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How Website Design and PCB Can Learn From Each Other Design Skills

Design Skills

Design is just as important to PCB developers as it is to website designers; although PCB’s
design is based on conducive tracks and electrical charges and website designs are based
on formatting and typography, there are numerous ways in which website design and PCB
can learn from the other. While your web design can attract or disinterest clients, design is
equally important in PCB as if the design is wrong, the product will be faulty when it reaches
the manufacturer. Like web design, PCB development is based on creating a layout that
works for the client or manufacturer, often through software designers that aid the engineer
to construct their PCB ideas. These software developers could potentially benefit web
designs as they ensure that PCBs are created professionally and minus the doubt of
potential problems when they are sent to the manufacturers. However, the ability of websites
to create pages for yourself are important to recognize as these enable a wide range of
people, some of whom may be less experienced, to access their design elements, especially
with the proliferation of video tutorials on their blogs.


PCB software companies often focus on how their product gives the client with creativity to
design PCB, giving them the tools for inspirational and original PCB design and the ability to
do-it-yourself. While many website designers offer this type of creative freedom, without
knowledge of coding or HTML, this can sometimes be hard to achieve. The benefits of
website designers like WordPress are that they give you the ability to choose themes and
adapt these to your will through coding and add-ons, achieving your creative vision. This
move towards personalization and DIY website design can be seen in the biggest trends of
, where color varieties and a range of fonts were added to adapt websites to a specific
design. However, whereas a lot of website design is based off templates and preconceived
frameworks, PCB software allows you to adapt your own ideas in a freely reined
environment, giving you the tools and expertise to be able to do this professionally without
having to stick to pre-created frames.’

Online Software Development

Choosing the software with which to design your website or PCB is one of the most
important decisions as many aspects must be balanced from ease of use to efficiency.
Website designers can pick out of a range of different blog – platforms such as WordPress
which can give them benefits such as simple interfaces and user-friendly guides. Recently,
PCB technicians have utilized online software development in the vein of website designers,
combining the best of online designers and PCB development. Users have a wealth of online
software developers to choose from, including the popular Altium which provides an efficient
and creative method of designing your software through perpetual licensing.

In this way, web design has influenced PCB by using the benefits of online software to
develop designs for the physical product, much like we design virtual websites. Therefore,
both PCB and web design are interconnected and can learn lessons from each other that
can influence their efficiency and software design.

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