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How to Use a VPN in SEO Strategy

We all know that a virtual private network (VPN) is a useful technology to establish a secure connection to another network.

A large number of people across the globe use VPN to gain access to a region-restricted website, bypass Netflix ban, or shield their browsing activities while torrenting. These are some of the common uses of a virtual private network service, but a VPN can also be used to improve your SEO strategies. 

There are a lot of ways a VPN can be used to uplift SEO efforts. Let’s get to know about them one by one.  

1. Target a Foreign Location

If you’re targeting customers in a location outside your country, it can be difficult for you to see the exact local searches for keywords you’re looking to use. 

For instance, if you are in India and want to target the Australian market, you won’t be able to see local search results from Australia.

However, as an SEO expert, you may need to learn what Australians are searching for and who your major competitors are in that region. 

A virtual private network can help you study an Australian market differently. For that, you need to look for a provider offering a VPN service for Australia. You can trick search engines into believing that you are from Australia. Thus you will be able to use Google or other search engines like a local and learn about the interests and requirements of your target community.

You can use this information to optimize your keywords and create an effective content strategy to engage your customers. It will also enable you to use local keywords more naturally. Moreover, you can also see your competitors’ local ads, and based on that knowledge; you can create impressive targeted ads for your business as well. Isn’t it great?

2. Keeps Your SEO Strategies Secret

Like every industry, the SEO industry has become exceptionally competitive over the past few years. SEO experts are looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of their rivals. If you visit your competitors to see their strategies, invest in a robust VPN solution so that they can’t track you when visiting their websites.

Mimicking your competitors’ strategies sounds a good idea, but don’t forget that they can track your IP address and recognize you well in advance.

In addition to your competitors, prominent search engines such as Google and Bing can also track you and penalize you if you use SEO strategies that are against search engine guidelines.

Using a VPN is an excellent way to conceal your actions from competitors and search engines. With a VPN, you can keep an eye on your competitors’ activities, staying hidden at the same time.

A virtual private network encrypts information you share across the World Wide Web but also disguises where your device is. Since your actual IP address is not exposed, your competitor won’t be able to track your exact location.    

3. Helps You Stay Safe While Working Remotely

As an SEO professional, you may have to work remotely and sometimes spend large amounts of time on unsecured websites. If you do so, it’s crucial that you keep your data protected. Working away from the office through unsecured networks may lead to numerous threats to your privacy. Moreover, you can put your clients’ crucial information on risk, which is not professional at all.

VPN helps you prevent several risks of using public WiFi. By utilizing a VPN, your internet traffic is routed via remote servers operated by your VPN provider. Since VPN encrypts your data, you can do all your SEO work, such as content creation, keyword research, etc. without being worried about data interception.

 SEO professionals have to perform a lot of routine administrative tasks as well, which include taking care of accounting, funding, and other confidential details. It can be risky to access your personal and banking features on public WiFi. Fortunately, with a VPN, you can do anything without any fear of being hacked.

4. Assists You in Preventing Inaccuracies in Google Ad Preview

If you manage Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns for your clients, you’re probably aware of the importance of the Google Ad Preview tool when it comes to creating and tracking the PPC advertisements. The tool enables you to see searches for keywords in distinct geographical locations.

The tool also allows you to track your PPC ads without any possibility of changing CTR (Click Through Rates) by checking the keyword multiple times.

Although Google Ad Preview is a reliable tool, sometimes, it shows an inaccurate order of the PPC ads and organic rankings. It usually happens because Google Ad Preview combines the organic listings and paid results occasionally that might lead to confusion.

Fortunately, a VPN can help you in this scenario. It enables you to view all the paid and organic results in their actual order. 

5. Breaks Internet Filtering

Being an SEO professional, you may need to gain access to geographically-restricted content. There are a lot of websites and services across the globe that are blocked for specific geographical locations. If you want to access web content that is crucial for your SEO strategies but not available for your geographic location, you can use a VPN to connect to the server accessible in that location. Thus you will be able to access that website and content. 

Final Thoughts

It’s obvious that a VPN has a lot of benefits when it comes to optimizing the search engine. It’s up to you how you use it to take your SEO efforts to the next level.

One important thing to note is that not all VPNs are designed in the same way, so it is advisable to do your homework before you choose a VPN provider.

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