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Jan 2019 Comics w/ CodeinWP … #Developers #DataBreach #Testing #Bugs

Heya ?

It is time to, officially, ring in the New Year with the January 2019 roundup of web comics with CodeinWP. With Santa taking some time off, it is up to us to bring you a monthly gift of joy and goodwill to keep your spirits up!

This month, we are taking our first look at how sharing an apartment with a developer unfolds. We’re also applying the great universal law, Murphy, to late night coding. What could go wrong?

With hacking taking up so much news space in 2018, we’re offering you the foolproof method for keeping stockholders off your back. A classic trick that’s sure to make a designer paranoid. Before we wrap it all up with the classic bug reactions comic.

As usual, these comics come to you with (a lot of) help from our buddy, Joao Santos.

FYI; we’ve put together around 60 comics in the past year. So, if you’re struggling with how fast 2018 went by, take a stroll down memory lane and refresh your memory in the comics archive.

Let’s dive into the January 2019 edition:

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