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The Best Real Estate Plugins for WordPress

If there’s one thing you need to know when launching your new real estate business, it’s that simply using the best real estate plugins for WordPress can potentially save you thousands on creating the kind of dynamic website that attracts buyers, generates leads, and helps you land those all-important sales.

Why is this so important?

Because at first glance, the basic WordPress CMS may not seem like the perfect platform for the property industry and, to be fair, if you only stuck with the standard posts-and-pages offering that you get when you first install it, it probably isn’t.

As such, we’ve seen countless real estate entrepreneurs shun the world’s most popular CMS altogether in favor of spending thousands of dollars on a completely bespoke website which ultimately provided no more functionality than you could get with a few simple, affordable plugins.

Use the listing directory tools, mortgage calculators, and all-in-one real estate plugins listed in this guide, and you’ll be able to create a content-rich, interactive website that looks and functions just as well as any custom-made solution.

In the process, you’ll not only deliver the kind of outstanding user experiences that are going to help your real estate business stand out from the crowd but also potentially save a sizable amount of money that could be better invested in growing your business even further.

Without further ado then, here’s our guide to the 8 very best real estate plugins for WordPress, including a mix of free tools and affordable premium options.

Best Real Estate Plugins for WordPress 2020

1. Toolset

Toolset realestate plugin

Some tools provide back-end functionality so that you can display your real estate listings in a directory format that is easy for your visitors to browse and interact with.

There are some tools that concern themselves with the look and feel of your listings, ensuring a professional presentation that really appeals to your audience.

There are even tools that help users run advanced search queries so that they can drill down your huge list of properties and find exactly what they’re looking for.

Then there’s Toolset, a comprehensive content plugin that does all of the above and then some.

Providing everything you’ll need to create an interactive real estate website, Toolset’s biggest selling point is the way it allows you to effortlessly create dynamic directories with custom post types and a wealth of advanced features.

The directory framework itself makes it easy to display your property listings however you see fit, whether that’s in an eye-catching grid format, on an interactive map, or in a gallery.

Meanwhile, the design features ensure that every last element of your website creates the right impression with your potential buyers.

Not only can you create templates to display individual listings, but you can also use a range of options for adding dynamic content to your homepage such as hero sections and interactive sliders.

It doesn’t end there.

One of the things we love about Toolset is its search functionality. The plugin allows you to create your own search and query tools to help users find the right property.

Finally, if you’re planning to create the kind of real estate website that allows users to submit their own listings, the plugin will help you do that too by offering front-end forms and WooCommerce integration for taking payments.

All of these tools are available as part of the Toolset Interactive package, available at $149 per year for use on up to 3 websites. An agency-level package, priced at $299 is also available. This contains all of the same features as the Interactive plan, albeit for use on an unlimited number of websites.

Get Toolset

2. Estatik

Toolset may be the best all-in-one real estate plugin out there, but Estatik certainly gives it a very good run for its money.

The free version of this popular plugin alone packs in a host of features that are ideal for getting your site off the ground. This includes tools for creating and displaying listings with galleries, sliders, integrated Google Maps, and more. Individual listings can be fully customized to fit the theme of your website, and we love the addition of custom property labels that help you draw attention to different properties.

For example, you could create an eye-catching “NEW” label every time you add a new property to your website or a “HOT PROPERTY” label for those popular listings.

Social sharing and advanced search features are all included as standard, as are helpful widget-based tools such as a mortgage calculator and a “request info” tool.

The free version of Estatik also integrates seamlessly with WPML and Loco Translate to offer multilingual versions of your listings.

If all that wasn’t enough, you can upgrade to a range of premium packages.

These start with the $89 Estatik Pro package which includes everything listed above along with an integrated fields builder, email alerts for your customers, and a wishlist and saved searches feature.

The $129 Developer’s pack also includes a range of real estate WordPress themes and should be more than enough for most professional agencies.

Perhaps the best part is that unlike other plugins that charge yearly for a limited number of websites, Estatik’s prices are a one-time-only fee that allows you to use their plugin on as many sites as you wish, making it a great value-for-money option.

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3 Real Estate Pro

The best real estate plugin for those on a budget, Real Estate Pro for WordPress is an ideal option if you need the advanced features and support of a premium plugin while still keeping a close eye on your wallet.

The plugin is available from CodeCanyon at just $39 for a standard Envato with the option to pay a further $12.75 for an additional 6 months’ support.

As affordable as it is, the small price tag is in no way indicative of the plugin’s quality. Make no mistake about it, there’s still a lot of valuable stuff here.

As with most of these plugins, Real Estate Pro offers everything you need to create and manage property listings, but where this one goes a step further in that it fully integrates with Elementor and WPBakery for easy customization.

In other words, if you’re already familiar with either of those two editors, there’s no need to learn a whole new tool just to get your listings looking the way you want them.

Even that’s not the best part. The thing we love most about Real Estate Pro is that it’s an excellent tool for turning your real estate site into a fully-functioning online business.

Along with the ability to create site memberships and allow for front-end listing submissions, you can also design pricing tables, sign-up forms, and use any number of popular payment gateways to process payments.

Finally, Real Estate Pro also includes a feature that we haven’t seen on many -if any- other, that being the ability to integrate MailChimp into your website in a way that is fully compliant with current data laws and regulations. With this handy feature, you can use your “request info” widgets and other contact points as a method of building up a mailing list and generating leads for future sales.

Get Real Estate Way

4. IMPress Listings

One of the best free WordPress plugins for creating real estate listings, IMPress Listings combines all the simplicity and ease-of-use that makes it ideal such a great choice for beginners with the kind of versatility and advanced features that appeal to more experienced users.

Unlike other free real estate plugins, this complete listing management solution can be integrated with your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of choice so that you can automatically import MLS listings directly to your website. This saves the hassle and complexities of manually adding each individual property.

If you do decide to go that route, you’ll be able to completely customize your listings and add as much -or as little- information as you like, with unlimited fields, image galleries, and even the option to include video.

Once published, your listings will be displayed in a stylish grid format which, though it may not be as customizable as other options, still looks pretty good just as it is.

Finally, IMPress also includes a very handy feature whereby maps are automatically generated based on the address data and added to your page. This means that you don’t have to manually create and imbed them for each listing, saving you plenty of time and no doubt lots of hard work in the process.

Get IMPress Listings

5. WP Amortization Calculator

Mortgage loan calculators are an essential part of any truly successful real estate website. Yet with very few exceptions (such as the aforementioned Estatik) most themes and plugins for the industry fail to include them, leaving you to find and integrate one of your own.

Sure, there are several free options out there and we’ll look at at least one of them later in this guide, but if you ask us, none of them quite compare to the WP Amortization Calculator, a powerful plugin available via CodeCanyon.

Priced at $27 (with an optional extended support license for $8.25) offers everything you could want from such a tool and even surpasses many of the calculator tools bundled in with other WordPress real estate products.

In terms of functionality, the calculator is a breeze to use, ensuring that even visitors who aren’t too tech-savvy will have no problem using it to work out the details of a potential mortgage or other real estate loans.

Design-wise, there’s a lot to like too. The plugin works as a drag-and-drop element in both WPBakery and Elementor, so you’ll have no problem adding to your site. Meanwhile, on the front end, the modern, responsive design can be tweaked using custom CSS to ensure it blends in with your branding.

What’s more, WP Amortization Calculator’s use as a powerful lead generation tool would alone make it worth paying for.

Once your visitors have entered all of the required information into the calculator, the results are emailed to them in a PDF. You can customize both the email text and the look and feel of the PDF to fit your branding. You can also set up to receive a BCC copy of that message so that you personalize any follow-up with your newly generated lead, thus increasing the likelihood of making that all-important sale.

Get WP Amortization Calculator

6. WP-Property

A free plugin from Usability Dynamics, Inc, WP-Property is a solid one-size-fits-all plugin designed to help you run your entire real estate or property management business online.

At its core, this is a quality listing management tool that comes with an intuitive, backend interface for adding and editing your listings. A variety of customizable templates are available for various property types so you don’t have to waste time building a separate template every time you add a new property to your platform, while the Media Library integration allows you to create video and image galleries with ease.

Also working in its favor is the search function, which is one of the best we’ve seen on a free plugin, as well as the range of themes and add-ons that improve functionality.

The free WP-Property: Walk Score is a particularly nice touch, showing users how walkable a neighborhood is. The more errands and daily activities that can be done without a car, the higher the score.

As you can imagine, this could prove invaluable if you’re targeting eco-conscious property buyers.

Elsewhere, tools for adding real estate agent accounts, image slideshows, and MLS imports are all available at no extra cost, making this a very valuable tool for any new real estate startup.

Get WP-Property

7. WordPress Mortgage Calculator by Inspiry Themes

If you need a stand-alone mortgage calculator but don’t want to spend the $27 for the WP Amortization Calculator we mentioned earlier, then Inspiry Themes’ WordPress Mortgage Calculator is a good free alternative.

A straightforward, no-frills plugin, the Mortgage Calculator isn’t going to win any awards for remarkable design, but the user-facing calculator tool does have a fairly contemporary style that won’t look out of place on any modern website. Meanwhile, the behind-the-scenes interface used to configure the calculator’s limited number of basic settings is staggeringly simple to use.

Features-wise, there aren’t that many, and that’s all part of the plugin’s appeal. It’s deliberately kept light as light as possible, serving its purpose well without impacting your website’s performance.

With over 10,000 active installations, more so than any other up-to-date free mortgage calculator, this Keep it Simple approach is clearly a hit.

Get WordPress Mortgage Calculator by Inspiry Themes

8. WPL Real Estate

Last but by no means least, we turn our attention to Realtyna’s WPL Real Estate, a popular plugin with both free and premium options.

The free version can be installed from the WordPress Plugin Directory and combines a solid listing management solution with the useful ability to add, delete, and edit fields in individual listings without getting bogged down by the complexity of editing your database.

Likewise, the property search functionality can be fully tailored from a smart-yet-simple backend interface to allow users to better seek out exactly the kind of properties they’re in the market for.

On its own, this is comparable with other free listing management tools in terms of quality and simplicity, though if it’s not enough for you, you can always upgrade to the pro plan for a one-off flat fee of $199.

For this, you get additional features such as the ability to hide the price or property address and replace it with a “call for more info” button, radius map search (find properties within X mile radius), and a slew of other advanced search features.

The only downside is that if you wanted to import directly from your MLS, you’ll have to pay an additional $950 on top of what you’ve already paid which could put this out of the price range of many small agencies.

Get WPL Real Estate

Final Word: Using the Best Real Estate Plugins to Build the Ultimate Website For Your Agency

With the exception of the two mortgage calculators (both of which are useful in their own right), the top real estate plugins we’ve featured today are designed to serve as the very core of your new website, transforming the basic WordPress CMS into a dynamic platform for showcasing your property listings and, more importantly, generating quality leads from potential buyers.

Still, as useful as they are, you’ll need more than these eight tools to really make your real estate business a thriving success.

A quality appointment booking tool like the popular Bookmify plugin can prove invaluable when it comes to streamlining and simplifying property viewings via your website, while a well-designed, responsive, real estate WordPress theme like HomePress can help bring everything together into one attractive and interactive package that strikes exactly the right chord with potential buyers.

Not a fan of HomePress? Check out our comprehensive guide to 25 of the very best WordPress real estate themes around.

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