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Free WordPress Photography Themes – Portfolio for Photographers

Nothing beats a good and uplifting photograph as a WordPress theme, especially if it is free and plays a key part in narrating or putting your message through effectively. No matter how captivating your photographs may be, they would fail to create a powerful impact if the theme of your website does not do justice to them. Whether you are a wildlife photographer, who just loves clicking pictures of Mother Nature or a wedding photographer who likes capturing soulful moments, there are numerous photography themes available online to help you kick-start your business! Being a photographer, you need to find a theme that brings your pictures into the limelight without being too overpowering.

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Setting up a professional photography website has never been so easy, and the credit goes to the boom in digital photography and portfolios in the recent years that have provided enhanced options for creativity. Sure, easy navigation options and a flexible UI design are some of the key components that can make or break your image, but the more important aspect today is the way your work is portrayed online. An appropriate theme can help you uplift your pictures and add depth to your content, making it a lot more impactful!

Best Free WordPress Photography Themes

If you have finally decided to showcase your work to the masses, it is time to dig deep and come up with a WordPress photography theme that will help you amplify your message. Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of more than 40 FREE WordPress photography themes to help you get started!


A solid photography theme should offer an optimum balance between providing an engaging plan yet allowing the picture to itself do the talking! Fotography does just that with its outstanding design and functional layout. This outstanding theme does not overpower your pictures, instead, it beautifully frames your work, bringing it into the spotlight! It offers a modern design that helps keep the posts organized and well structured.

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Looking for an all-rounder theme that incorporates advanced features as well as a responsive layout? Look no further than Photobook! This fantastic theme offers a huge number of customization options and built-in widgets to help you build your website from scratch. In addition to that, it offers a consolidated menu along with a large header image to showcase your best work! The drag and drop interface makes styling your website a breeze.

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Looking for a modern photography theme to showcase your work? Electa comes with a stunning grid to showcase your work in an elegant manner. This mobile-responsive theme offers a number of options to help you showcase your work in the best manner and streamline the buying process. With a clean layout, your fans can access all the important pages with ease.

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Photo Perfect

Photo Perfect is an outstanding WordPress theme that delivers an incredible and immersive layout to help you build an awesome portfolio in an effortless manner. The exciting part about this theme is that you get a centralized header, which contains a category navigation area as well as a consolidated menu. You have all your options right in front of your eyes and not pushed away in a corner.

The header allows you to upload high-resolution work or promotional banners so that the visitors will know more about your recent work and updates. The header also has a place set for overlaying text, where you can paste a logo or more cunningly, lure in your visitors with catchy call-to-actions. Custom colors and threaded comments come embedded within the theme to make your work more professional when posting online.

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Photozoom is another elegant WordPress theme that showcases minimal design, giving you more room for your creativity to shine through. Best suited for photographers and painters, Photozoom comes with two simple minimalistic color styles and a responsive layout, so that nothing overpowers your purpose. It works well with all the devices and helps you bring your work into the limelight. You even have the option to split the header or keep it in the center. All in all, if minimalism is your forte, this theme will work out well for you.

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Photographer is an amazing one-page WordPress theme for those photographers who would like to compile a professional portfolio without making it overly complex for their fans. It offers a highly responsive design and is compatible with any web browser, which makes it easy to navigate. The name is chosen smartly to showcase the work like a showreel. The best part is that you can get this outstanding theme for free, so you are more likely to get your site up and running in minimal time.

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Hitchcock is yet another simple theme that will suit all types of photographers and creative minds. The theme embeds social media icons on top so that you can immediately get your visitors to follow you. The design allows you to modify any and every aspect of the theme to help you add a personalized touch to your website. Some of the salient features include search field navigation, mobile menu, translation-ready codes, responsiveness, etc.

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Looking for a fast-loading theme for your photography website? Moesia is a multi-purpose theme that offers secure coding, intuitive options and a huge amount of space for you to get creative and turn your passion for photography into a mainstream business. Moesia offers a cutting-edge design with front-page blocks, parallax background, live customizer and much more to engage the masses.

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This beautiful and free WordPress photography theme comes with a classic navigation bar and a highly responsive menu. The center-image design helps bring your work into the spotlight. The theme comes with extensive documentation files, a theme customizer, widget areas and several icons and fonts among other things. This fantastic theme is perfect for adventure-seeking photographers.

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If you want to show your artwork like it was displayed in a non-symmetric gallery, Ignis is the theme you are looking for. It helps to turn your unique pictures into a modern art gallery, which provides support to Jetpack’s portfolio. Not just images, but this theme helps you tell a story with pictures, so it is accompanied with a blog as well to help you document your story. Ignis is a versatile and flexible WordPress theme that offers you header media options, google fonts, translation-ready pages and a lot more to help you build an effective portfolio.

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Hatch is a modern yet simple free WordPress theme, designed to make every pixel look perfect in its own frame. The theme is pre-optimized for fast page loading, with minimal coding and a simple image-centric design. It is a fully secure, cross-browser compatible website with a custom header, advanced widgets, and matching styles for contact form plugins.

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Acme Photo

While you can use Acme Photo for literally anything, this theme will make for a stunning portfolio. Being one of the most popular WordPress themes to date, Acme Photo offers creativity with its endless options and a masonry layout. In addition to that, it offers a beautiful featured section, countless customization options, all the while operating at lightning fast speed. With options for social media integration, this modern and elegant theme will help you in building a huge fan base!

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Infinite Photography

Infinite photography is a highly responsive and professional WordPress Galleria theme to help you compile a beautiful album of breathtaking memories. Compatible with all major web browsers, it offers plenty of customizations choices, sidebar options, category layouts etc. Most of all, it turns your ordinary pictures into in-demand masterpieces!

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The most prominent feature of this free WordPress theme is the big slider in the center of the Home Page to help you bring your featured work into the spotlight. It is perfect for photographers who like keeping the background simple in order to present their latest work of art in an exclusive manner. BiancaA’s prized features include multiple layouts and a responsive design. It can also be turned into an exclusive blog… all you need to do is focus on the content!

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Photo Grid

No other theme can match the cool and modern appeal of Photo Grid. This theme is packed with amazing features to help you put forth an outstanding online portfolio. Whether it is a unique portrait you’ve captured or some abstract art that you cannot wait to put online, Photo Grid makes sure that it gets the exposure you desire. With a drop-down menu, several theme options, cross-browser compatibility, and highly responsive design, Photo Grid will prove to be an ideal theme for professional photographers!

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Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery offers you an opportunity to showcase your work in an elegant and dreamy fashion. With a sleek design and a menu on the left-hand side, it makes navigation a breeze. This free WordPress theme also features an elegant lightbox to showcase your most recent works. Moreover, it offers built-in widgets, 6 customizable layouts and is even social media friendly.

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Wedding Photos

It might not get more exclusive than this. Wedding Photos highlights your best masterpiece and drags it into the spotlight. This free WordPress theme is specifically designed for photography agencies, bloggers, wedding enthusiasts, and event planners. The ultra-clean and highly responsive design with countless features, a Contact Us and Gallery template as well as widgets and sidebars make this theme a dream installation.

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Just by looking at the theme, you will understand why it will fit perfectly with your aspirations. Painting a blank canvas is not the only thing you may consider art, digital photography is art too, and this theme explains it well. With a drag and drop page builder, Woo Commerce compatibility, multi-color options and a highly responsive interface, Nikkon, through its modern yet sleek outlook, makes your pictures stand out.

nikkon free photography theme


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You can portray all your work with Orvis, whether it is your love for food, adventure-filled trips around the world or pictures of Mother Nature at its best. Orvis is a simple theme with a lot of potential to leave a lasting impression. This theme shuts the background, emphasizing on your work in order to bring out its true potential. You will have multiple layout options to choose from along with interesting color schemes. It also helps you feature images at not just one, but several places, including the pages archived.


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This is another simple yet classy WordPress theme that is perfect for photographers who want to build a solid online portfolio. The lightweight interface, SEO friendly layout, custom background options, image-centric design, and custom logo options make it an ideal theme for photographers. It is built on the Bootstrap grid system and also supports Jetpack.

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Tography Lite

Getting to know your inner strengths and profiting on them is everyone’s dream. Probably, that is why Tography Lite is one of the best and top-rated free WordPress themes for passionate photographers. This outstanding theme offers a simple user interface, which makes portfolio creation a breeze! With a unique and simple style, Tography Lite will highlight your work beautifully, allowing you to stand out from your competitors!

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IH Photographer

IH Photographer is packed with a massive amount of features and options, giving you maximum control over your website. This theme is perfect for photographers that would like to keep the background simple in order to draw maximum attention to their work. You can also engage your audience and encourage them to interact with you by adding a comments section to each picture and plenty of other tabs for other purposes.

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Nikko Portfolio

By the looks of it, Nikki Portfolio seems to be a feminine theme, and it is! However, there is no reason a man can’t use this theme, as they can still make their photographs shine with the light and elegant background that speaks loads about quality! It is a fully flexible, highly responsive, and a fast-loading theme. You can also use this theme to create an e-Commerce website. It is secure and highly optimized, and offers multiple layout options and color selections. You can even add a blog to document your story and add depth to your visual content.

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Photo Session

With a very casual, modern and unique design, this free WordPress theme offers simplicity and creativity in its interface, in addition to what you will bring to the table. With a gigantic full-screen slider and a unique menu, you are all set to take your love for photography to the next level.

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Aperture is a theme that can turn your occasional love for photography into a mainstream photography business. With a huge full-screen slider and a vast variety of features, you can easily organize your photos, attract the visitors and make your portfolio shine!

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It is unique, modern and what you exactly need to establish your online portfolio. Ideal for photographers belonging to the fashion industry, Fotografie is a highly responsive and attractive theme with a minimalistic design that offers loads of menu options. Moreover, it does not take a long time to load your pictures, which is a huge plus! This outstanding theme can help you turn your passion into a profession that inspires the masses!

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Gallery Press

It is a modern, single-page, free WordPress theme that gives you more room to display your creativity. The menu option is a faded bar, overlapping an inch or two from the top, making the design simple and unique. With this theme, no photograph of yours will appear too bright or too colorful, thanks to the overall theme color that covers the page with a shadow until you open a specific image. It is a fast-loading theme that offers beautiful typography, drop-down menu options and responsive navigation.

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With a unique and clean design, Phlox is not your average photography theme! With its menu pushed to the right-hand side and a number of sub-categories, you can kick-start your photography website by creating a high-end portfolio of amazing photographs. Offering over 8 image layouts, easy integration along with Google Analytics options, there is nothing that this theme cannot do!

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As the name suggests, this modern and elegant theme is specially created for professional photographers. The color scheme and design make it suitable for photographers who want nothing else in the frame except for their work. Offering a full-page layout as well as masonry design, this highly responsive theme offers a switch between a normal and an icon menu, cross-browser compatibility, sidebar and widget options, social icons, breadcrumb options, background image options and so much more to help you build a solid online presence.


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This is a modern WordPress theme that speaks nothing short of elegance and sophistication. The black-and-white outlook helps you keep it simple whilst allowing you to highlight your main artwork. The website is ultra-retina friendly, therefore it adapts to the viewing environment. With cross-browser compatibility, an easy to use customizer and other various customization options, you will never want to look back! The fast-loading time and SEO friendliness with markup make it all the more worth it!

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This free WordPress theme is known for its high efficiency and customizability, header layouts, and custom header image options. With minimal front-end weight, it turns the task of compiling a bunch of images online into a seamless endeavor. Sidespied is highly responsive and offers ease of navigation, allowing you to stand out from your competitors!

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Pictorico is a beautiful, fun and elegant WordPress theme that allows you to turn your journeys into interesting stories for people who are looking for inspiration. Your snaps from your tourist adventures can give people something to talk about and inspire them. It offers a grid-based, single-column portfolio with a post slider and a number of customization options, making it the perfect option for photographers!

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Minimalist Portfolio

Minimalist Portfolio is a highly sophisticated and elegant WordPress theme that helps you put your best foot forward! The modern and attractive design allows you to showcase your work in an intriguing manner. It helps you categorize your portfolio into various sections, so all your posts are organized and well structured.

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Are you looking for a vibrant theme that will bring your photographs to life? Make is a free WordPress theme that adds depth to your content through its unique and modern design. The white background keeps it simple while other customization options allow you to make an impactful portfolio. With many customizable features, along with a fully responsive design, flexible header, featured images section, footer widgets, and multiple column options, Make offers complete flexibility and control over your website.

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Virtue Theme

This free WordPress theme actually offers great versatility to passionate photographers willing to create a stunning online portfolio. It offers a striking and beautiful design that frames your content beautifully. You can create anything from a highly professional portfolio to a specialized gallery catering to a particular audience. It is mobile friendly, fully responsive, fast, and translation ready.

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Photography is not just a profession but a passion for many. Your ability to speak through your creativity should not go unnoticed! Browse through these themes to find the ideal one and use your creativity and passion to take the world by storm!

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