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Managed WordPress Hosting at Affordable Prices

Are you looking for an affordable managed WordPress hosting for your website? Are you looking for another hosting provider that can make your website performance much better? In this article, we will talk about HostPulse managed WordPress hosting. If you haven’t come across HostPulse hosting, then stick around. We will be talking about all the details of the HostPulse Hosting in this hosting review.

We gave a live website running on HostPulse a test run with Pingdom and GTMetrix. Here are the results:


Pingdom Hostpulse tests


HostPulse GTmetrix

As you can see from the reports, the performance of the website running on HostPulse NVMe based hosting architecture is quite good. Pingdom gave it an overall score of 90 and the load time is around 324 ms which is faster than 98% of the website according to Pingdom. Also, looking at the performance score of GTMetrix, a B score is quite a score considering it is a basic WordPress installation with just the twenty-twenty theme active.

HostPulse Review: Overview

HostPulse offers a managed high-performance hosting service that comes at a really affordable price as compared to other hosting companies out there. The servers and hosts are optimized for WordPress websites and assure that you do not face any problem running your WordPress website.

Other than optimization, the hosting service comes with some excellent technical advantages. Advantages such as NVMe architecture and In-house optimization and other caching tools. The hardware and the state of the art equipment that these hosts use are way better than most of the mediocre hosting providers out there.

hostpulse review

Why don’t we take a look at all the features in detail one by one instead of going through all the features at once? Let’s see what HostPulse has to offer!

HostPulse Review: Features

Here is a list of all the prominent features that you get with the HostPulse hosting. There are many other great features of HostPulse, but here we will take a look at the most notable features only.

Web Hosting Power

The hosts are very carefully crafted that are sure to boost your website’s performance. The impeccable SSD hosting, which is based on the NVMe architecture, is, in itself, a state of art creation. With the robust shared hosting plan, you get a free SSL certification as well, which is really required to establish a secure connection between the server and the end-user. On other hosts, you often need to pay an additional price for SSL certification

WordPress hosting

WordPress Custom Management Panel

For WordPress host management, the panel that comes with HostPulse is a real winner. You can do almost all the changes you need to make to your host from this single panel. You can take care of your website from this panel and perform various actions. Actions like cloning, managing, or making the site aster without custom caching tools can now be quickly done.

Moreover, you can also take care of the payments, billing, hosting, and other customer account related queries from the customer portal, which also is designed with user-friendliness and ease of access in mind.

DDoS Protection

What could be worse than getting your website affected by a DDoS attack? I am sure no website owners want that, but the thing is DDoS protection does come with a price tag with other hosts. With HostPulse, you get free DDoS protection for your website so you can focus on your work rather than worrying about dealing with a DDoS attack. HostPulse relies on Radware Defense Pro, which is capable of protecting your website against DDoS attacks.

HostPulse DDoS

HTTP/2 Protocol

Why stick around with an older version of the most critical transfer protocol when you are getting an HTTP/2 version. WIth HostPulse, you get HTTP/2 Hypertext transfer protocol, which offers faster websites, improved productivity, and better Google search results rankings as well.

The primary purpose of the protocol is to boost and upgrade the performance of sites by improving the security and optimizing the HTTPS.

WordPress Specific Hosting

HostPulse comes with WordPress optimized hosting, which offers you all the features and functionalities that you’ll ever need. You get the one-click installation feature that allows you to set up your WordPress website in a single click. It is equipped with the most popular management tool – cPanel, that enable you to manage your WordPress hosting easy as a cakewalk.

You also get a reliable guarantee of 30 days of free backup that protects your website against any other targeted or random malfunction.

NVMe Architecture

Getting an excellent hosting architecture is really important. Poorly crafted architecture can cost your WordPress website a lot. The NVMe technology makes your WordPress website load up 25 times faster as compared to HDD. The state of the art architecture makes it possible for you to keep your website running smoothly with increased productivity and website speed.

NVMe HostPulse

In house optimization and caching tool

Caching and Optimization is something that you’ll never need to worry about with HostPulse. The caching is taken care of with the ActiveCache, which will help you increase the speed of your website by deploying either of the two popular systems: Redis or Memcached. This will definitely assist you in saving your server resources and will significantly improve the website speed.

active cache WordPress HostPulse

Powerful Data Centers

HostPulse uses Telepoint services, which is a Tier 3+ Carrier Data Center. It is the number one data center with Europe operations. You get consistent uptime, excellent service quality with these powerful servers. The Datacenter comes with a fully independent power supply and has the capacity to keep running even in the happening of a natural disaster.

Locations matter a lot, and since the servers are located at the most advanced data center in Europe, Telepoint, it does add up to the performance of the website. Moreover, you get unlimited bandwidth, leak detection system, 24X7X367 access, and much more.

HostPulse Review: Affordable Prices

The best part about HostPulse is that it comes with a very affordable pricing plan as compared to other WordPress hosting providers out there. The biggest win here is the features you get here for the price. IF you go and look for the same features on any other hosting service provider, you will get a really high quote, but it is not the case here.

The hosting plans start with $3.95 per month, which gives you 10GB SSD disk space, one website hosting, as well as free website transfer, amongst other features we have mentioned earlier.

If you are looking for a hosting package for more than one website, then, The Impulse package will be a good deal for you. You get all the other features, 25 GB disk space, and five websites hosting for the price of $6.75 per month.

If you are looking for hosting for more than five websites, you can go with the WordPress HostPulse package, which you can get for $29.95 per month. Here you get 50GB disk space, unlimited websites hosting and a free domain as well. You also get some freebies with the Hostpulse package such as 5X CPU and RAM, fewer accounts per server, free dedicated IP, Free SSH, site builder upgrade, etc.

HostPulse Review: Over To You!

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful WordPress host with a very high-end technical base at affordable prices, then HostPulse is a really good option that you can look at. The features and functionalities you get at the prices you pay are very rare to find in the WordPress Industry.

You can give this hosting a try for sure you see the difference in the performance of your website yourself. With the Powerful NVMe technology and the super-fast SSDs, you can boost the performance and speed of your website and take your business or WordPress blog to the next level.

Go ahead and give HostPulse a try. Sign up for HostPulse now!

Let me know your thoughts on this hosting provider by commenting down!

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