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Best Tech Comics of 2020 (Part 2) w/ CodeinWP … #Influencers #Hosting #Marketing

Heya, ?

Welcome to the second tech comics roundup of 2020! That’s right; we’ve got more comics. In fact, we’ve been working on comics ever since we published the previous roundup back in May. Most of the credit goes to our artist-in-residence, Joao Santos, who spends his time trawling the internet so he can bring you a fresh perspective on developments in the tech-sphere. So, what caught his eye over the past few months?

In this batch, we consider three micro-economies: renewals, influencers, and exposure. We also go undercover to reveal the unique speech of marketers and designers. And, if you like household chores, and who doesn’t, we have a developer’s take on washing dishes – because why not.

And, of course, if you’re feeling mystical, we have some new tarot of the internet.

But these represent a small slice of our tech comics; if you’d like a regular fix, we post weekly comics on Instagram. I think that’s enough jabber from me, let’s dive into the best tech comics of 2020 – part 2!

Best tech comics of 2020 (part 2) with CodeinWP: on influencers, hosting, and marketing

Best tech comics of 2020 (part 2) with CodeinWP: on #influencers, #hosting, and #marketing ?

With fine print like that, who needs enemies?

A joke about the fine print involved in web hosting

When building a site, funds disappear not in a flash but in a chain reaction of renewals.

In marketing, clients can’t hear you scream

Digital marketers expressing support in their own way

This is what happens when you get lost in the fog of engagement.

It’s all Lorem Ipsum to me

Comic with two designers using the language of their profession

Sometimes, you just need a placeholder for your corporeal form.

Life’s eternal question

Why does my code work is a classic joke in comic form

Now, just comment your code with well wishes and move to a new country.

I wouldn’t share on MySpace for less than a free lunch

Tech comics about influencers

The two principles of the influencer economy: Smoke and Mirrors.

Everyone wants a piece of that free lunch

A joke about doing hours of work for exposure

And he’d probably try and skip out on that bill too.

Everyone knows you can’t bubble-sort your dishes

What is it like to live with a developer?

At least you got there before he started to use bash.

The custom hit job

Tech comic on the difference between custom and pre-made WordPress themes

The “getting-a-new-boat” business model in action.

True developers skip the blocks altogether

One of our favorite tech comics concerning the A,B,Cs of development

Languages are the real building blocks of brilliance.

Bonus: Tarot of the internet

Tarot of the internet looking at IT support heroes and dumb luck

Sometimes success is only a reboot away.

Tech comics version of the tarot: Wayback Machine and WordCamp 2020

Are you telling me you made a time machine? Out of web pages?

Well, that’s the end of this year’s roundup of tech comics. But, there’s plenty more where these came from; we have a full archive of tech comics and we publish tech comics weekly on Instagram. Do you have an idea for a comic? You can share your take in the comments below. We share all of the ideas with our artist to see what magic he can conjure up.

In the meantime, we will continue to publish our favorite tech comics in articles every few months. We look forward to seeing you again!

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