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Display Coupons With Click to Copy/Reveal

If you display coupons from other stores on your WordPress site (or plan to in the future), you’ll want to give our Affiliate Coupons review a read.

Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

Affiliate Coupons is a freemium WordPress coupon plugin that helps you display coupons from other stores and, as the name suggests, generate an affiliate commission from sending traffic to those stores.

It helps you implement great-looking coupon functionality similar to big coupon websites like RetailMeNot, SlickDeals, Groupon, etc. That is, you’ll be able to offer click to copy/reveal functionality, provide coupon details/expirations, and lots more.

And my favorite part is that the designs look great right out of the box, so there’s no need to mess around with custom CSS just to make things look good.

Want to learn more? Keep reading our full Affiliate Coupons review for a hands-on look at how this plugin works.

Affiliate Coupons Review: The Feature List

Affiliate Coupons review example

Affiliate Coupons comes in both a limited free version at, as well as a premium version with more functionality.

It helps you create unlimited coupons and associate them with unlimited stores. To organize your coupons, you can use “types” and “categories”.

And then to display your coupons, you get lots of shortcodes that let you display both:

  • Lists of coupons – either all your coupons, or coupons from a specific store, type, or category
  • Individual coupons – this helps you create indexable pages for a coupon, or include a coupon in a review of a product.

You get a few different templates for displaying coupons, as well, all of which look pretty great. And you also get dedicated widgets to display coupons in your sidebars.

Plus, your coupons come with important usability features – the same type of features used by big coupon sites like RetailMeNot:

  • Click to copy – free – users can click on the coupon code to automatically copy it to their clipboards.
  • Click to reveal – only in paid version – the coupon is hidden until a user clicks. Then, they’re taken to the store (AKA you set the affiliate cookie) and a popup opens with the coupon code. This functionality is really slick and feels like it’s implemented just as well as the big sites.

Beyond that, the premium version also adds support for:

  • View, copy, and click statistics to see which coupons are the most successful
  • Event Tracking integration for Google Analytics or Matomo (formerly Piwik)
  • Option to feature and highlight individual coupons
  • A popular coupons widget

Hands-On With Affiliate Coupons

Now that you know the features, let’s go hands-on and I’ll show you how everything works.

For this review, I have the premium version installed on my test site, but many of the features that you’ll see are still available in the free version at, and I’ll do my best to note which features are free and which require the paid version.

Creating a Vendor

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a “Vendor”, which is another word for a store that you want to offer coupons for. Not only does this help you organize coupons, but it also lets you enter basic information – like a description for your store – that you can pre-fill into coupons.

To create a vendor, you go to Affiliate Coupons → Vendors → Add New where you can enter the:

Add vendor

Again, you’ll also be able to customize all of this information for individual coupons.

Creating a Coupon

Next, you’ll want to create an individual coupon and associate it with one of your vendors. You can do this by going to Affiliate Coupons → Add Coupon.

You’ll see the regular WordPress editor here, but the only really important thing is the Coupon: Details meta box:

Add coupon

You can first select a vendor, which will automatically pre-fill the:

You can also manually edit these fields for each individual coupon, if desired.

Beyond that, you’ll also want to fill out the:

  • Discount – what the deal is.
  • Discount Code – the code people should use.
  • Validity – start and end dates.

And you can also use the Types and Categories taxonomies to organize your coupons.

Displaying Your Coupons

To display your coupons, you’ll mainly use the included shortcodes:


As you can see in the screenshot above, you get lots of options to control:

  • Which coupons to include. You can either include all coupons, or only include specific coupons (by ID) or coupons from certain vendors, categories, or types.
  • The sorting options.
  • Which template to use. You get three different options for Standard, Grid, and List for free, and the premium version adds a fourth Banner template. You can also choose how many columns to use.

For example, if you wanted to create a three column grid that lists all of your coupons, you could use the [affcoups grid="3"] shortcode to create a view like this:

Affiliate Coupons review example

Or, maybe you want to create a dedicated “WPForms Coupon” page for SEO purposes. In that case, you could opt to only include coupons for WPForms in a list view like this [affcoups vendor="297" template="list"]:

Coupon list

Overall, the shortcodes give you a lot of flexibility for including your coupons exactly where you want them.

In addition to the shortcodes, you can also include coupons via widget.

Perusing the Settings

Affiliate Coupons also includes a settings area where you can make some important choices like:

  • Default sorting, template, and style options.
  • Colors
  • Button text – e.g. you can change the “Go to the deal” text.
  • Whether to show coupon expiration dates and/or hide expired coupons

Enabling Click to Reveal

In the examples above, the coupon lists include click to copy functionality, but the actual code is publicly viewable.

With the premium version, you get a new setting that lets you change that by enabling click to reveal.

With this enabled, the actual code will be hidden with a tantalizing Show Code blocker (that slightly slides back on hover to reveal part of the code):

Hidden code

If a visitor clicks on Show Code, Affiliate Coupons will open a new popunder tab that takes them to the store (via your affiliate link), and it will also open a popup in the active tab that shows the code, along with that same click to copy functionality:

Click to reveal

Again, this is how the big coupon sites do it, and I think this is one of the most attractive features in Affiliate Coupons because you just can’t find other WordPress plugins that do this well.

Checking Out the Other Premium Functionality

In addition to the Click to Reveal functionality, the premium version also adds some other goodies.

First, you can view basic statistics for each coupon in the coupon list:


You can also disable this feature if you don’t want the tracking data cluttering up your database.

You also get more template and style options. For example, you can enable a Dark style like below, and you also get that new Banner template I mentioned:

Dark mode

If you want, you can create dedicated, SEO-indexable pages for each coupon. Again, this is something you could do already by just creating regular WordPress pages and adding the coupon shortcode, but this premium feature saves you some time and effort:


And you also get a dedicated Popular Coupons widget that you can use to display your best deals, as well as options to feature coupons (put them at the top of the list) and highlight coupons (add a border to the coupon in the coupon list).

Affiliate Coupons Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Affiliate Coupons has a fairly generous free version at that includes great designs and basic click to copy functionality.

However, if you want the click to reveal functionality, along with the other premium features, you’ll be looking at:

  • 1 site – $39
  • 3 sites – $99
  • 10 sites – $199

That includes one year of support and updates, and you’ll also get a 50% renewal discount if you want to keep your license active after that first year.

Affiliate Coupons also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with anything.

Final Thoughts on Affiliate Coupons

Overall, I’m a big fan of Affiliate Coupons. This is pretty much the exact functionality that I wanted to implement on my own site about graphic t-shirts, but I couldn’t find a plugin to do it when I looked (that was three years ago, before Affiliate Coupons launched).

There are a few reasons I think Affiliate Coupons makes a great option:

  • All the designs and UX looks and works great out of the box. There’s no need to tinker with CSS or anything – you’ll have a great-looking coupon section from day one.
  • It offers that “click to copy” and “click to reveal” functionality that all the big coupon sites use. The latter – “click to reveal” – helps ensure that you get to set your affiliate cookie for every visitor.
  • You get multiple different ways to display your coupon codes, including both lists and individual coupons.

And overall, all the features worked exactly as you’d expect in my testing.

So if you’re looking for a way to display coupons from other stores and generate affiliate commissions, definitely give Affiliate Coupons a look.

Get Affiliate Coupons (and if you use coupon code WPLIFTREVIEW you’ll get a 10% discount!)

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