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Introducing Smart Query Monitor

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our smart suite of eCommerce tools: Smart Query Monitor (SQM). 

This new feature, available with all Premium eCommerce plans, is designed to enhance your site’s performance by securely and continuously identifying and alerting you to slow queries, ensuring your eCommerce store runs smoothly and efficiently.

Check out the video below to find out more, or read on for a preview of this new addition to our eCommerce toolset!

What are slow queries?

Before diving into the details of Smart Query Monitor, let’s clarify what slow queries are. In short, a query is a request used to interact with your database. it retrieves, updates, deletes, or inserts data information. 

A slow query is any query that takes too long to execute, leading to performance issues on your site. Slow query resolution is particularly critical for eCommerce platforms where speed directly impacts conversions.

The challenge of troubleshooting slow queries

Dealing with slow queries can be frustrating and time-consuming. Identifying the source of performance bottlenecks often involves sifting through complex data and logs. 

This process not only hampers productivity, but also impacts your bottom line by affecting user experience and, potentially, sales.

How Smart Query Monitor can help

SQM simplifies the process of pinpointing and addressing slow queries and has several unique advantages over other query monitoring tools, including:

  • Continuous monitoring and logging: SQM logs slow queries, providing you with detailed insights into query performance over time. This data enables us to enhance the tool’s functionality, including alerts for performance changes or issues related to specific plugins.
  • Zero performance impact: Unlike traditional plugins or premium solutions that can strain your server, Smart Query Monitor runs seamlessly in the background without affecting your site’s performance.
  • Built-in and preconfigured: No setup or configuration is required. Smart Query Monitor is integrated into WP Engine’s platform, offering immediate benefits without any additional effort on your part.

How it works

Let’s take a closer look at how Smart Query Monitor functions:

  • Easy access: From the “Sites Overview” page in your WP Engine dashboard, locate Smart Query Monitor under “eCommerce features,” and click “View Queries” to see a list of queries taking longer than the specified threshold.
Find Smart Query Monitor under “eCommerce features” in your WP Engine dashboard
  • Comprehensive details: Each query log includes the date of execution, the asset associated with the slow result (e.g., plugin, theme, or script), the duration of the query, and a link to a detailed report.
Smart Query Monitor’s query log includes key details associated with individual slow queries
  • Detailed reports: Clicking on a query report reveals additional information such as asset type, request URL, and—most importantly—the source file, line, and code snippet where the issue originated.
Each Query Report includes additional information that allows you to find exactly where an issue originated

Empowering your optimization efforts

With Smart Query Monitor, you’re not just identifying performance issues—you’re equipped to address them promptly and effectively. 

Whether you’re optimizing your site personally or collaborating with developers, Smart Query Monitor provides actionable insights to ensure optimal shopper experiences throughout the buyer journey.

It joins EverCache for Woo, Live Cart, and Page Speed Boost to further expand our premium WooCommerce performance optimization toolset.

Get Started Today!

Get started with Smart Query Monitor to quickly optimize your eCommerce site’s performance with simple slow query identification. 

With WP Engine’s smart suite of eCommerce tools, your site is equipped to thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

Watch Smart Query Monitor in action and discover how it can transform your eCommerce optimization strategy.

Optimize your eCommerce experience with Smart Query Monitor—because every millisecond counts!

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