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Import Curated AliExpress Products To WooCommerce

Running an eCommerce store without having to manage or deliver any inventory yourself is a pretty sweet deal, right? That’s why drop shipping has become a huge thing in the eCommerce space.

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DropshipMe is a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin that aims to take the already hands-off nature of eCommerce inventory/delivery management and make it even…hands-offer (that should be a word, I think).

To do that, it helps you automatically connect to AliExpress on your WordPress site. But beyond just helping you connect to AliExpress, it also tries to help you surface the best products and suppliers. That latter part is what’s unique – it makes it easy to import from a curated set of products.

Keep reading my DropshipMe review to see the tool in action and find out whether it’s the right option to help you start dropshipping with WordPress.

DropshipMe Review: How It Works In More Detail

Ok, so at a basic level, DropshipMe is a plugin that helps you connect your WooCommerce store to AliExpress. To import a product from AliExpress to your site, all you do is click a button – it’s super simple.

Beyond relying on WooCommerce for the underlying store functionality, it’s also built to integrate with the AliDropship plugin from the same developer. While AliDropship is not required to use DropshipMe, you’ll need AliDropship for features like automatic inventory updating and automatic order fulfillment, so it’s definitely recommended to pair the two together (you can see all the feature differences in this help article).

So what makes DropshipMe unique then? That is, why not just use AliDropship?

Well, as I hinted at in the intro, the unique selling proposition of DropshipMe is its curation.

Rather than just hooking you up to the hundreds of thousands of AliExpress products and telling you, “hey have at it” like AliDropship does, DropshipMe:

  • Hand picks high-quality products so that you can quickly find the best products/suppliers. DropshipMe currently has over 45,000+ curated products, so you won’t be starved for choice.
  • Includes professionally edited titles and images for all of the products. That takes another big burden off sourcing products.

Beyond importing from the curated set of products, DropshipMe can also help you import reviews, which is a great way to help increase your shoppers’ trust in your store.

As for the other smaller features of, keep reading to see them in action as I show you how DropshipMe works on my own WooCommerce store.

Hands-on With DropshipMe: Setting Up The Plugin

When you first install and activate DropshipMe, it will prompt you to install both WooCommerce and AliDropship if you haven’t already done so. For this review, I will only use the DropshipMe plugin (no AliDropship). But again, if you’re serious about automating your entire store, you will definitely want to look at AliDropship as well.

To activate the DropshipMe plugin, you just need to paste in your API key (more on pricing later – but the API key is 100% free until you get past 50 products):

Activate plugin

Once you activate your key, DropshipMe tells you exactly how many products you can import on your plan, which helps you avoid any surprises:


Searching For Products

To start importing products, you go to Dropship Me → Import Products. This will bring up a paginated list of all the curated products. At the time that I’m reviewing DropshipMe, there are 45,370 products to choose from.

To help filter out specific products, you can:

  • Filter by category
  • Search by keyword
  • Add minimum/maximum supplier price limits
  • Add minimum/maximum order numbers
  • Choose a warehouse location (the options are United States, Europe, or China)
  • Choose specific allowed shipping destinations (e.g. find only suppliers that will ship to Vietnam”
  • Find suppliers that offer free shipping

DropshipMe review product filters

To view more details about a specific product, you just click the View Details button to expand information for:

  • Product description
  • Shipping
  • Reviews

And one of the nice things about the interface is that there are no page reloads, which makes for a speedy user experience.

Next, I’ll make a few test searches and see what comes up in comparison to AliExpress.

When I searched for “laptop case”, I got:

  • 4 results in DropshipMe
  • 55,910 results at AliExpress

Search 1

When I searched for “tablet stand”, I got:

  • 7 results in DropshipMe
  • 80,623 results at AliExpress

Search 2

When I searched for “watch”, I got:

  • 1,394 results in DropshipMe
  • 620,537 results at AliExpress

Search 3

And when I searched for “apple watch band”, I got:

  • 7 results in DropshipMe
  • 22,982 results at AliExpress

As you can see, there really is a ton of curation going on here. 7 results are super easy to browse through, while 80,000 would take just a little bit more time.

While I can’t say if DropshipMe is missing some great product that’s only at AliExpress, I will say that the curated products do indeed seem like viable products.

If you want to further investigate any product, here’s what that View Details button opens:

Product details

And one thing that I like in this interface is that DropshipMe includes a recommended price, as well as your profit margin.

Importing Products

Ok, let’s say that you found some products that you want to start selling at your store. What next?

Well, first you’ll want to configure your Import Settings. These let you control things like:

Import product list

Then, you can either use the checkboxes to bulk select multiple products and then import multiple products at once. Or, you can click the Import button to import a single product:

Import products

And that’s it! DropshipMe will then import the product right away, and you’ll be able to see it when you go to your regular WooCommerce products area:

Example of imported product

If needed, you can go in and edit it just like any other product. But remember – unless you also use the AliDropship plugin, you won’t be able to do automatic order fulfillment/inventory updating.

Importing Reviews

Beyond the easy product import, DropshipMe also makes it easy to import reviews for the products that you’ve already imported.

When you go to Dropship Me → Import Reviews, you can first configure a number of settings to control things like:

  • What star ratings to import (e.g. only reviews with 4 stars or higher)
  • What categories of products to import reviews for
  • Only import reviews from certain countries or in certain languages (e.g. only English language reviews)
  • Reviews with customer images

Review options

Then, when you click Import at the bottom, DropshipMe will automatically import reviews and give you a summary of exactly what it imported:

Import reviews

Those reviews will automatically show up on the product page using your WooCommerce theme’s styling, just like the customer left a review directly at your store:

Reviews at WooCommerce store

DropshipMe Pricing: Free To Get Started

DropshipMe charges based on the number of products that you want to import. There are no ongoing fees – you’re basically just paying for credits that let you import products.

So how much will it cost you?

First off, you can import 50 products for free. That gives you plenty of room to test the plugin and see if you like its curation.

After that, the one-time payment options for additional product imports are*:

  • 110 products – $29
  • 700 products – $119
  • 1500 products – $199

DropshipMe pricing

*I’ve included the “bonus” products in the price.

Of course, you’ll probably also want to pair it with the AliDropship plugin from the same developer so that you can benefit from automatic order fulfillment and other features. That plugin will cost you $89.

Final Thoughts On DropshipMe

As someone who has browsed AliExpress before, it can definitely be intimidating trying to wade through tens of thousands of products to find something worthwhile. It can also take a lot of time (and time equals money, remember?).

DropshipMe certainly makes things faster and much less intimidating with its curated approach. I can’t promise that it will have the exact products that you need, but I can say that:

  • The products seemed relevant and high quality (for AliExpress, of course!)
  • The interface is quick-loading and easy to use.
  • It worked fine and I didn’t encounter any issues.
  • I didn’t find any issues with the titles or images (i.e. no weird text or watermarks)

It’s also 100% free to install and test, so you’re not risking anything by trying it. You get the exact same product database whether or not you pay – so give it a look and see if it can save you some time finding products to dropship.

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