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Gutenberg Gets Closer, AMP Plugin Gets Better, Pirate Forms Joins WPForms ?️ October 2018 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP

How to Add Rich Snippets to Your WordPress Site (The Easy Way)

Looking good in search engines is something we all should care about. Rich snippets help your site stand out with eye-catching additions to the organic search results. Okay, but how do you add the rich snippets to your site and, importantly, where? The guys at Flothemes will tell you the solution.

How Spam Filtering Works: From SPF to DKIM to Blacklists

We often hear about spam filtering, but how many of us actually know what’s happening under the hood? That is, what causes emails to go to spam? This is the question that the guys at Delicious Brains aim to answer. Blacklists, getting hacked, IP addresses… it’s all explained.

WordPress Image Sizes: a Ticking Time BOMB?

How many images on WordPress is too many? I mean, you might have a dedicated VPN and unlimited disk space, but is it really unlimited? This is an interesting read by on how uploading images of various sizes can considerably slow down your website. I mean, where could having thousands of images/files on your server lead to eventually?

How do you start unit testing existing WordPress code?

Is your code not working? Probably one of the problems is that you’re testing it all at once instead of breaking it into pieces and solving one issue at a time. Here’s a nice guide that shows you how to make your code work (and know why it works too).

How to Create a Quora Marketing Strategy for Your Business

There are lots of ways that you can market your site, but did you ever try Quora? At first sight, it might not look like a very appealing platform to promote your brand, but there are actually several ways to make it work your goals. Here’s a comprehensive piece of advice on how to use Quora to its full potential.

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