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Create a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

Want to start your own dropshipping store powered by WooCommerce?

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WooCommerce is the world’s most popular way to create an eCommerce store, and with the AliDropship Woo plugin that we’re going to review today, you’ll be able to automatically import products from AliExpress, sell them via WooCommerce, and then handle fulfillment on AliExpress with the click of a button.

In this AliDropship Woo review, we’ll first share more about this plugin’s features. Then, we’ll take you hands-on and show you exactly how everything works.

Note – there’s also a standalone version of AliDropship that doesn’t require WooCommerce. You can check out our standalone AliDropship review if you’re interested in that approach.

AliDropship Woo Review: The Features

AliDropship Woo slots into your WooCommerce store to help you handle dropshipping via AliExpress.

To do that, AliDropship Woo offers three core features.

First, you can import products from AliExpress with the click of a button, including plenty of flexibility to manage prices, images, and other product details.

Beyond that, you can also import reviews to go along with those products to add some social proof.

Once you’ve imported products, AliDropship Woo will automatically keep those updated with the AliExpress supplier to make sure that their price and stock status are always in sync (you can even create automatic markup formulas so that you always get the same markup, even if the price changes on AliExpress).

Finally, once someone places an order for a product through WooCommerce, AliDropship Woo makes fulfillment super easy by pre-filling in all the order/shipping details in AliExpress. Literally all you need to do is click a single button to confirm the order and finish fulfillment. One nice benefit here is that you can also benefit from the AliExpress cashback/affilate scheme, which gets you 8% back.

From there, AliDropship Woo can check for tracking updates from AliExpress and send them to your customers via email.

AliDropship Woo Pricing

AliDropship Woo costs $89 for just the plugin.

This price also includes the standalone version of the plugin that I mentioned in the intro. So if you change your mind about which one you’d like to use, you’ll always have access to both.

Additionally, that price gets you lifetime support and updates.

AliDropship Woo Themes

Beyond the plugin itself, AliDropship also has a dedicated WooCommerce theme that’s free. The design looks pretty great – especially the slide-out cart and checkout system. You can view the full demo here:

AliDropship theme

Hands-on With AliDropship Woo: Creating a Store

Once you install and activate the AliDropship Woo plugin, you’ll get a new AliDropship Woo area in your WordPress dashboard, in addition to all of the regular WooCommerce options. Clicking on it will expand the list of all the AliDropship Woo options and hide the other menu items:

alidropship woo review

To get started, you’ll probably want to import some products from AliExpress.

How to Import Products from AliExpress

AliDropship Woo gives you two different ways to import AliExpress products to your site.

First, you can import products from a curated set of products powered by DropshipMe, which is a plugin from the same developer (see our DropshipMe review here).

Second, you can use the AliDropship Chrome browser extension to import products straight from the regular AliExpress site, which is what I’ll use for this review.

To get started, you’ll need to install the Chrome extension and connect it to your WordPress site, which just takes a couple of clicks.

Then, when you browse products on AliExpress, you’ll get a new toolbar at the top that lets you import products.

First, you can quick-import a product by choosing a WooCommerce category and clicking the import button:

import products

Or, you can click that Edit button to open a popup that lets you edit product details right there. You can edit:

  • Titles and descriptions
  • Prices
  • Images
  • Variations

product editor

The product editor is pretty detailed. For example, if you go to edit images, you’ll actually get a built-in image editor that you can use to clean up product images before importing them.

You can see how I’m able to erase the logo in the picture:

image editor

Once you’re finished making edits, you can either Publish the product right away (it’s live on your site) or you can add it to your Import List (it’s saved as a draft in your WordPress dashboard).

You can access your import list from the new Import List product status in the regular WooCommerce products area:

import list

If you want to edit product details in your WordPress dashboard, you’ll use the regular WooCommerce Product data box.

However, AliDropship Woo adds some extra options here that let you:

  • Manually update supplier information
  • Choose how to update product details (AliDropship Woo does this automatically by default)
  • Import product reviews from AliExpress

For example, the Update area lets you configure how the automatic updates work for price and stock status:

product data options

And the Reviews area lets you import reviews for that product, including options to restrict which reviews to import, and even automatically translate reviews into a certain language:

import reviews

You can also bulk import reviews for multiple products by going to AliExpress → Import Reviews.

How to Configure AliDropship Woo Settings

In addition to using the regular WooCommerce settings, AliDropship Woo also adds a few extra options in its Settings area.

Here, you can:

  • Enable the built-in currency switcher
  • Create your own automatic pricing formulas to apply to products to give you a consistent markup
  • Control how product attributes/variants work, like an option to display colors as swatches instead of text

Here’s what the Pricing formula area looks like:

alidropship woo settings

That’s pretty much it for setting up your store. Next, I’ll show you how the order/fulfillment process works.

How to Manage and Fulfill Orders

Because AliDropship Woo is based on WooCommerce, you’ll use all the regular WooCommerce options to configure your checkout and payment gateways. The only difference is in what happens after someone places an order.

Once a new order comes in, you can see it in the regular WooCommerce Orders area:

Clicking on it opens the regular order details, but with a couple of important additions in the Order actions box:

  • Place order automatically – have AliDropship Woo automatically fill in the product details on AliExpress (I’ll show you how it works)
  • Get Tracking – pull in tracking details from AliExpress

Clicking on Place order automatically opens a popup that shows you the details:

Then, AliDropship Woo will actually take you to the regular AliExpress website and, as long as you have the AliDropship browser extension installed, it will automatically add the relevant product(s) to your cart and fill in all the customer shipping details.

Literally all you need to do is click Confirm & Pay in AliExpress’ interface to finish the order – you don’t need to fill in any information by yourself:


And that’s how AliDropship Woo helps automate fulfillment for you!

Final Thoughts on AliDropship Woo

AliDropship Woo offers a great way to get started with dropshipping on WordPress.

You’ll still be able to use all the regular WooCommerce functionality and extensions, but you’ll benefit from having AliDropship Woo there to help you:

  • Import products and reviews from AliExpress with the click of a button
  • Keep product details synced between your store and the AliExpress supplier
  • Fulfill orders with the click of a button by auto-filling in the relevant information at AliExpress

And you also get some other helpful features, like the built-in currency switcher and pricing markup formulas.

Get AliDropship Woo

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use WooCommerce, there’s also a standalone version of this plugin that handles everything for you – including adding eCommerce functionality. Check out our standalone AliDropship review if that interests you.

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