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Insert Amazon Affiliate Products into WordPress Posts

Are you a member of the Amazon Associates Program and looking to promote Amazon products on your WordPress website?

Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

First things first, you are probably aware that you can do that without special software – by simply linking to a product you recommend (with your affiliate tag, of course). But it’s okay only in case you are ready to work 24/7.

So the real thing we want to achieve with this article is to show you alternative, easier ways to insert affiliate products into your WordPress posts. With the variety of plugins and themes available on the market, you can choose the most suitable solution for your particular case and budget.

If you plan to be totally or primarily focused on Amazon affiliate links, it might not be the best way to go with an all-around WordPress affiliate plugin like ThirstyAffiliates (though we do love and use this one extensively for affiliate marketing). Micro-niche Amazon Affiliates plugins are generally more useful. For example, the right WordPress Amazon Affiliate tool won’t only save you a ton of time on adding, managing and tracking your affiliate links, but will also help you do affiliate marketing the Amazon way (according to their policies), help you present Amazon products in different ways to maximize profit and analyze your performance.

We’re going to present different solutions with a brief overview of what the process of adding Amazon affiliate products looks like to help you find the best tool for Amazon Associates and WordPress integration.

Let’s now take a deeper dive.

AAWP WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

aawp plugin for wordpress

We highly recommend this premium Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin (AAWP) because it’s not a mere affiliate link manager plugin. It’s a mature and flexible toolkit to run your affiliate website from A to Z: it offers automated affiliate links management, advanced options to present your products, conversion-directed tools and more.

How it works:
First, you need to get your credentials with the Amazon Product Advertising API and connect them to your WordPress website. You can also add your affiliate tracking ID just once; then it’ll be added automatically to all Amazon product links you place on your website.

We also recommend using standard (full) Amazon links offered by the plugin for two reasons: to avoid any potential bans from Amazon in future and to have an easy way to manipulate your affiliate links (e.g. if you decide to sell your blog or need a quick way to replace your affiliate tags across the website). Make sure to read our AAWP review for a step-by-step guide.

Key features:

  • Different templates and shortcodes to create a visually appealing product presentation.
  • Product boxes to showcase selected products.
    product boxes wordpress amazon affiliate
  • A product comparison table builder.
    aawp plugin compariosn table amazon products
  • Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which is extremely important since mobile search (and mobile shopping) is an exponentially growing trend.
  • Geotargeting to optimize your local store sales.
  • The plugin is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.


Amazon Auto Links

amazon auto links featured

This is a spot-on Amazon Associates Affiliate WordPress plugin for those of you who are looking for a no-frills free solution for a key purpose: to automate the process of embedding links with your Amazon Associates ID. Of course, you are also provided with the flexibility to feature specific products by categories, showcase manually selected products, customize the look of presented products, etc.

How it works:
You need to create a Product Advertising API Account to get your details to connect to your WordPress blog first. Then, add your affiliate tag and create the needed “units” – some custom rules to display your WordPress products (for example, you can feature similar products or embed a search bar – any will automatically feed real-time information on Amazon products). Keep in mind that only up to three categories per unit are available in a free plugin.

Key features:

  • Support for 10 Amazon locales.
  • Amazon product templates with different layouts.
    amazon auto links plugin templates
  • Tons of customization options for buttons, templates, and layouts.
    auto links plugin unit settings
  • Filters for unwanted products.

Get Amazon Auto Links

EasyAzon Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

eazy azon featured

This is one of the most affordable premium plugins that will help you easily handle link localization as well as straightforwardly tie your Amazon Affiliate ID to the product links on your WordPress website.

You’ll be able to perform an Amazon product search and create product review pages with affiliate text, image and button links – not leaving your WordPress dashboard!

How it works:
As usual, you need to obtain and insert your Amazon API keys, integrate your affiliate IDs and configure the main settings. After that, when you create promo pages, you can easily insert the needed Amazon products into posts the way you need.

easyazon locales

Key features:

  • Affiliate link control (add a product to a website visitor’s Amazon cart, display product preview pop-ups, etc.)
  • Visually appealing product information blocks (with support for Amazon Buy Buttons).
  • Automatic link localization to provide better shopping experiences for people from different countries.
  • You can include multiple affiliate tracking IDs.
  • Unique “bonuses” included with either EasyAzon premium license: an ultimate Amazon guide and two Amazon-dedicated WordPress themes that can come in handy if you are just starting!

Get EasyAzon

Amazon Associates Link Builder

amazon associates link builder featured

This plugin is known for its controversial reviews, but there is one thing we can’t deny – it’s the official Amazon link builder from the Amazon Associates Program. It allows you to connect your WordPress website to the Amazon catalog to get product prices and availability information in real time. This will allow you to embed the needed products with your affiliate links right into your WordPress posts or pages.

How it works:
After all your Amazon Product Advertising API and affiliate ID credentials are wired up to your WordPress blog, you can start promoting Amazon products.

settings official amazon affiliates plugin wordpress

It’s possible to insert affiliate links directly to WordPress posts, use shortcodes or create different templates you want to use for featuring Amazon products. As to templates, it can be a little bit time-consuming to handle them since you might need to manually modify HTML to achieve the needed layouts. Here is the full guide if you want to go with this plugin.

amazon link builder templates

Key features:

  • You can create text links, custom ad units, or use of out-of-the-box widgets.
    carousel amazon link builder
  • Thanks to different tracking IDs you can set up, it’s possible to track earning for different ads.
  • Built-in geotargeting for better monetization.
  • The plugin is ready for Gutenberg.
    amazon link builder wordpress gutenberg

Get Amazon Associates Link Builder

Of course, this is not the full list of available Amazon Affiliates tools, but we are sure these plugins will do the job for different cases – whether you need the all-inclusive or simple, free or premium solution.

Furthermore, if you haven’t chosen a design for your WordPress Amazon Affiliates blog and, most importantly, if your big aim is a solid directory of Amazon product ads, a theme can be just that sweet spot. There are some great WordPress e-commerce and multipurpose themes that offer ready-to-use interfaces for ads-focused websites.

If you fall into category, here are several handpicked trusted themes that caught on widely with WordPress affiliate marketers.

WordPress themes for Amazon affiliate marketing


REHub is a directory ad-optimized WordPress theme that comes with an unparalleled toolkit for an affiliate marketing website. You’ll be able to use all sorts of product comparison tables, create a shop and even run a membership club. You may use any Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin of your choice with this theme.
rehub wp theme

Bravo Store

This theme is powered by WooCommerce and WZone for easy integration with your Amazon Associates account. It allows you to import Amazon reviews and ratings, use custom shortcodes to promote Amazon’s Today’s Deals and tons of tools to create custom layouts for your promo articles.
bravo wp theme


Admania is a top-notch WordPress theme for all things affiliate marketing. If you plan to write dozens of reviews and feature different Amazon products as well employ other advertising platforms and systems, this is a perfect match.
admania wp theme for amazon affiliates


Yozi is ready to be integrated with any Amazon WordPress plugin to monetize your website. The theme is bundled with tons of front pages demos to allow you to start with a color scheme and layout of your choice.
yozi theme


Electro features a truly professional store-styled design, which will let you position yourself as an Amazon product review expert.
electro wp ads theme

The final word on Inserting Affiliate Products into WordPress Posts

Don’t waste your time on inserting Amazon links manually. With the right plugin or theme, you can handle all your Amazon affiliate marketing procedures within your WordPress dashboard. Is there any solution that already works for you? Do you have any questions or ideas? The comments section is yours!

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