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Why You Should Backup Your WordPress Website

If you were to lose everything you have worked hard on for your WordPress website and the business that goes along with it, through a downloaded virus or a problem with your hardware, what would happen? Would you be able to continue working? Would you even want to? It could be a terrible thing to happen, and might even spell the end of your blog, website, or business. Backing up on a regular basis could save you many problems, and here is why.

Lost Data

We are only human, and as such mistakes happen – they happen a lot. Everyone is capable of making an error, and whether it’s a serious one or not, it can still have an impact on your ability to work or use your website at all. Accidentally deleting a file that is hugely important, or downloading a virus that wipes information can happen all too easily; perhaps it has already happened to you in the past.

When you back up your information, you can at least restore it to the point where you last backed it up. Although this might not be the most recent changes you made, it is certainly better than nothing. It is even better if you can use a third party to restore your data, such as Secure Data Recovery, ensuring that nothing is lost at all. Backing up and having a trustworthy company you can contact when you need to will save you a lot of trouble and potentially save your business too.


Auditing Purposes

The law requires businesses to keep records for specific amounts of time. This is so that audits and tax inspections can happen more easily when they need to. Keeping all those files in your office can be difficult as they will take up a lot of space, and keeping them digitally on your computer is a good idea, but again, they still take up space, and you will only have a finite amount of storage on your laptop.

This is where backing up your data will help.

You can use an external hard drive to back things up to, freeing up physical space in your office and digital space on your devices. You can even take the hard drive away from the office with you, ensuring that, should someone break in, or there is a fire, for example, you still have everything safely backed up ready to be restored.


No Downtime

If your website were to be lost, or your business was to lose data, you would face a significant amount of downtime. It would severely affect your customers and visitors because if they were to see that your site wasn’t working, they would often move on to a site that was. No matter how loyal people might want to be to you, if the site isn’t available and they need information or products, they will quickly go elsewhere.

When you back things up or are able to restore them quickly with the help of an external company, your downtime will be limited to minutes rather than hours or even days, ensuring your customers are kept happy and you don’t lose much business at all.

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