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Daily Backups, Security, Premium Themes + More

Tired of wasting time trying to manage your WordPress site? Security, backups, weird formatting in your posts…it’s a pain to deal with.

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CyberChimps Prime is a subscription service that aims to make your life easier by bundling all of those areas, plus access to 60+ premium themes, into one package.

Keep reading my CyberChimps Prime review to learn more about how this service works…

Ok, so let’s go through the actual meat of what you get with CyberChimps Prime. Then, I’ll show you how it all works on my own site.

First, you get two essential WordPress maintenance features:

For backups, CyberChimps Prime will automatically back up your site every day to a secure location.

Then, to help keep you from ever needing to use your backup in the first place, CyberChimps Prime also comes with malware security scanning, as well as login hardening and a firewall.

So those two things keep your site humming along smoothly. But there’s also more to the subscription.

You also get access to all 60+ of CyberChimps’ existing premium themes, as well as any new premium themes that they add. Many of these themes are niche-specific, which makes this is a great value if you build sites for clients. Additionally, you can use the themes on unlimited sites.

Finally, you get premium support, which can help you with basic formatting and style issues for any of CyberChimps’ themes.

Who Is CyberChimps Prime For?

When I first read the description of CyberChimp Prime’s feature list, my immediate thought was that this sounds like a good deal for a WordPress developer who wants to:

  • Get access to security and backups for their personal portfolio site
  • Use the 60+ included premium themes to build websites for clients

After talking with the CyberChimps team, they confirmed that that is indeed their current target.

Right now, the service is mainly built for WordPress developers and small businesses who like the security/backups and access to a variety of niche themes.

They also did mention that they have plans to increase the number of sites that you can apply backups/security to. If they did that, it could morph into more of an all-in-one platform where you can also use the backups and security scanning to manage client sites.

A Look At Some Of The 60+ Premium Themes That You Get Access To

As I mentioned above, CyberChimps offers themes for a variety of different niches, which is part of what makes the service so valuable if you’re developing lots of different sites for clients.

At a high level, CyberChimps divides its themes into the following sections:

  • Popular
  • Blog
  • WooCommerce
  • Business
  • Magazine
  • One Page
  • Portfolio
  • Other

This allows you to quickly select the broad type of theme that you want.

Then, each theme’s description can help you further drill-down to find the exact theme that you want.

For example, if you’re creating a travel blog and want a nice one-page home page, you could first filter out the One Page category. Then, you could look at the descriptions and – what do you know – you can see that Travtale offers the exact one-page travel WordPress theme looks that you need:

cyberchimps prime review theme list

Now, I’m not going to list out every single theme that’s available to you, but here’s a quick run-down of some of the niche themes that you’ll be able to access as part of your CyberChimps Prime membership:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Interior design
  • Real estate
  • Legal
  • …plenty more

Beyond other niches, there are also plenty of multipurpose offerings that you can adapt to your needs.

For example, here’s a look at the Happy Thoughts theme, which offers a unique homepage style that you can use for a ton of different niches

happythoughts theme

To actually use any of these themes, you’ll be able to download any theme from the Downloads tab of the CyberChimps Members Area once you’ve signed up for your CyberChimps Prime membership:

download themes

If you want to see more details on just the theme part of the equation, you can check out our older review of the CyberChimps Club membership plan. This plan is still available for $129 per year, but it only gets you access to the premium themes – no backups or security.

Hands-on With CyberChimps Prime

Ok, now that I’ve told you what it does and shown you which themes you get access to, let’s go hands-on with this CyberChimps Prime review and I’ll show you how it actually works on my test server.

There’s not really a ton to configure, so this section will be pretty brief.

To activate the backups and protection on your website, you’ll use the CyberChimps Prime Protection plugin, which you can download from the Downloads tab of your CyberChimp Members Area (the same area that you saw above that houses all of the themes).

Once you activate that plugin on your site, you might need to wait up to 48 hours for the backup and security services to start working. Then, you’ll be able to view details for your backups/security in the Dashboard tab of your CyberChimps Members Area.

At the top, you get a look at your backup details, including:

  • Most recent backup date
  • Upcoming backup date
  • A summary of the files/database information that was backed up


Then, below that, you can see a look at whether or not the security scanning has found any malware:


Unfortunately, this area is not super detailed, and you can’t really see the underlying data about what’s going on with your site’s security. But it is nice for a quick look at exactly what’s happening on your site.

If you’d like to restore your site from one of your backups, you can reach out to CyberChimps Prime’s support team. Speaking of…

CyberChimps Priority Support

Beyond the themes, backups, and malware scanning, CyberChimps Prime also offers access to premium support. This support won’t do everything, but it can help you get more from your CyberChimps themes. Support can help you:

  • Make simple CSS tweaks
  • Fix alignment issues
  • Make minor HTML tweaks
  • Import demo content
  • Remotely troubleshoot issues

The support will not be your own private WordPress developer (nor would it be fair to expect that). But it can help you out with a lot of the little stuff. Here are some examples of what type of requests are and are not supported:


It’s important to note that you only get this premium support for one website.

CyberChimps Prime Pricing: What’s It Gonna Cost?

For access to ongoing daily backups and security, plus all of CyberChimps’ themes and priority support, the list price is $49 per month.

However, for an unspecified amount of time, you can get access to CyberChimps Prime for life for just $9 per month. That is, you’re locking in the $9 per month price for as long as you keep using CyberChimps Prime.

I’m not sure how long that offer will be available. But right now, that’s a super great value. CyberChimps Club – the membership plan that only gets you access to the themes – already costs $129 per year ($10.75 per month).

So you’re essentially getting access to more functionality (daily backups, security, premium support) for a lower price.

Final Thoughts On CyberChimps Prime

As I mentioned above, I think CyberChimps Prime is really going after a specific type of user with its pricing structure.

If you build lots of WordPress sites and have a main portfolio site that you want to keep secure with backups and malware scanning, CyberChimps Prime could offer a lot of value to you.

The service itself is super simple to use, though I’d like to see them add more control when it comes to managing and viewing information for the daily backups and malware scanning.

However, if you don’t need that extra information, the value is definitely there. Click below to check it out:

Get CyberChimps Prime

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