hosting

You also get the daily backups features at no added cost and on top of it, LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed integration. Although you get the powerful SPanel, you also get full cPanel compatibility. You can also manage your WordPress website with the WordPress Manager easily.

Here you see a price indication to see the advantage that you will get with SPanel vs. cPanel.

SPanel Cpanel
Control Panel – SPanel – $0 monthly Control Panel – cPanel – $12/monthly
Advanced Cybersecurity – SShield – $0 monthly Advanced Cybersecurity – Imunify – $25 monthly
Cloud Resources Manager – SCloud – $0 monthly Cloud Resources Manager – CloudLinux – $10 monthly
Faster Web Server – OpenLiteSpeed – $0 monthly Faster Web Server – LiteSpeed Enterprice – $26 monthly
Daily Backups – SBackup – $0 monthly Daily Backups – 3rd party software for the minimum of $5 monthly
WordPress Manager – SWordPressManager – $0 monthly WordPress Manager – Softaculous – $3 monthly
24/7/365 full management & live support – $12 monthly 24/7/365 full management & live support – $? monthly depends on the chosen hosting provider
Your monthly bill is $12 and you can host unlimited websites and your hosting management is included Your monthly bill starts at $81 and you can host up to 5 websites and your hosting management is NOT included

When it comes to encryption, you can use the powerful let’s encrypt integration, which makes sure your website and data are secure. Apart from these, you also get API, WHMCS integrations, etc.

WordPress Manager

Just not any WordPress manager, you get the SWordPress Manager that makes the handling of your WordPress websites a cakewalk. Apart from ease, you also get multiple added layers of security. Regarding the number of websites you can manage with SManager, there is no limitation to it.

SWordpress Manager WordPress

Even if you are not a techie or do not understand the technical aspects of WordPress, you can use the manager to customize your website. You can make a lot of changes to your WordPress website easily using the manager. You can perform functions like Install/remove WordPress websites,  reset the admin password, enable/disable automatic updates, enable/disable security lock, cloning, and staging, etc.

SShield Security

Like I said earlier, shared hosting does not offer proper protection to your website, and having a professionally managed VPS hosting does make the job a lot secure, but why stop there?

SShield WordPress

With the SShield Security, you can add more security to your website and hosting. This ingenious tech developed by the Scala team does not rely on the virus database or hashes to catch malware. Instead, SShield takes the logical approach, inspects the code, processes it, and catches any malicious activity. It can automatically identify unusual activity on the website and can take action without overloading your servers with loads of server requests.

High Availability and Performance

With the advanced infrastructure, build on Cloud with software-defined storage, the hosting features the self-healing system as well. If the system ever encounters any issue, the server will automatically fix, repair, and will run the maintenance tasks itself.

Free Migration

If you have an already existing website, you can use the free migration tool, and if you do not want that yourself, you can ask the Scala team to migrate your site to new servers, and they will do it for free and at no additional cost.

scala free migration

This is a significant feature for you if you do not want to pay around the technical stuff of your website.


If you ever need any assistance with your Managed VPS hosting, do not worry. Scala hosting comes with a very well trained and reliable support team. No matter what question you have, the Scala hosting team will take care of it and will get back to you asap. You get 27 X 7 X 365 support with managed cloud VPS hosting.

You also get access to a powerful client area and knowledge base, which has an answer to almost every question.


The best part about Scala’s managed VPS hosting is their prices. With plans starting at $12, it makes their managed VPS hosting one of the best deals in the industry. For the starting price of $12 per month, you get 20 GB SSD, 1 CPU core and 2 GB RAM storage. You get free migration in this plan and all the services and features we discussed above.

managed vps pricing

The pricing plans go to $24, $44, and $66 for increased CPU cores, RAM storage, and SSD storage. Unlike other hosting plans, all the hosting plans have all the features, and no features are added as a privilege for the expensive plans. The only difference is the server capacity. This makes choosing a hosting plan a lot easier for the customers.

Over To You!

If you are planning on switching to a robust and reliable managed VPS hosting, which is affordable as well, you can try the Scala Hosting’s Cloud-managed hosting plans. The features and functionalities you get with this hosting is something you do not find anywhere else for the price.

If you liked this hosting and want to know more about it, you can check here. If you found this review useful, do share it!

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