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Top 10 Email Customizer Plugins for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the best e-commerce plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem. You can setup impressive stores using WooCommerce and can customize it the way you want (with awesome WooCommerce Themes).

Metorik Woocommerce Reports

When I first tried my hand at WooCommerce, I was amazed by how much you can do with a single plugin and that too without touching a single piece of code.

You can set up your store, add a good layout, add as many products you want, incorporate techniques to create your shop as engaging as possible, coupons, orders, and whatnot!

When it comes to customer emails, WooCommerce offers pretty standard and generic templates which do the job but are limited when it comes to design customization. So what can be done about it?

In this article, we will check out plugins that can help you in customizing the email or the WooCommerce email customizer plugins for easy designing.

But before we dive into the email customizer plugin list, let’s briefly learn why you need to customize your emails to make them look better if they are doing their job good enough.

Why Should You Customize WooCommerce Emails?

The leading reason that custom designed emails are highly suggested is simply because of branding.

When your customer receives an email regarding the product they just bought, they expect the email to reflect the brand and the level of professionalism of the company. If you have a well-crafted email, it will help you in strengthening the relationship with the customer.

On the other hand, if the users receive a mail which is nothing but a logo and some plain text, chances are your customer will judge your brand image based on that email. You do not want to leave the reputation of your business in the hands of generic and dull email, right?

So, I believe you now know how important it is to customize your emails. Besides, having well-crafted emails will make you look good!

Here is a list of some advantages of sending customized and styled emails for WooCommerce.

Advantages of having your WooCommerce emails customized

  • Impressive and visually attractive emails.
  • You can customize the emails and design according to your needs.
  • Good looking emails increase conversions and engagement.
  • You can make the emails interactive if needed.
  • It helps in making the business look good and professional.

Now we are aware of why we should be customizing our emails, let’s have a look at how you can tailor the emails with the help of WooCommerce email customizer plugins.

1. Metorik

metorik custom email

Metorik is really impressive if you are looking for a good WooCommerce email automation tool. This tool is not made specifically for customizing WooCommerce emails, but the amount of customization and control you get for your emails with this tool is something which is not available on any other plugin in the list. It’s a great tool for creating dashboards & reports for your WooCommerce store.

Metorik allows you to create and schedule automated emails for your users and enables you to add certain rules regarding when that mail gets out.

For example, you can automate emails to go out when the user has not purchased in the last six months, or it is time for their subscription renewal and what not.

You can engage your customers by sending them highly-targeted automation emails based on the data such as their purchase history, subscription, order dates, coupons used, and even custom meta fields. You can see the list of customers live while you are adding rules! How cool is this?

Coming to Customization of Email, Metorik offers pretty good options here as well as you can choose a layout from the two given options and add your subject line along with variables.

If you want, you can even alter the layout further and add custom CSS option in the advanced settings. You get the editor to enter and type your custom email and target them to a specific user group. You can even add custom coupon codes for your users for customer retention.

Notable features:

  • Advanced targeting
  • Custom rules and segmenting system
  • Easily compose emails
  • Include dynamic discounts
  • Email activity reports
  • Predesigned templates

Go To Metorik

2. Drag and Drop Email Customizer for WooCommerce by Flycart

WooCommerce customizer Flycart

This is another impressive email customizer which offers Drag and Drop functionality for the email builder. If you wish to create or customize a WooCommerce email type, you can simply select the email and a sample to start customizing it.

You can add a logo, body text, footer, header, paragraphs, social icon, and even images along with many other elements to make your email looks more intuitive and professional.

Often most of the emails customizers will allow you to customize just the header and the footer, but this customizer enables you to build and alter the emails with an easy to use drag and drop email builder.

Another great feature of this customizer is that it offers good blocks elements like coupons which offer the customers a single use, next purchase coupon code. Elements like this can add up to a lot when it comes to customer retention. This functionality is added with the help of Flycart’s other product, Retainful which specializes in cart conversion optimizations.

You can customize all the 11 default emails of WooCommerce from new order to completed order with its customizer.

It is one of the most trending WooCommerce email customization plugins in the Envato marketplace and comes with pretty good support as well!

Notable features:

  • Drag and Drop email builder
  • Impressive customization options available
  • Head, footer, and full body customization available
  • Coupon code element feature
  • Predesigned templates

Price: $49


3. Visual Email Designer for WooCommerce by Smackcoders

3. Visual Email Designer for WooCommerce by Smackcoders

Email customizer WooCommerce is available on marketplace. This customizer allows you to send customized emails to your customers based on WooCommerce order status.

You can create your own template for each WooCommerce order status individually for every product or even a single or specific product to a group of products in the same category.

The product also has a premium version of the plugin, which adds a lot more functionality to the customizer.

One notable feature which sets it apart from other WooCommerce email customizers is that it offers one additional custom order status, which is Product Delivered. This status informs the customer that the product has been successfully delivered.

Also, when it comes to designing, it is pretty easy. There are three templates category that you can go with:

  • Order based template
  • Product based template
  • Category based template

To create an order based template, you simply need to add a new template and give it a proper name. Choose the order based type or the action from the drop-down menu and choose a template from the list as well. Click on the next button and customize the template as you want and then click on the Add/Update template button.

This customizer also allows you to create a unique design for New Order email for each product separately. You can do this by simply choosing the Design Template Type as Product and selecting the product. Now design the template and add the template.

If you have lots of products in your store and wish to reduce your New Order email customization, you can select the Template type and category and can design an email for all products in that category.

Price: Free and Paid version available for $99.99

Download Demo

4. Email Customizer by WooCommerce

4. Email Customizer by WooCommerce

Email Customizer is a plugin made for WooCommerce by WooCommerce. Since it is developed by the WooCommerce team, it is obviously the most reliable one in terms of compatibility.

This is a highly preferred choice if you want to stay with the native WooCommerce style customization.

This customizer is not at all about loud and sassy customizations, but rather it is about how you can make your custom email look good while keeping the Minimal design.

WooCommerce is all about simplicity, and so is this customizer. If you want a tool to customize your emails with lots of colors, images, and effects, then this plugin will not be your ideal choice.

If you are looking for a simple, minimal, clean UX, then go for the native WooCommerce email customizer.

Notable features:

  • Customize the design of all the emails
  • Make visual edits on the builder/ customizer
  • Drag and drop built-in WordPress Customizer
  • No coding knowledge required

Price: $79 for Single Site


5. Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer

5. Decorator - WooCommerce Email Customizer

Decorator is a pretty straightforward WooCommerce email customizer tool. It is designed for simply one task, which is to create a separate instance of the customizer tool and then allows you to create changes to WooCommerce emails using the customizer.

This plugin does not come with drag and drop compatibility but can do a lot of customization if you are looking forward not to make changes to the positioning of the elements.

You can change the header styling, footer styling, heading 1, 2, 3… 6. and can add custom styles as well. Moreover, you can change the font size, font family, text color, and the link color of almost every part of the template. Apart from all this, you can add images to the header and can alter the content of the footer as well.

To launch decorator, simply go to WooCommerce settings and then click on the email tab. Now click on the Open Decorator button at the bottom to launch it. Go ahead and make the changes as per your wish, and once you are done, click on the publish button.

Notable features:

  • Works on native WordPress Customizer
  • Simple email customizations
  • Alter various parts of the email

Price: Free


6. Kardence – WooCommerce Email Designer

Kardence is another great tool that lets you easily customize the default transactional email templates.

You can edit the design with the help of native WordPress customizer for live visual edits and changes. With Kardence, you can even customize the text and templates of WooCommerce without touching a line of code.

This plugin is built on the code structure of Decorator and shares a lot of features with the Decorator plugin. But as compared to Decorator, this plugin offers many more styling options.

A good plus of this plugin is that it offers pre-built templates which you can import with a single click. Even you can customize the layout, styling like font and color of your loaded pre-defined templates.

You can select which email you are editing by going to Email Type and Text > Email Type in the customizer and selecting the type there.

Notable features:

  • Live editing WooCommerce emails
  • Import pre-built templates feature
  • Customize the font, text, color, and other aspects.
  • Easy Import/Export of your custom settings
  • Real Inbox email testing

Price: Free


7. Email Customizer for WooCommerce by cxThemes

7. Email Customizer for WooCommerce by cxThemes

This plugin is one of the top-selling WooCommerce email customizers for WordPress on CodeCanyon.

It enables full customization of your WooCommerce emails and you can alter the colors, header and footer format, social media links, custom links, and can customize the text as well.

Customizer allows you to alter or tailor what the user sees and reads before you send it to them so you can double check the data and the styling before it reaches the user.

As this is based on a live editor, you can see the changes, modifications, and alterations that you are making to the email template while doing them live.

Notable features:

  • Customizing colors and other attributes
  • Header and Footer branding
  • Adding custom navigation links
  • Option to add social media links
  • Customize the text of the email

Price: $30


8. WooMail – Woo Email Customizer

8. WooMail - Woo Email Customizer

WooMail is also a drag and drop builder based email customizer which comes with 10+ predesigned amazing WooCommerce email templates.

This customizer will allow you to effortlessly customize the WooCommerce emails and change the way they look using the customizer, preview them, and send test emails to see their design and efficiency in live action.

Another great plus of this plugin is that it offers products recommendation feature which when enabled will add other products recommendation in the emails and will encourage the customers to come back to the store and check out other products as well.

As I mentioned earlier, this customizer comes with pre-designed attractive templates which you can use in your email customization. All the templates are made specifically for WooCommerce stores so they will probably have all the things you will require in them. If you want to make any alterations, then you can take the templates as a base and start customizing them to create your own custom template. Pretty cool, right?

Notable Features:

  • Extensive customization available
  • Visual live changes
  • 10+ Predefined templates
  • Testing features and email preview
  • Unlimited custom shortcode

Price: $29


9. WooCommerce Email Customizer by Themehigh

9. WooCommerce Email Customizer by Themehigh

This plugin is another great solution for creating impressive transactional emails. Although this is not a drag and drop builder by it allows you to create and customize your email using a very simple and interactive “choose-and-add” builder.

This being a live builder will allow you to see the changes you are making to the template in real time.

The builder is equipped with more than 15 creative elements which you can use to create and customize the template.

If you are looking for a plugin which allows you to customize every email type, then this is a really good option that you can go with. The Templates tab under the email customizer allows you to assign and change your custom made template to the respective email type.

Notable features:

  • Choose-and-add Builder
  • Live customizations
  • 15+ useful elements
  • Ease of assigning templates
  • Add hooks from WooCommerce emails
  • Dynamic data with placeholders

Price: Starting at $39

Download Demo

10. YITH WooCommerce Email Customizer

10. YITH

Yith is another intuitive builder which you can go with if you are looking forward to making a lot of customization and simply want a good looking template.

The plugin has a customizer which allows you to make changes to the already existing templates.

You can choose a Template style and can make changes to it and add links and other data by simply selecting and changing the options.

You can customize the header, appearance, typography, custom links, order details table, footer and can add social links as well.

This plugin does not come with a live preview option but has a quick preview template button which displays the template upon clicking. Once you have designed a template, you can assign your custom templates to different email types.

Notable features:

  • Easy and quick customizing
  • Four pre-designed layouts
  • Custom template for WooCommerce emails
  • Assign different email to each type of email
  • Add social media links
  • Preview and testing option

Price: Starting at $69.99


Over to you! Which WooCommerce email customizer plugin is for you?

Now since you have all the WooCommerce email customizer plugins available to you, you can go ahead and select whichever you like to beautify your WooCommerce email types and put an end to boring and dull emails.

Let me know your thoughts on these plugins and which one you liked the most by commenting down below!

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