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The New “We Got Your Back” Program By Freemius Propels WordPress Plugin & Theme Businesses Through Branding (For Free!)

The Freemius team had just announced (earlier today) that it is launching a special program, which they have named: “We Got Your Back” Club. So first things first – let’s make the info in that title crystal clear: Freemius is going to help increase WordPress plugin & theme businesses’ bottom line through professional, custom branding, AND, they are offering to do that for free? The answer seems to be a straight up yes. Now that we’ve got that out of the way – let’s dive in a little deeper to figure what exactly is this all about.

Membership in this program is offered solely to WordPress plugin & themes owners who sell them through the Freemius sales platform, and the type of perk a product owner is entitled to choose is derived from the accumulative sum of their gross revenue from sales their products have made through Freemius, as the following table implies:


As you can see, the whole thing is pretty simple: the higher your gross revenue with Freemius the more meaningful the perk you are entitled to claim. Naturally, we are all looking to increase our sales, so it’s a win-win: increase your business revenues AND get free perks to help you increase sales even further!

At least in its initial phase, this program is going to focus on design & branding, but later on, they plan on adding even more perks like SEO audits, conversion rate optimization, pricing optimization, etc.

The remaining question is, therefore: “Why?

Why would Freemius give sellers free perks & gifts just for earning more money and selling more WordPress products? That has to do with the business model Freemius had elected for itself: the revenue-share. Freemius collects a cut of each sale made through its monetization platform, so, the more sales your WordPress product makes – the more money Freemius makes. Simple and logical.

The prediction Freemius seems to have made here was that it is still far too common to stumble upon unprofessional branding and design representations of premium WordPress plugins and themes in the WordPress ecosystem. Therefore, if Freemius can bump up their branding and make it look more professional, then it is very likely to scale their sales significantly, as many potential users who would skip an unprofessional looking product will not skip a skillfully branded one.

Here is how things will work for those who are eligible for a free branding & design treatment from Freemius:

After you apply for the program and Freemius makes sure you are eligible for the perk you will have selected – you will be notified about it and an accomplished, high-end designer, will be allocated to work on your WordPress plugin/theme branding. The designer will work directly with you, the product owner, to customize your selected perk so it helps better-position your product so it attracts better customers and increases your sales & bottom-line.

The Freemius team usually likes to pilot-test its ideas, and they operated no differently in this case. So, as it turns out, there is already some branding work out there, which they can brag about:

  • Marketing emails designs:

Looks great, right?

If you’re up for upgrading your WordPress product’s branding level and would like to join the club here’s what you need to do:

How To Apply

All you need to do to apply is email [email protected] using the subject “Please scratch my back”, and include the following info:

  1. Your product(s) name(s) and Freemius ID(s)
  2. Your products’ total gross sum (you can check that in the Dashboard section by changing the from-date to the date you started to sell with Freemius)
  3. The perks which you are interested in for your business

That is it. The Freemius team will take it from there and contact you about your allocated designer soon enough.

Lastly, if you’re still not using Freemius to sell your WordPress plugin or theme – you should consider doing so now. It is apparent that Freemius has a very personal and dedicated way of treating its partners, and is so much more than “just a checkout”!

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