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How To Get Feedback From Your Visitors

Do you want to collect feedback using on-site WordPress polls or run different surveys? We did a good read in this area to save you some time on research and compared the setup process of some top-used WordPress poll plugins. So we’re ready to share the results with you.

We found out that the needs for poll plugins vary and change as the behavioral science of the web and design aesthetics evolves. For example, in addition to traditional polls in a sidebar, you might want to ask for feedback when a visitor tries to leave a page, run distraction-free polls, etc. Thus, plugins are quite often based on the following categories.

A kind of feedback you need:

  • For the website you’ve just launched
  • General UX / UI feedback
  • For a particular page/content/product, etc.

Design and feedback type preferences:

  • Polls, surveys, quizzes
  • Star ratings
  • Written feedback
  • Reactions (emoji), etc.

There are also lots of online and cloud-based tools, but in this article, we’ll be looking into WordPress-native solutions only. Let’s divide our list into three categories: dedicated poll plugins, additional feedback collection functionality, and WordPress form plugins that support this functionality.

Dedicated Survey & WordPress Poll Plugins to Collect Feedback

These free and premium WordPress plugins allow you to build and manage different types of polls with a bunch of dedicated tools.

YOP Poll

yop poll wp plugin wordpress poll plugin

YOP Poll comes with a pretty advanced free version allowing you to conduct polling quite easily. Some outstanding features of this plugin include scheduled polls, support for custom fields to allow website visitors type in any text, public poll statistics, user notification upon voting, multiple answers and more. Feel free to use it for pretty much any type of poll.

The plugin also supports great poll answer categorization and voting restrictions for non-registered users as well as specific usernames or IPs.

The design options are a bit limited, but if you need something plain simple yet functional, this WordPress poll plugin is a good fit. Unlike some other free plugins in this list, YOP Poll comes with the optional GDPR compliance checkbox.

Adding a poll with this plugin will take a few minutes:

  1. Just create a new poll and pick a design template (there are a few with different color schemes).

templates yop poll

2. Use the template as it is or customize it further (you can alter colors, borders, text size, etc. individually for answers, questions, and buttons).

yop poll template

3. Add your poll questions and answers (custom fields, e.g. containing images can be added with a Pro version that is very affordable).

yop poll questions answers

4. Set vote permissions (e.g. limit the number of votes per user; with the Pro version, you can allow visitors to vote with their Facebook and Google accounts).

edit permission

5. Select how to display results (after or before voting, sort results, etc.)

results wp poll wordpress poll plugin

6. Your poll will be accessible as a shortcode, so you just need to place it on the needed page.

yop poll shortcode

7. Publish your poll!

live poll wordpress

Get YOP Poll



WP-Polls is another popular free poll plugin for WordPress, which is also a solution for multiple poll types. It’s similar to YOP Poll in terms of features, but it’s built in a more WordPress-native way.

However, the plugin might seem not that straightforward in customization as Yop Poll so you can expect some figure-outing job. So how smooth is the process?

1. You’ll need to create a poll using question and answer fields first:

wp-poll create feedback form

2. Then optionally go through the style builder options to tailor its look to fit your website. The behavior of the poll is also quite flexible. Among general options, you can enable AJAX loading for posts, set voting restrictions (guests, registered users, or both), set an expiry time for cookies, etc.

wp-poll options

3. This poll plugin also supports temporary polls, multiple poll answers by one user and can be embedded into the posts, pages and widgets. Once you’ve finished editing, you can insert your poll as a shortcode.

If you don’t apply custom style changes, the poll will nicely blend with the default typography and color settings of your WordPress theme:

wp-poll example

4. This plugin also comes with editable global poll templates and a bunch of variables that will allow you to create a deeply custom poll and change the default behavior of the plugin.

wp-poll tempplates

Get WP-Polls

Democracy Poll

democracy poll frontend wordpress poll plugin

Democracy Poll is another great free alternative, which will allow you to create humanized polls. The poll plugin supports multiple answers, automatic poll close, and an ability to open voting only for registered users.

The UX of the plugin is very though-out allowing you to quickly preview which options are enabled in each poll even without opening its settings.

list of democracy polls

It takes a few steps to create and run a poll:

1. Create a poll with any number of predefined questions and answers and optionally add empty fields for custom answers. In addition to standard options, you can also enable revoting and turn on public poll stats.

democracy poll settings

2. In the settings panel, you can go through the global poll settings to customize the appearance: pick a theme, poll height, animation effects, button style, colors, progress line and more.

democracy poll customozation

Note that this is a bit different from the customization of the styles in YOP Poll, for example. In the Democracy Poll WordPress plugin, you’re editing styles globally so all your polls will look the same while with YOP Poll you are starting with a fresh template each time you create a new feedback form.

3. You can also update system texts with your own ones right from the admin dashboard (a unique feature).

update plugin texts democracy poll wordperss

Your final result will be a combination of your custom changes and default styles of your WordPress theme.

After having the first go, you’ll see that it’s a quick and feature-rich tool to work with.

Get Democracy Poll

Modal Survey

modal survey wordpress poll plugin

Modal Survey is a premium WordPress poll and feedback plugin, which means that beyond standard industry features, it ships with a multitude of extra tools and better flexibility. For example, it can easily handle simple and complex surveys, quizzes and polls with fancy animated charts.

So how does it differ from those free and freemium plugins we’ve just revised? Many technologies are intertwined in just one plugin. First of all, it allows for unlimited usage of more diverse answer types, such as videos, images, calendar dates, numbers, etc.

On the functionality level, the plugin support conditional (chained) poll answers, redirection to a specific URL on the poll completion, support for the rating system and many more unique features. The cool thing is that you don’t need paid extensions to make use of these features.

It also allows voters to instantly share a poll/quiz via their social media accounts so be ready to get more exposure in the media.

You can even add voters to the list of your email contacts by integrating with MailChimp, Active Campaign, Benchmark or any other email marketing automation tool you might use.

Get Modal Survey

TotalPoll Pro

totalpoll pro wordpress poll plugin

TotalPoll Pro is another premium plugin that has all crucial tools for building polls and surveys on WordPress. It comes with a special focus on mobile optimization and performance so your poll will look great on any device.

The plugin supports all the essential functions like multiple questions, different answer types and the ability to restrict users able to vote. You can deeply customize the look of the plugin with the built-in poll customizer and even start with a template.

Need to build something specific like a video or audio contest, WooCommerce integration, Twitter or Facebook-like polls? You can do that; the plugin gives a lot of powerful cards in your hands through the medium of the affordable add-ons.

Among other add-ons that can improve the plugin usability are the social media authentication, shortcode for public poll statistics that can be embedded anywhere on your website and many more.

The collected data can be easily analyzed through the weekly, daily or monthly reports (with tracking support for custom fields). Even if you started building polls with the free third-party plugins we’ve listed at the beginning, you can switch to TotalPoll Pro thanks to the well-oiled integration.

Get TotalPoll Pro

Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll wordpress poll plugin

Responsive Poll for WordPress is an actively maintained plugin that can also help you create visually appealing and functional polls. Although it offers fewer features than its premium competitors, the plugin still can handle polls of different types, including complex video polls, with multiple questions and custom settings.

The UI of the plugin is very straightforward, so you can set up a poll literally from one screen. The customization panel is huge, too, but you can’t preview the result while you are applying changes.

You can even test-drive the plugin on the backend in the demo account to get firsthand experience.

settings responsive poll

Get Responsive Poll

Extra/Alternative ways to collect feedback

If you want to achieve better feedback outcome or just looking for something simple, the following plugins might be of good help as well. Let’s just briefly list their names and key functionalities:


Reactions plugin for wordpress wordpress poll plugin

This plugin will help you collect immediate feedback with emoji, so you can display it in the posts or any targeted pages. It comes packed with detailed reporting tools, so you’ll be able to assess how engaging your content is for your audience with quite descriptive emotional feedback.

Get Reactions

WP ULike

WP ULike wordpress poll plugin

This handy plugin allows you to add like and dislike buttons to your WordPress website posts, comments, topics and more. Such a simple and familiar way to interact with content will definitely increase your feedback rating.

Get WP ULike



Allow website visitors to star rate your content, products or services with this free WordPress star rating plugin. It will also aggregate the final rating based on all reviews.

Get WP-PostRatings

CBX Feedback Button

CBX Feedback Button wordpress poll plugin

Add a vertical feedback button that can be redirected to any custom page, link or even integrated with popular Contact form plugins, such as Contact Form 7, Gravity form and others (third-party integration is available in a Pro version).

Get CBX Feedback Button

Collect feedback with any WordPress form builder plugin

Sometimes you don’t need to go to great lengths to implement the feedback functionality into your WordPress website. Your contact form/form builder plugin might already have it built in or offered as an extra add-on. So just make sure to check this out. Here are just a few top-notch WordPress contact form plugins that support feedback, quiz and poll functionality:


Contact Form by WPForms Drag Drop Form Builder for WordPress wordpress poll plugin

This plugin is used by several millions of WordPress users and if you are also building website forms with this solution, then it’s going to be a simple task to run polls. To integrate a poll, you’ll need to install The Survey and Poll Builder add-on that adds a drag-and-drop form builder dedicated to surveys.

It supports multiple survey fields of different types, including scale, star ratings, multiple-choice, etc. Just like the form builder plugin itself, the plugin can be easily integrated with different email marketing software tools.

Get WPForms Survey and Poll plugin

Gravity Forms

gravity forms wordpress poll plugin

If you are on Gravity Forms, which is another decent form builder plugin for WordPress, you can implement polls with a dedicated Polls add-on offered as a paid extension.

In addition to traditional tools, with the add-on you can randomize the poll choices on a page refresh, use date range and filters to see results, customize the look of the form and more.

Get Gravity Forms Poll


eform wp form plugin wordpress poll plugin

With the eForm, you can get a powerful form builder plugin with a slick design and tons of multipurpose tools. The plugin supports polling and quiz functionality out of the box allowing you to collect feedback with surveys, showcase leaderboard stats for quizzes and add numerous field types to your form.

Get eForm

Final thoughts: how to get feedback with the WordPress poll plugins

Getting feedback on your WordPress website is easy with a poll plugin, but choosing the right product among a sea of options is quite daunting. You can opt for a dedicated plugin – just choose one that supports the needed functionality and design from our list. Going with the poll add-on offered with your contact form plugin, however, you don’t need to connect another dependency to your WordPress website, plus it’s easy to leverage the power of the default contact form settings. So which way do you think is the most effective?

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