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Which Plan to Choose? (2022)

Sendinblue is primarily an email marketing service, offering several advanced features like custom automated workflows, workflow templates, advanced segmentation options, and A/B testing. The program also uses a visual email designer with content blocks, making it possible to create dynamic emails with a few quick clicks, doubly so for users already working with WordPress.

Sendinblue offers more than email marketing services, though. The platform offers robust customer relationship management (CRM) tools and, on the higher-paid plans, other tools, like Facebook advertising. You can even attach SMS (text message) marketing plans to your email marketing plan.

Sendinblue is also known for reasonable pricing, including a generous free plan that lets you access most of the platform’s email marketing features. We’ll take a closer look at that, including how it compares to other email marketing tools, in the rest of this article.

Sendinblue pricing plans ?


⚙️ Notable features

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Up to 300 emails per day
  • Automated workflow builder + templates
  • Advanced segmentation
  • CRM tools

? Cost

This plan is 100% free and includes the ability to manage unlimited contacts. However, there are some notable limitations:

  • Sending limit of 300 emails per day. Note that each email delivered to somebody’s inbox counts as an email sent. This means if you send one campaign to 300 users, it will be counted as your full 300 emails for the day. If you have 600 subscribers, you’ll need to send your campaign out over two days. Sendinblue will stagger emails across a 1,200-person list automatically, but this significantly reduces your ability to run time-sensitive promotions.
  • Marketing automation limit of 2,000 users. You can only target up to 2,000 users with any given marketing automation.
  • Lack of A/B testing. There are other Sendinblue features that are limited to the premium plans, but this one is the most notable, since A/B testing is an incredibly effective way to improve your email marketing campaigns over time.

Users on the free plan are also limited to email support.

?‍♀️ Who this plan is best for

The Sendinblue free plan is ideal for small businesses that want access to advanced tools for growing their email list.


⚙️ Notable features

The Lite plan includes everything in the free plan, plus:

  • No daily sending limit
  • Ability to get the Lite+ add-on for access to A/B testing, the ability to remove the Sendinblue logo from signup forms and emails, and advanced analytics

? Cost

The Sendinblue Lite plan operates on a sliding scale with four levels:

  • $25/month (or $22.50/month when billed annually) for up to 20,000 emails per month
  • $32/month (or $28.80/month when billed annually) for up to 40,000 emails per month
  • $45/month (or $40.50/month when billed annually) for up to 60,000 emails per month
  • $65/month (or $58.50/month when billed annually) for up to 100,000 emails per month

Note that this cost only gives you unlimited daily emails. You’ll need to pay for the Lite+ extension to access more advanced features like A/B testing. This costs an additional $12/month, and the price remains the same regardless of how many emails you send per month. In other words, if you’re interested in the Lite plan, it’s worth investing in the additional features.

It’s also worth noting that this plan limits automated workflows to 2,000 contacts. If you want to send automated emails to a larger number of people, you’ll need to go with the Premium plan.

?‍♀️ Who this plan is best for

The Lite+ plan is ideal for growing businesses that want to use advanced tools to create highly personalized email marketing campaigns. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend going with the base Lite plan unless you absolutely can’t afford the extra $12/month.

? If you want to learn more about Sendinblue and the specific features it offers, check out this review.


⚙️ Notable features

The Premium plan includes everything from the Lite+ plan, plus:

  • Unlimited marketing automations
  • Facebook ad management
  • Up to five landing pages
  • Multi-user support
  • Access to phone support

? Cost

The Premium Sendinblue plan operates on a sliding scale, so the cost rises with the number of emails you’re sending each month. There are several pricing points:

  • $65/month ($58.50/month when paid annually) for up to 20,000 monthly emails
  • $79/month ($71.10/month when paid annually) for up to 40,000 monthly emails
  • $94/month ($84.60/month when paid annually) for up to 60,000 monthly emails
  • $124/month ($111/month when paid annually) for up to 100,000 monthly emails
  • $169/month ($152.10/month when paid annually) for up to 150,000 monthly emails
  • $229/month ($206.10/month when paid annually) for up to 250,000 monthly emails
  • $289/month ($260.10/month when paid annually) for up to 350,000 monthly emails
  • $379/month ($341.10/month when paid annually) for up to 500,000 monthly emails
  • $499/month ($449.10/month when paid annually) for up to 750,000 monthly emails
  • $599/month ($539.10/month when paid annually) for up to 1,000,000 monthly emails

If you exceed 1,000,000 emails per month you’ll be required to switch to Enterprise pricing.

?‍♀️ Who this plan is best for

The Premium Sendinblue plan is ideal for growing companies that want to invest in advanced automation for their email marketing and CRM, as well as for companies that have multiple people working on their email marketing campaigns.


⚙️ Notable features

The Enterprise Sendinblue plan includes everything from the Premium plan, plus:

  • Custom volume of monthly emails
  • Priority sending
  • 20+ landing pages
  • Access for 10+ users
  • SSO (SAML)
  • Customer success manager
  • Priority support
  • Ability to customize your plan with additional features as needed; contact Sendinblue for more info

? Cost

The Enterprise plan is only available through custom pricing. You can learn more about this by contacting Sendinblue.

?‍♀️ Who this plan is best for

Sendinblue’s Enterprise plan is ideal for large companies with a full marketing team and the ability to take advantage of all the advanced features.

SMS pricing

Sendinblue also offers SMS marketing credits. You can buy these in bulk, then use them to create SMS marketing campaigns for your audience. These start at $1.14 for 100 SMS credits and cost roughly $11 per thousand credits. There’s no limit to the number of SMS credits you can purchase at once.

How Sendinblue pricing ranks against the competition ?

One of the most important things to consider before you purchase any new software is how the pricing and features compare to what you’ll get with similar tools. In this case, I’m going to compare Sendinblue to two highly popular email marketing tools: GetResponse and Mailchimp.


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