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Quality WordPress Themes & Plugins

These days, it’s not that easy to find high-quality, inexpensive, and original WordPress themes. You can even find theme clubs and theme frameworks that charge hundreds of dollars for just one theme. However, it shouldn’t be like that. In this review, we’ll have an in-depth look at a WordPress theme shop called Elegant Themes. They offer a nice portfolio of premium themes and plugins, including Divi, Extra, and the Divi Builder.

Elegant Themes is owned by Nick Roach. For $89 annually, you get unlimited access to 87+ premium WordPress themes, plugins, and premium support.

ElegantThemes is definitely one of the most popular WordPress theme shops out there.

For just $70 per year, you’re getting access to 87+ hand-crafted WordPress themes. Each theme comes with different styling and functionalities and you can use it on as many sites as you want. Besides, you can sign up for lifetime access for a flat fee of $249.

Signup for ElegantThemes for $89 (See our 20% off ElegantThemes Coupon)

Some Stats

  • 87+ WordPress themes for different niches
  • 5 WordPress plugins
  • 550,591+ happy customers
  • 73 team members working in different countries around the world

Elegant Themes Review: Premium Theme Club

Each Elegant Theme comes with options for customization, SEO optimization, ad integration, color and layout settings, and other configurations.

Elegant Themes Homepage

1. Theme Options

  • General Settings: Lets you change the color schemes and typography of the theme. Also allows you to control your layout, featured articles, social media icons, and more. This admin page gives you control over the basic functions/features of your theme.
  • Navigation Settings: Here, you can set up and configure dropdown menus and links, exclude pages from the navigation bar, and more.
  • Builder Settings: You can enable/disable the Divi Builder for post, pages, projects, and other custom post types.
  • Layout Settings: You can set up and configure thumbnails, comments, and post-info sections for posts and pages.
  • Ad Settings: Allows you to manage un-widgetized advertisements. You also have the option to embed a Google AdSense code.
  • SEO Settings: You can manage your SEO settings here. You can set SEO separately for the homepage, single post pages, and index pages. It’s compatible with popular SEO plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast and All-In-One SEO.
  • Integration Tab: This is where you can add third-party scripts such as Google Analytics code or any other tracking code, that you’d normally add in footer.php.
  • Updates: You can add your Elegant Themes API key here so that you can easily update your theme when a new version is available.

Elegant Themes Options

2. Support and Updates

A well-coded WordPress theme has no use if you don’t get regular updates/support. This may be the case with many theme shops, but not with Elegant Themes. As long as you are a member of ET, you can be sure that your theme will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

While you are an Elegant Themes member, you get access to their premium support channels. Our experience of using Elegant Themes’ support service has been positive so far. If you are interested in how the company fared read our Elegant Themes support review.

Elegant Themes Support

3. The Price

Wouldn’t you love to get access to 80+ themes and plugins for just $89? This is definitely the most awesome benefit of using Elegant Themes. If you don’t like a theme then use another… You have so many themes to choose from, after all. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee, so joining the club is basically risk-free.

If you look at other theme shops or marketplaces such as ThemeForest or Mojo Themes, you will be lucky to get one theme or two for $89. This is one of the reasons why we love Elegant Themes.

4. The Elegant Themes Ecosystem

Elegant Themes come with fully responsive designs that adapt to varying screen sizes. If you choose to install one of ET’s responsive WordPress theme, your website will be displayed beautifully and intuitively on any type of device, be it a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop screen.

Elegant Themes have two flagship themes: Divi and Extra. Divi was first launched in 2013, and quickly became the most frequently used WordPress theme according to BuiltWith’s statistics. It’s a multi-purpose WordPress theme you can use to build basically anything, from blogs to business sites to e-shops.

Extra was launched shortly after Divi. It’s a versatile magazine theme that allows you to build fully-responsive, professionally-looking blogs, online magazines, and publications.

Besides Divi and Extra, Elegant Themes have 85+ other themes that serve specific niches such as online portfolios, app landing pages, photography sites, and others.

Elegant Themes Gallery


If you purchase an Elegant Themes membership you also get access to 5 plugins that complement the themes. They are as follows:

  • Divi Builder – A visual drag-and-drop page builder plugin with which you can build advanced layouts without writing a single line of code. It also includes 46 content modules such as buttons, call-to-actions, galleries, counters, and others.
  • Bloom – An email opt-in and lead generation plugin that provides you with 6 different display types (opt-in pop-ups, fly-ins, inline forms, below-content forms, widget area opt-ins, require opt-ins).
  • Monarch – A social media sharing plugin with which you can add social sharing buttons in 5 different locations (floating sidebar, above and/or below content, on images & videos, automatic pop-ups, automatic fly-ins).
  • HandHeld – It adds a mobile version that works alongside your normal Elegant Theme. It creates an improved and fast mobile experience.
  • Anticipate – A maintenance mode plugin that displays a “Coming Soon” page to your visitors while you are working on your website in the background.

Originally, most of these plugins were included within the Divi theme. However, Elegant Themes decided to make them available to every customer, so now they offer them as plugins.

Shortcodes & Page Templates

Besides the aforementioned themes and plugins, Elegant Themes also provides you with shortcodes and page templates. Shortcodes help you improve your site’s functionality by letting you add slideshows, tabs, tooltips to your posts. Page templates give you access to pre-made styles such as Contact forms, sitemaps, advanced search, blog feeds, and others.

5. Elegant Themes Showcase

First, we will take a look at Divi and Extra, Elegant Themes’ two flagship themes. Then, I’ll show some of their other themes as well.

Divi Theme


Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market right now. It’s receiving rave reviews from just about everyone in the industry. This is primarily because it’s truly one of the most flexible themes you can find. If you want a unique site without any coding, Divi gives you the tools to create it.

The Divi theme is fully responsive and fluid. It makes use of flat design elements to achieve a clean look. You can use the Divi Builder to build your own layouts that later you can save into your WordPress admin. Or, you can simply get started with one of Divi’s pre-made layouts and further customize it.

The Divi Builder allows you to build every element of your page visually, with the help of a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface. Elegant Themes also published 6 Divi theme demos so that you can see what you can achieve with the theme. Here’s my favourite, Divi Café, which could be an excellent design for any coffee shop.

You can test the Divi theme together with the Divi Builder on Elegant Themes’ live demo site. You can also check out everything you need to know about Divi in our extensive review.

Get the Divi Theme Get all the 87+ Themes for $89

Extra Theme

Extra WordPress theme

Extra is a powerful magazine theme, also powered by the Divi Builder. With Extra, you can build all kinds of online publications, magazines, and blogs. Extra is fully responsive and fluid, therefore it looks great on any device. It was designed for content-rich websites, so it focuses on making your content shine. Featured images on the homepage, ratings below the articles, mini-article sliders, just to name a few.

As you could expect from a premium magazine theme, Extra allows you to structure your content in many different ways. You have access to 4 menu locations and 5 widget areas. Besides, Extra comes with an advanced Category Builder with which you can build a different layout for every category in your magazine. The Category Builder is based on the Divi Builder, so you can use the same drag-and-drop interface to create your category pages.

With Extra, you also get access to every pre-built Divi module that comes with all Elegant Themes. However, Extra has its own set of Divi modules as well. These modules are all related to magazine publishing and were designed according to the specific needs of online publications. Post feeds, tabbed posts, post carousels, masonry blog layouts, inline ads are a few examples of the additional Extra modules.

Get the Extra Theme Get all the 87+ Themes for $89

Nexus Theme

nexus elegant theme

Nexus is one of the more stylish and complex themes from Elegant Themes. However, that doesn’t make it too complicated to work with. It’s a powerful magazine theme to showcase your most recent articles in a media-rich format. The custom widgets and movable content modules are perfect for designing the homepage exactly how you want.

It’s responsive for viewing on mobile devices, and you get all the shortcodes and color options that Elegant Themes are best known for. Categorize your blog posts, create reviews with a star rating system, and show your most popular and recent posts in a tabbed widget.

Get the Nexus Theme Get all the 87+ Themes for $89

Vertex Theme

vertex elegant theme

The Vertex theme from Elegant Themes has a full-width background image to immediately catch the viewer’s attention. The theme has been designed for blogging, as it takes up the entire screen with striking images and highlighted text boxes. This blocks out all other distractions, so your readers can focus just on the content in your blog.

Unlimited color options and responsive design are obviously available with this theme, since we are still talking about Elegant Themes. One of the page templates provides a striking video embedder, while the others include a contact form, video gallery, and portfolio.

Get the Vertex Theme Get all the 87+ Themes for $89



Fable is a modern and well-designed theme that will appeal to bloggers who want an easy-to-read website that also looks great. The theme is really spacious, giving your content plenty of room to breathe.

Its full-width layout is ideal for those who have a lot to say and seek an uncluttered design to publish their words. While the theme doesn’t have any sidebar widgets by default, it does have three footer widget areas which allow you to insert any content you want.

This means you get a distraction-free space to publish your posts. Fable is also responsive, so it’s a great choice for sites with readers who consume content from mobile devices.

Get the Fable Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



Foxy is another full-width, bold, responsive theme from Elegant Themes. The homepage features a solid multi-directional slider to showcase your best content.

There’s also a three column section on the homepage that uses vector icons to list your top three unique selling points. The homepage also features a large call-to-action banner which is ideal for getting visitors to click through your sales page or flagship content.

The Foxy theme could be ideal for any service-based business or freelancer. The blog layout and functionality ensures that there is room for traditional WordPress-related content on the site. This makes Foxy ideal for publishing news about your services to keep your readers in the loop. Overall, I think this might be my favorite offering from Elegant Themes so far.

Get the Foxy Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



Explorable is a bold and original theme that will appeal to anyone whose site focuses on travel, geography or global issues.

Posts are pinned to the large map as a novel and engaging way of attracting users to interact with the content. If you are looking for a striking theme that offers something different to help distinguish your site from the crowd then Explorable is the obvious choice.

The Google Maps integration works really well. Thanks to its responsive design, Explorable will appeal to users both on the go and sitting behind laptop or desktop screens.

While the design and map integration is aimed at quite a niche market, for those who wish to make use of these types of features, Explorable can be a perfect choice.

Get the Explorable Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



If you are developing online stores for clients, it’s good to know that Elegant Themes have a great selection of eCommerce WordPress themes. StyleShop is one such theme, following responsive design principles.

While the theme has quite a stylised design, making it more suitable for sites promoting more edgy products, the product layout, and display areas are very clean. This means your inventory can stand out on the page and doesn’t get lost among other design elements.

The theme also shows related items to your users when they are shopping. Hopefully, this helps them find the items they are looking for, while also increasing your sales. If you want an all-in-one solution for building an online store using WordPress StyleShop is an excellent choice.

Get the StyleShop Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



Fusion is a responsive theme that works well across a range of screen sizes. It features many popular web design trends, including soft-focus background images and large header sections.

This offering from Elegant Themes is perfect for any forward-thinking company, whether it functions in the gaming, entertainment, or technology sector.

The Fusion theme comes with all the excellent features you would expect from Elegant Themes, such as the ability to modify the colours and choose from a selection of background images.

Get the Fusion Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



Showing their versatility and increasing your available options with Elegant Themes, Harmony has been designed with bands in mind. The theme has a large logo area on the homepage for displaying albums and performance art. This way you can begin building a vibe as soon as users land on your site. Other homepage features include a news feed and a list of upcoming shows.

There is also an excellent media player for showcasing the band’s work. The theme even has eCommerce capabilities with the ability to list products available for purchase. The media gallery has been designed in a way that it’s perfect for showing off photos and imagery from performances and shows.

While this theme has been designed with bands in mind, many performance artists and personalities can also make use of this awesome theme. If anyone ever asks you to build a website for their band, Harmony is the go-to band theme for WordPress for sure.

Get the Harmony Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89


Daily Notes

If you’re interested in a personalized blog for sharing your everyday ramblings, DailyNotes gives you the proper tool to do just that. Too often, we see blog designs that overwhelm bloggers who just want a simple interface to write and publish.

You don’t always need all the bells and whistles to create a little journal online, so why mess with them? The DailyNotes theme has a sleek design and it comes with four unique colors. It’s not all that customizable, but that’s not the point of this theme. It was designed to help you get published quickly.

Get the DailyNotes Theme Get all the 87+ Themes for $89

Nimble Theme

nimble bold elegant theme

The Nimble theme is all about style and functionality. You can really use the theme for just about any type of business site. The theme only comes with five unique colors, but from what I’ve seen, the colors are bright and bold, which is great for grabbing attention.

The responsive design is only a bonus compared to the various widgets and modules for completing tasks such as sharing plans an pricing, recent posts, your portfolio, news and updates, and even testimonials. I like the theme because it utilizes every inch of real estate on the screen, so nothing is crammed or difficult to read.

Get the Nimble Theme Get all the 87+ Themes for $89

Flexible Theme

flexible WordPress theme

For some reason, I’ve always found that most portfolio themes are a tad difficult to use. When you upload your own content to share with potential employers, they never seem to look exactly the same as the previews. The Flexible theme is different, since it’s one of the most minimalist design you can find, with clean pages and spread out components to give your viewers a little breathing room.

The theme comes with unlimited colors, and you can also go in there and customize the fonts to help you separate yourself from the competition. The responsive design and shortcodes cut down the work on your end. The portfolio gallery is completely sortable to minimize the problems with standard portfolio themes.

Get the Flexible Theme Get all the 87+ Themes for $89

Aggregate Theme

aggregate elegant themes
Aggregate comes packed with tons of content and widget-ready areas and manages to display everything in a clear and readable manner. Besides, you have access to the following features as well:

  • Excellent color designs
  • Unlimited fonts
  • Custom page templates
  • Optional blog layouts
  • Fully responsive design
  • Automated thumbnail resizing
  • Custom widgets

Get the Aggregate Theme Get all the 87+ Themes for $89

DeepFocus Photography Theme

DeepFocus elegant theme

DeepFocus a responsive photography blog theme. It lets you turn your WordPress-powered site into a fully functional online photo gallery, while still maintaining all the functionality and features of an ordinary WordPress blog.

This theme is ideal for photo blogs, corporate sites, agencies, or anyone looking to showcase/promote their work. Some of the key features include:

  • 5 unique color schemes
  • Automated thumbnail resizing
  • Ad management
  • Custom page templates
  • Shortcodes
  • Responsive layout

Get the Deep Focus Theme Get all the 87+ Themes for $89

eStore Theme eCommerce WordPress Theme

eStore commerce

The eStore theme is the perfect all-in-one solution if you plan to set up an online store. This eCommerce theme works well on just about every device and browser. Besides, the unlimited color options are perfect for differentiating your website from the competition.

Publish a blog post to help your customers learn how to use your products. Include a dedicated location page if you have any brick-and-mortar shops. The theme even has a cool little slider where you can include thumbnail images, text, and buttons. It’s a perfect solution to share promotions or persuade people to sign up for an event.

With the eStore theme, your options are basically endless. You can easily make your store stand out from the rest of the online shops out there.

Get the eStore Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



I really like the Lucid theme from Elegant Themes. It features a clean but attractive design, with plenty of white space to let your content stand out on the page.

Like all good modern WordPress themes, Lucid follow the responsive design principles. It will seamlessly resize to match the screen size it’s viewed on, without requiring a page refresh.

The theme features a large homepage slider which makes it ideal for anyone who wants to display several photos and images on their site. The theme also comes with a good selection of widgets for your sidebars, making it easy for your reader to find your best content.

While the demo of Lucid uses the orange base colour scheme, there are four additional schemes to choose from, including blue, green, purple and red.

Get the Lucid Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



The Nova theme has a powerful homepage that will grab your users attention as soon as they land on the site. It features a large content slider for linking to internal pages of your site.

There is also a tabbed area with a fade-in effect for tab transitions. The media gallery is pretty sophisticated, making the Nova theme ideal if you want to show your work in a portfolio. Images from the gallery lead users to either a larger display of the image or a separate page with details about the image and its related project.

While Nova’s design is not that creative, it’s sophisticated enough to convey a professional message, making it a good choice for business websites powered by WordPress. The theme is also responsive, so it adapts well to different screen sizes.

Get the Nova Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



Origin is a grid-based theme that works on a wide range of devices thanks to its responsive design. The theme features a left-hand menu where the widgets and menu can be displayed. This makes Origin different from most WordPress theme designs out there.

The hover effects for the images look great and will impress your visitors for sure. The images on the homepage are, in fact, the featured images from posts. Clicking on a homepage image takes the user straight to that post, so this theme is best for those who use attractive featured images in their blog.

The user interface of the Origin theme is something different. It will appeal to those looking for an alternative to more traditional WordPress homepage layouts.

Get the Origin Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



Evolution was the first responsive theme from Elegant Themes. Despite its minimal appearance; it’s starting to look a bit dated. However, it does have some strong features that make it still worthy of consideration.

The large homepage slider with text areas that sit atop the images is a great way to invite your readers into your blog. The Evolution theme also comes with a good selection of page templates that should cover most use cases.

While this theme isn’t one of the strongest from Elegant Themes, it is still worth taking a look at, thanks to its wide range of page templates and minimal design.

Get the Evolution Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



This theme is a great match for businesses and anyone who wants to promote a service online. The Chameleon theme makes use of the three-column layout on the homepage, which is ideal for displaying some text about your services and a mission statement.

There is also a really nice multimedia bar for displaying images that link to internal posts. Besides, you can find four widget areas in the footer where you can show additional information for your users.

Despite the business leanings of this theme, it’s also a great choice for blogs, as the layout is excellent for displaying blog posts and comments. Chameleon is a subtle theme, but one that will go a long way to promote a professional image of your business.

Get the Chameleon Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89

Whos Who


The Whos Who theme is a great choice for news sites and bloggers who publish a lot. As the homepage lets you display your posts in various ways, Whos Who can help a lot if you have a lot of content to manage.

The double-row menu at the top helps users dive straight into the content they are looking for. The random posts slider on the homepage leads users to more interesting posts on your site, increasing user engagement this way. This theme might not be the latest offering from Elegant Themes but it still has life left in it.

Get the Whos Who Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89

Elegant Estate


Made for real estate agencies, this is a high-quality professional WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. Thanks to the layout of the homepage and individual pages, it’s easy to showcase property listings.

Using the homepage slider, you can easily put your most attractive properties on display. Browsing the listings is even easier, thanks to the drop-down selection panel.

This theme is the perfect choice for anyone tasked with building a highly functional website for a property company, or, in fact, any business that lists products.

Get the Elegant State Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89

My Cuisine


My Cuisine has been designed for restaurants who want a strong online presence that is also easy to set up and manage. It has a great design for listing the menu on offer, with each menu item linking to a page detailing the specifics.

Blog duties are neither neglected if you choose the My Cuisine theme. The blog listing page looks great and so do individual posts. This makes the theme ideal for any business that is looking to employ content marketing strategies to help their online marketing efforts.

While restaurants are undoubtedly the target market of this theme, with a bit of creative thinking, it could be adapted to other types of business as well.

Get the My Cuisine Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89

My Resume


Using a skeuomorphic design that mimics the appearance of real paper, the My Resume theme is a great way to use WordPress to publish an online CV or resume.

If you have a graphical or image-based resume you will certainly appreciate the portfolio element of this theme. Images can be displayed in a creative way that will help impress prospective employers. My Resume also has a social media page where you can link to your social network profiles such as LinkedIn and Facebook, using attractive icons.

Like other Elegant Themes, you can also easily change the background colours and textures to make the theme suit your own personal site.

Get the My Resume Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89

Business Card


The BusinessCard theme is very simple in execution. However, it’s still a good choice if you want to publish the core information about your services or business.

Thanks to jQuery, the tabbed content loads seamlessly, without having to refresh the page. While the design is quite basic, for those who want a no frills way to get their details online, this is a suitable option.

Get the Business Card Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



Gleam has a really unique homepage that makes it an ideal match for anyone with a special service, business or blog to promote. Background images fill the whole window on each page. While this may look good, you will need to have high-quality images you can use as background to get the most from this theme.

The theme uses some flashy techniques that aim to dazzle your users. While this works quite well, it’s not very user-friendly and might put some visitors off, so use this theme wisely. However, if you are looking for something different from a regular WordPress theme, that will stand out from the crowd, then they should seriously consider Gleam.

Get the Gleam Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89

Lean Biz


Lean Biz is a lean and clean WordPress theme that is best suited to business websites. It features a large homepage slider with eye-catching transitions. The theme has plenty of page templates for displaying a wide range of different types of content. It also comes with a nice media gallery that makes it ideal for showcasing a portfolio featuring.

The blog templates for the Lean Biz theme are easy on the eye and allow your company to have a fully functioning blog behind the corporate-looking homepage. This is a simple but powerful theme that will appeal to anyone who wants a professional online image for their business.

Get the LeanBiz Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



Photographers will love this theme and it’s not hard to see why. Designed with the sole intention of providing a creative way to showcase photos, this WordPress theme has everything that is needed to turn a regular blog into an online photo gallery.

Graphic designers can also make great use of this theme, as can anyone else with a strong selection of digital imagery to promote. The homepage slider can display many images and each one is accompanied by related text, which can be used to explain the image and provide further information.

Get the ePhoto Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89



If you want to open your own personal online store the Boutique theme is just for you. It is compatible with the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins. So, you can get your site up and running and taking orders in no time at all.

The design of the theme is best suited to smaller boutique-style stores and is perfect if you want to list creative and/or hand-made products. Although with a bit of tweaking, it could be put to many uses. Boutique is certainly a great eCommerce theme for building an online store with WordPress.

Get the Boutique Theme Get all the 87+ themes for $89

Over To You

No other WordPress Theme Club has so many high-quality premium WordPress Themes for such a low price.

Is Elegant Themes worth your money? Their themes are really inexpensive, for $89, you will get access to 87+ themes plus the plugins. So, I’d say an Elegant Theme membership is a nice investment for anyone involved with WordPress. You can use this link to get our 20% discount.

Signup for ElegantThemes Club (see our 20% off deal)

Don’t forget you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind. To check out other themes, you can also have a look at our roundup of the best responsive WordPress themes.

Are you using any Elegant Theme? What do you think about WordPress theme clubs, in general? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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