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Step By Step Guide To Make A WordPress Website

Technology is swarming like a blizzard around us and online world is swish with videos, blogs, websites etc. Creating a WordPress website might not be as hard as calculating the cube root of 1601613 manually (it is 117) but is still a daunting task for beginners.

WordPress is duly one of the most popular and preferred content management system (CMS) across the globe. It beats the other CMS software by its ease of use and a wide number of essential features. Constant theme additions, plugins and bug fixes are also some of the major USPs of WordPress. This guide takes you through four simple steps for creating the WordPress website you desire.

Selecting a Suitable Domain Name
Domain names are a very important part of website creation. Finding a suitable domain name can be as stressing as finding an iron nail in a barn. Good domain names have been already taken up or are being done every second. There are immense possibilities of your desired domain name being gone even as you read this!

Buying a .com domain is a very wise thing as it creates a reputation for the website instantly. If the desired .com domain is already taken up then .net, .org etc. are some options you must consider. Buying a domain name is next, and there are several domain name registrars like Godaddy, Namecheap who provide domain names with ease and affordability. Check for availability of a specific domain, do the necessary transaction, and now you have a web host to find!

Finding an Efficient Web Hosting Provider
A place to host your website is what you need now, and web hosting providers are those who have it. These web hosts allow you to place your website on their huge servers and in effect make your website available to visit by individuals from anywhere. There are different types of web hosting plans but shared hosting is best for beginners to learn the ropes. You can always upgrade to others anytime you want.

Bluehost, Siteground are some of the major web hosting providers known for their reliability and site uptime. Also, InMotion hosting is regarded as a great hosting provider, and the Inmotion Reviews 2015 can give an insight. Buying a basic hosting pack is great as you maze through the vast website world. Some details and your domain name is all you need to buy hosting space. Once done, the domain name and web hosting need to be configured which does require some code copying and pasting but is extremely easy to do.

Getting a Perfect Theme
There is a wide array of free themes to choose from WordPress which you can download and use right away. For an ultra-professional look, you can buy premium WordPress themes. A theme to your right fit can go a long way in gaining prominence.

Setting The Website Up
This is where the pure fun begins. There are a number of setups to complete before you start posting your quality content. Once on the WordPress dashboard; start by configuring the basic settings, theme customization, plugin installation and much more. The possibilities are immense as you learn to wade through website demographics.

A perfect website essentially requires these steps but is not limited to them. Quality content and engagement after following these-up is necessary to fulfil your aspirations.

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