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pipdig Theme Alternatives for WordPress Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs

Over the past week and a half, there’s been some much-publicized controversy with the pipdig WordPress theme shop.

Divi WordPress Theme

To make a long story short, Wordfence and Jem Turner documented oddly malicious code in the Pipdig Power Pack plugin, which is a part of pipdig’s WordPress themes. The response from pipdig…wasn’t great, and pipdig is denying refund requests from their customers.

We’re not going to discuss the malicious code in detail (you can read Sarah’s great post at WP Tavern for that). However, we are here to help if you’re a pipdig customer who’s looking for some alternatives to pipdig themes.

pipdig primarily created WordPress themes for niches like lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, etc. As such, we’ll focus this list of pipdig theme alternatives on quality theme shops that can give you a similar aesthetic without any malicious code!

Best pipdig Theme Alternatives for Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers

Below, we’ll share both entire theme shops and specific themes that are good alternatives to pipdig.

1. Bluchic


Bluchic makes “feminine WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs”. They have a ton of great designs for lifestyle and fashion blogs, and their aesthetic is quite similar to what pipdig offered.

For example, here’s pipdig’s Blossom theme on the left vs Bluchic’s Samantha theme – you can see that there are a lot of the same principles at work!

Bluchic vs Pipdig

In total, Bluchic offers 14 different themes for you to choose from, so you can probably find something with the style and functionality that you want. The prices are pretty similar to pipdig, too. Most of pipdig’s themes cost $69, and Bluchic’s themes are priced at $79.

And for the important part – Bluchic has been around for a long time and is totally clean, and it’s run by a husband and wife team who are very transparent about who you’re working with.

Go to Bluchic

2. Nimbus Themes

Nimbus Themes

Nimbus Themes is another quality theme shop that has a lot of good options for fashion and lifestyle blogs. Unlike Bluchic, it’s not 100% focused on those niches. However, you will find a few separate themes for niches like:

  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food

The prices are also even cheaper than pipdig, coming in at just $49 for access to all the themes.

And again, Nimbus Themes is a quality shop that you can trust.

Go to Nimbus Themes

3. Solo Pine

Solo Pine

Solo Pine is one more theme shop that follows a similar aesthetic to pipdig. They offer 11 different themes for you to choose from, with affordable prices starting at just $49.

Go to Solo Pine

4. EasyThemePacks

EasyThemePacks offers a bit of a twist on things. Instead of standalone themes, it gives you access to great-looking templates for the Elementor page builder.

The upside of this approach is that you can customize the look of your site using simple drag-and-drop editing.

Two good fashion-focused templates are Beauty Boogie and Viva La Vogue.

Go to EasyThemePacks

5. Other Premium and Free pipdig Themes Alternatives

If you want a broader selection, we also have some existing list posts that might turn up some good themes for you. Two places to start are:

And here are some rapid-fire premium alternatives from quality independent shops or ThemeForest:

Beyond that, I did a little digging at and found some good free pipdig alternatives:

Final Thoughts on pipdig Theme Alternatives

The pipdig themes situation is unfortunate, but we hope this post provided you with a little help to find an alternative that works for you.

Unfortunately, changing WordPress themes on an established site is never fun. However, we do have a post with some tips for changing WordPress themes that will lay out some of the most important things for you to consider as you make the switch.

You can also use Mark Jaquith’s P3 Neutraliser plugin to block the malicious code in the Pipdig Power Pack plugin and give yourself some extra time to switch.

Have any questions about making the switch away from pipdig? Ask in the comments and we’ll try to help!

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