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WordPress’ Market Share Is Declining

Hey, WordPress friends! We are checking in with your latest dose of weekly WordPress news. This week, there were a lot of discussions on the declining market share of WordPress. WP Tavern shares more about the...

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8 Best Small Business Cell Phone Plans for 2022

Are you looking for a small business cell phone plan to stay in touch with your customers and team members? A business cell phone plan gives you the freedom and flexibility to answer calls, communicate...

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How To Get More Views On TikTok: 13 Proven Strategies

Want to learn how to get views on TikTok? We’ve got you covered. In the last few years, TikTok has burst onto the scene and taken its place among the world’s most popular social media...

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What’s the Best Mouse for Mac? 9 Best Mac Mice Compared for 2022

In simple terms, therefore, SteelSeries Prime Mini is as compact as they come. This is an ultra-lightweight mouse that you can casually carry around in your breast pocket, without even showing a noticeable bulge. As...

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10 Best Blogging Platforms in 2022: From WordPress and Beyond

Today, many different blogging platforms are available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This article looks at several of the best blogging platforms around, considering factors like price, data security, ease of use, customization...

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