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WordPress 5.0 Beta Available, Gutenberg Not Accessible, New Default Theme Almost Here ?️ November 2018 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP

5 Tips for Unbelievably Awesome Customer Retention

Do you want your customers to return and buy from your shop again? Who wouldn’t? But wishing won’t change a thing, so make sure you’re taking all the measures that will make people happy with your services and trust you enough to invest in your products again. You can start with these five tips.

Common WordPress Login Errors and What to Do About Them

The most common WordPress login fail happens when you forget your password and you have to reset it. But things can get uglier than that. Sometimes, some cookies need resetting, your access is being revoked, or you’re getting syntax errors. Anyway, these are only a few examples because, in reality, login errors can happen for a lot of reasons. Read more about them and learn how to escape similar situations.

How to prepare your clients for the latest WordPress changes?

If you have a business around WordPress, you are the expert but your clients/customers might not know everything you know. For instance, they might not be aware of what Gutenberg is and how it will influence their work. It’s your job to inform them about changes like this. How? ManageWP explains.

The Ultimate Guide to Collecting and Managing Business Reviews to Increase Sales

There’s this myth that people are more likely to write bad reviews than say beautiful things about your business. You’re doing your job, people seem to be happy with your services, and yet the reviews don’t show up. It’s okay to ask for feedback, though. You will be surprised to see how many clients will respond if you take action. Here’s how to do it efficiently.

Why WordPress Needs Gutenberg (& the Future of Page Builders)

Not everyone hates Gutenberg; there are people who think that it will help transform WordPress into a better CMS. But what about the current page builders? Will they all die? Not necessarily. They adapt. Like Elementor.

Winning Credit Card Disputes for WordPress Plugins And Themes [VIDEO] Is It Possible And How To Do It?

Credit card disputes can be really stressful and sometimes you will receive a lot of complaints on this issue. So prepare for extra tickets concerning payment security or errors. Can you streamline the credit card payment process so that you can reduce these problems? The folks at Freemius will tell you how to improve it.

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