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DE{CODE} 2022 Available to Stream Now

If you are kicking yourself because you missed WP Engine’s developer-focused conference DE{CODE} you are in luck! All 19 expert-led talks are available to stream now!

If you already registered for the event, simply login to view all of the sessions.

Attempting to reach even more people, this year’s conference took place in three different time zones. The day consisted of a variety of talks from industry experts that focused on topics ranging from headless WordPress to eCommerce.

Each talk focused on how to make your site more powerful and reach more people.

The Power of the WordPress Developer

The first keynote, delivered by WP Engine founder and CTO Jason Cohen, looked at the power of the WordPress developer.

Screenshot of Jason Cohen preforming his talk at DECODE

“Making publishers happy is what WordPress developers have a well-earned reputation for doing,” Cohen said. “You’ve mastered what every publisher needs. Those needs haven’t changed, they’ve just accelerated.”

WordPress developers are incredibly flexible and creative by nature, having to adapt constantly. To continue to stay relevant, Cohen suggested focusing on adaptive digital experiences in 2022. Consumers want a site that knows them without even having to log in. WordPress can make these experiences possible.

“There is a shift of thinking of web pages not as an entire page, but about each component,” Cohen said. “As a WordPress developer, you already understand so much of the world. The trick is to bring in this new technology so you’re not left behind…Keep growing, keep learning, and this year will be your best year as a WordPress developer.”

The WordPress Developer Relations Team

Another notable talk was held by WP Engine’s Principal Developer Advocate, Brian Gardner. Called “Be The Change,” Gardner walked through the newly formed Developer Relations Team at WP Engine. Having been in WordPress a long time, Gardner understands the trepidation that comes with new features.

Brian Gardner giving his talk at DECODE

He specifically looked at the upcoming WordPress 6.0 release and Full Site Editing. Because some have been nervous about this change Gardner started a new team at WP Engine to talk with developers about embracing and utilizing FSE to its fullest.

“We want to have open dialogue with WordPress users, customers, and our agency partners to better understand the pain points with the changes to WordPress,” Gardner said.

Other Notable Moments

These are just two of the educational talks you can stream for free now. Learn about Atlas, website monitoring, eCommerce, and Local from experts in the field.

One thing was ever-present, the power of WordPress. Looking back on an incredibly rough year, WordPress and the community prevailed.

The CMS takes a bigger chunk of the web every year and it’s all due to the strength and creativity of the people who work tirelessly to make it better. Here’s to another incredible year!

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