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SPanel The Next-Gen Hosting Platform: a worthy cPanel alternative

cPanel has been the industry-leading control panel provider in web hosting for years. This is largely due to the platform’s ease of use and enhanced functionality.

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But today, we are going to take a closer look at a worthy cPanel alternative — SPanel.

SPanel is the proprietary hosting management solution of Scala Hosting. More than just an average control panel, the all-in-one platform aims to optimize the performance and enhance the security of small to large-scale web projects.

Let’s take a closer look.

Scala Hosting Overview

Scala Hosting has been around since 2007, looking to not just offer web hosting but to change the entire industry for the better. This professional approach and positive attitude have since impressed many, growing the company to 50,000+ clients and their 700,000+ websites.

Scala has a strong focus on Cloud Managed VPS solutions, but the provider supports the full range of hosting services — shared accounts, WordPress hosting, email and reseller services, domain names.

As the host admits, one of its unique competitive advantages is undoubtedly SPanel.

SPanel Overview

The Scala Hosting team felt that nothing new has been happening in the industry for years. But as the needs of the clients grew and cPanel continued to hike its prices, more and more users started looking for alternatives.

SPanel was developed to fill that gap.

spanel dashboard

The platform is fast, secure, and doesn’t limit you in the software you can use. Naturally, it integrates perfectly with Scala’s Cloud VPS servers, providing users with an intuitive interface for account and email management.

SPanel runs on all popular types of web servers. The solution fully supports Apache and Nginx, but Scala recommends LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed for the fastest performance and page load times.

SPanel seems to have it all — comprehensive dashboard, email features, database management, security certificates, backups, statistical data.

SPanel vs cPanel

Comparisons with the cPanel manager are inevitable so let’s see how does Scala’s platform stack to the industry leader.

SPanel cPanel
  • Supports all types of web servers, including LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed
  • Supports all types of web servers, including LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed
  • Mail – email, webmail, lists, forwarders, autoresponders
  • File Manager
  • Database Manager
  • SShield
  • SWordPress Manager
  • SBackups
  • Domains – DNS zone editor
  • SSL certificates, cron jobs
  • Mail – email, webmail, lists, forwarders, autoresponders
  • File Manager
  • Logs
  • Security – IP deny manager, hotlink protection
  • Domains – DNS zone editor
  • Software/Services
  • Error pages / virus scanner
  • Isolated environment
  • Predictive analysis
  • Threat prevention
  • Customer alerts
  • Brute force protection
  • Secure SSH
  • Spam Assassin
  • One-click backup and restore
  • One-click backup and restore
  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Ticketing
  • Documentation
  • Ticketing
  • Phone ($65 per incident)
  • Documentation
  • Forums
  • From $12/mo for unlimited websites and managed services
  • From $81/mo for five accounts and unmanaged services

Although both control panels have a similar look and feel, there are some distinctive differences between the two.

Spanel bets on its proprietary solutions. Everything, from the backup solutions to security add-ons, is developed in-house and included as part of the final bundle. No limitations on software as well — you can install pretty much anything as long as the web server supports it.

In comparison, cPanel relies more on functional variety and long experience in web hosting management. Everything is familiar and straightforward, and there is virtually no learning curve to it.

The biggest differentiator between the two is the price. cPanel’s billing methods are rather complex and the platform has become less and less affordable with recent price hikes. On the other hand, SPanel offers the whole bundle of features at no extra costs — you virtually pay for your support services only.

But are SPanel’s functionalities good enough to replace cPanel for your hosting management?

We put things to the test.


As we mentioned, Scala is all about technology innovations and in-house developments. The team believes the hosting industry is in dire need of change and SPanel is a powerful weapon in that battle.

Fully Managed Platform

SPanel doesn’t just let you operate as a web hosting admin on your own — it comes with all the expert support to back you up. The Scala Hosting team can assist with software updates, optimization tips, issue resolution — the full package.

This is especially valuable for startups and small business owners, as they often lack the knowledge or people dedicated to IT and web management. Sure, you can learn to do everything yourself, but SPanel saves you that hassle, so you can concentrate on what’s really important — establishing and growing your brand.

The cPanel server management is a bit different. You can purchase a license from the official provider, but you’ll still need a host to install it and utilize it freely. Your hosting support and control panel support are different entities, so some issues might lead to unnecessary going back-and-forth.


This is the all-in-one security solution of SPanel.

SShield is unique because it doesn’t just rely on the existing virus and malware databases. Instead, it follows advanced algorithms for predictive analysis and cyber threat prevention.

To do that, the system employs artificial intelligence with machine learning. This means that the more threats SShield discovers — the better it gets in stopping hackers in their tracks.

SShield blocks 99.98% of all known attacks and vulnerabilities, alerting the client of any malicious activity. Most of the time, you don’t have to do anything — the security add-on is fully automated when it comes to isolating the threat and mitigating the risks for the server. Should you need to take any further actions — the host allows enough time to patch things up, instead of blocking your server access immediately.

SWordPress Manager

A lot of providers offer managed WordPress services. Such solutions are much more tailored to the needs of the most popular CMS and often include things like a staging area, automatic core and plugin updates, specific security measures. Naturally, prices for those accounts are a bit higher than your run-of-the-mill shared hosting.

With SWordPress Manager, you have all the advantages of WP-tailored services already built in your SPanel. No need to pay extra to kickstart your blog — those money are better spent elsewhere.

wordpress manager spanel

And then there is security.

WordPress is by far the most targeted platform by hackers worldwide, so SWordPress Manager ensures your WP site is up to the latest security standards.

What the platform does is, it effectively locks all your files and directories from any outside reach. You can still add new content or upload videos while your website continues to run smoothly and without interruptions. Should you need to install a plugin or alter the code, you simply remove the security lock and put it back on when done.

No need to do anything during plugin and core updates — the system will automatically unlock the files, do the necessary, and lock them back up.


Speaking of security, you can’t neglect the role of backups. Unexpected issues happen and being able to revert to a previous version of your website is invaluable.

spanel backup

Many hosts charge additionally for backing up and restoring data, but SBackups comes for free with SPanel.

The tool is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You can back up and download your files and databases to an offsite location in a few mouse clicks. Restoring a backup is just as easy.


SPanel is a fully managed platform, which means you’ll never be on your own when you need assistance. You can take advantage of Scala Hosting’s well-trained support team and contact them 24/7 via ticketing with all kinds of technical queries.

Pre-sales help for SPanel is also available. You can contact live operators via live chat and phone, Mon-Fri, 2:30 am — 5 pm CDT (GMT -6).

For all the self-learners out there, Scala Hosting maintains an extensive knowledge base, which the host updates regularly.

Final Takes on SPanel

So, let’s recap our findings about SPanel.

It is a fully-developed web hosting and cloud management platform that comes as a viable alternative to cPanel and WHM.

The solution consists of several integral parts:

  • SShield — predictive AI for detecting and removing cyber threats
  • SWordPress Manager — a set of managed WP services like staging, auto-updates, file isolation
  • SBackups — easy data backup and restore

All that, paired up with Scala Hosting’s expert support, always ready to assist with SPanel-related questions.

How about you? Like what you see?

You can find even more details, screenshots, and testimonials on the official SPanel page.

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