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Introducing the Ultimate Freehand Design Experience

Elementor also made its users happy by releasing a new version with an improved design experience including side-by-side widgets, Flexbox distribution, performance enhancements, and complete control over your elements’ position across a page. The feature is called Flexible Layout.

Identifying the Stakeholders of WordPress

A great read on who is keeping WordPress alive: from contributors to business owners, hobbyists, customers and consumers, volunteers, educators, and a few more categories. Hats off to everyone in either category for making WordPress what it is now. Which one are you?

WordPress Emergency Help: Who You Gonna Call? (And 6 Fix-It Tips)

What happens when your WordPress site goes down, a page is not working, or you lost your data? You are not technical and don’t know what to do. Maybe call a friend? This article brings you the emergency measures for desperate times.

Learn What Top Experts Say About Bootstrapping a Business

What does it take to start a business by yourself without the help of the bigger fish, sponsors or external investors? It’s hard, of course, but not impossible. Hear it from people who actually did it and are now successful.

What is Position Zero? How to Win at SEO with Featured Snippets

Do you want to show up first in Google as a featured snippet? All you need to do is to create quality content, that’s the first rule. But then, there are still some small tricks that would also help. iThemes shares them in their article.

7 Tips to Host a Successful Giveaway Event on Your Blog

If you want to host a giveaway on your website, Torque tells you how to do it. But first, make sure to ask yourself if doing it is helping your business at all.

To Fund WordPress Plugin Development Through Sponsorship, or More Traditional Models?

How to develop a plugin while maintaining costs at a decent scale? This is the take of a developer on this matter. You can either find sponsorship or implement some mild payment methods in order to keep your head above water while owning a product.



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