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Nov 2018 Comics w/ CodeinWP … #Freelancing #WordPressThemes #Debugging

November 2018 Comics with CodeinWP: On Freelancing, Issues With WordPress Themes and Debugging Challenges?

When the boss is away; play all day

When you're the boss it's like you have no boss

The hardest level is the one with a boss fight with yourself.

That’s how “they” get ya

lightweight WordPress theme

A lightweight theme is nothing without a dozen recommended plugins.

Friends don’t let friends debug desperately

A tarot card about the process of debugging with duck

The best debugging happens with a rubber duck. In the bath. At home.

When everything is important: Highlight all the things!

Highlight all the things

Like the old adage: highlighter of all sections; emphasizer of none.

How to download and install expertise

Social media expert

Need a social media expert? There’s a plugin for that!

And, with that, we reach the end of November’s joyousness. We’d like to spread the word so we’ve made it easy for you to share these to your preferred social network. With a good old-fashioned hover and click you can show any comic from here to your followers and friends.

If this is the first time you’ve found yourself here, then this is the essential bookmark for next month’s batch.

Don’t forget; if you wake up with a tech comic idea in your head, share it with us in the comments. We might get it illustrated! If not, then we still look forward to seeing you in December. Take care! ?

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