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9 Best B2B Plugins for WooCommerce 2024 (Free + Paid)

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce B2B plugin? Do you want to create a B2B online store? If yes, then you’re in the right place. 

Making big sales can make your business grow, but it’s tricky to set different prices for lots of things at once in WooCommerce. That’s where the WooCommerce B2B plugin comes in handy. 

Besides, these plugins help you add different prices to your online store for big buyers. It also allows you to implement features like bulk discounts and minimum order requirements.

So, in this article, we’ve made a list of the best B2B plugins for WooCommerce. Take a look and pick the one that fits what you need. 

Now, let’s get started!

What is B2B in WooCommerce?

First things first, let’s understand what B2B (Business to Business) is all about.

When you have a store, instead of selling to individual shoppers, you’re selling in big batches to other businesses. That’s what we call B2B shopping.

What is WooCommerce B2B PluginWhat is WooCommerce B2B Plugin
What is a WooCommerce B2B Plugin

Moreover, B2B in WooCommerce means selling things from one business to another using an online store. It’s like when a shop sells lots of items to another shop to help them run their business better.

With B2B in WooCommerce, businesses can buy things at different prices, like when they buy a lot at once. It helps businesses work together online, making it easier for them to get what they need and sell their products.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of B2B plugins for WooCommerce.

  • You can make prices change based on how much a big buyer is getting. It’s like getting a discount when you buy a lot.
  • Also can help businesses order lots of products all at once, making it quick and easy.
  • B2B plugins let you decide who can do what in your store. It’s like having different jobs for different people, such as a boss, helper, etc.
  • Also, it can help you discuss prices and make offers to businesses.
  • Lastly, B2B plugins help keep all the important information of your online store safe. 

Having said that, let’s see how to choose the best B2B plugins for WooCommerce. 

How to Choose the Best WooCommerce B2B Plugin?

Before moving toward the list, there are a few things to consider. The points below are those factors you must keep in mind while selecting among the best B2B plugins for WooCommerce.

  • Consider factors like order volume, customer roles, and unique features of the plugin.
  • Ensure selected plugins seamlessly integrate with existing WooCommerce setup.
  • Check if it lets you customize pricing models and order processes to your business needs.
  • Choose a plugin that helps keep your business information and transactions safe and secure.
  • Look for a plugin that gets updates so it can keep helping your business even as things change.
  • Lastly, consider ratings to make informed decisions about potential plugins.

Besides that, it’s important to pick a plugin by looking at its prices, support options, and more.

To know these points in detail, check out our article on how to choose a WordPress plugin.

9 Best B2B Plugins for WooCommerce in 2024

Now, let’s look at the best WooCommerce B2B plugin. We’ve here different free and paid plugins that fit your different needs. So, go through them and precisely select one.

1. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

With the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin, you can add wholesale to your online store. It provides a hidden area that only wholesale users can see. And the wholesale area will have wholesale registration, roles, B2B discounts, and quick order forms.

WooCommerce Wholesale ProWooCommerce Wholesale Pro
WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

Additionally, with quick order form features, choose to use the order form layout in your public shop, wholesale area, or everywhere. As well as it enables the order form layout using the shortcode to insert product tables anywhere.

Key Features of WooCommerce Wholesale Pro:

  • Create unlimited wholesale roles, each with its own pricing. 
  • You can set global or category percentage discounts and wholesale prices for individual products. 
  • Add wholesale users manually or quickly convert existing customer accounts. 
  • Ability to control who sees product categories, taxes, coupons, payment & shipping options.
  • You can also create a wholesale-only store, or run a private wholesale store along with an existing public shop.


The Wholesale Pro premium B2B plugin comes with 2 pricing plans from its official website. 

  • Single Site plan: Cost $99 per year and comes with unlimited wholesale roles and wholesale registration, etc.
  • 5 Sites Plan: Costs $179 per year and includes flexible pricing options with global, category, and product discounts. 
  • 20 Sites Plan: Costs $399 per year with control access to product categories, payment, shopping options, coupons, and taxes. 

However, if you want then you can get the two plugin bundle plan, which includes Wholesale Pro + Product Table. And, the starting price is $149 for a single site.

2. WholesaleX

WholesaleX is a powerful tool if you use WooCommerce for online shops. This plugin helps you to sell things in big amounts, especially to other businesses. 

WholesaleX WooCommerce PluginWholesaleX WooCommerce Plugin

One of the super cool things about WholesaleX is that it lets you hide the prices from regular visitors. This means when someone just checks out your site, they’ll see the prices later. But, when a business friend logs in, the prices will appear.

Key Features of WholesaleX:

  • You can easily customize rules for personal pricing & discounts with segmentation, targeting, and multi-tier discounts.
  • It has customizable user roles & access levels, with custom discounts to create better customer experiences.
  • Allows limitless bulk ordering with search options with categories & tags, with easy save and add to cart included.
  • You’ll have a WholesaleX wallet with no transaction fees & easy top-up option for seamless payment across the store.
  • Besides, the built-in conversation feature lets customers message you and inquire about products.
  • You can also create a private store with a secure login, and control product/category visibility with just one click.


You can get the WholesaleX plugin for both the free and premium versions. The free version is easily available from the official plugin repository of Or install the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.

And for the premium version, you can get it from the official website with 3 pricing plans.

  • Starter Plan: Costs $129 per year with a license for a single site. However, you need to request add-ons like reCAPTCHA, Wallet, Conversation, Subaccounts, and Bulk Order.
  • Business Plan: Cost $199 per year with a license for 5 sites. It includes everything from the starter plan along with a White Label,
  • Agency Plan: Costs $209 per year with the license for 20 sites. It comes with a White Label, user roles, a registration form builder, email starter tags, and more. 

For more detailed information, check our article on WholesaleX review.

3. B2B for WooCommerce

B2B for WooCommerce is a versatile wholesale solution trusted by numerous customers. It seamlessly optimizes your store for both B2B and B2C customers. Besides, you don’t need a separate store setup.

B2B For WooCommerce PluginB2B For WooCommerce Plugin
B2B For WooCommerce Plugin

Moreover, this plugin comes with tons of robust features for your B2B store. For instance, enabling default registration fields and hiding products and categories based on user roles. Also, hide prices and add-to-cart buttons for guest users, specific users, or specific products.

Key Features of B2B for WooCommerce:

  • You can extend the default registration form to accept B2B registrations.
  • Customers will have the option to replace the “add to cart” button with a “quote” button.
  • Easily configure different prices for different user roles and set tiered pricing based on user roles & customers.
  • Ability to adjust prices in bulk for specific products and categories.
  • Comes with a built-in tiered/volume pricing feature that allows you to set different prices for different quantities. 
  • Choose to apply role-based pricing on special or standard prices.


B2B for WooCommerce is a premium extension of WooCommerce available on its official website for $14.92 per month, billed annually at $179. It comes with 1 year of support and updates with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

4. B2BKing

B2BKing plugin enhances your WooCommerce store transforming it into a robust B2B marketplace. This plugin empowers your vendors to establish wholesale prices, manage product visibility, implement price tiers, and more.

B2B WooCommerce PluginB2B WooCommerce Plugin
B2B WooCommerce Plugin

With B2BKing, your WooCommerce marketplace becomes a comprehensive platform for B2B transactions. Vendors can establish different price levels for various customers, as well as for each product and each variation. 

Key Features of B2BKing:

  • The bulk discounts and minimum order requirements features help to manage bulk transactions easily.
  • You can easily manage and edit customer data and multiple registration roles.
  • Also, it sends email notifications to vendors and customers with the help of the conversation feature. 
  • Vendors can create special offers available exclusively to special groups or users. 
  • It also allows customers to send quote requests from the cart. 
  • Plus vendors can choose which customers can see the product and catalog with the help of the product and catalog visibility option.


This premium B2B plugin is available for free from the official plugin directory of

It also has a premium version that is available on its official website with 3 pricing plans. 

  • Startup Plan: Costs $139 with the support for a single website and it comes with 139+ features and functions.
  • Pro Plan: Costs $189 with support for 3 websites. It also includes a company credit add-on, Dokan add-on, and WCFM add-on.
  • Developer Plan: Costs $299 with support for an unlimited website and includes everything from the pro plan. Also, it includes a backend white label feature. 

You can check our article on B2BKing review for more detailed information.

5. Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite is the #1 best WooCommerce B2B plugin trusted by 25k+ store owners. This plugin makes it super easy to add wholesale and handle wholesale pricing across multiple user roles. 

Wholesale Suite PluginWholesale Suite Plugin
WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

With Wholesale Suite, you can even hide the “add to cart” button and retail prices with the WooCommerce catalog mode. So, whether you want a separate wholesale store or just want to show off your B2B business online, Wholesale Suite is the one you need. 

Key Features of Wholesale Suite

  • You can control the visibility of wholesale products on your via user roles.
  • Easily add a new customizable user role, ‘B2B Customer’.
  • Works well with other popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce Product Bundles, WPML (WordPress Multilingual), etc.
  • Ability to disable wholesale coupons for wholesale customers. 
  • It allows you to add customizable wholesale order forms.
  • You can easily make a private store or catalog for your Wholesale customers. 


Wholesale Suite is a freemium WordPress B2B plugin., which is available in both free and paid options. For the free plugin, you can download the plugin from the plugin repository.

Moreover, its premium option is the combination of other plugins as a bundle available on its official website.

  • Growth Bundle: Costs $148.50 per year, single site license, plugins like Wholesale Prices premium, Order Form, and Lead Capture.
  • Business Bundle: Costs $298.50 per year, unlimited sites license, all the features of Growth bundle, multisite support, and more.

6. WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B is also the best WooCommerce B2B plugin as well as the complete solution for your business. This plugin offers diverse price lists, quantity discounts, and advanced tax management.

WooCommerce B2B PluginWooCommerce B2B Plugin
WooCommerce B2B Plugin

Also, you can assign different prices to each product based on the customer groups. So you’ll have different prices for in-depth management of your B2B store. Plus you can choose to hide product prices as per your customer groups. 

Key Features of WooCommerce B2B:

  • You can choose whether to show or hide pricing with tax
  • It allows you to add a billing field to your registration form and get more information about your customer. 
  • Also, set different purchase rules like imposing minimum or maximum quantity of products to purchase. 
  • Quick bulk order features to make the bulk order easy and simple with a single click. 
  • With check unpaid order features, it prevents new orders if the customer has a previous unpaid order. 
  • Also, enable/disable quote requests, invoice payments, and purchase orders, according to the shipping method.


This is a premium plugin available to purchase on the marketplace for $99 with 6 months of regular license. Also, you can get the extended 12 months of additional license for an extra $35.25.

7. Whols

Whols plugin is a WooCommerce wholesale prices and WooCommerce B2B store solution. This plugin comes with features that help you easily manage your products, pricing, orders, and shipping.

Whols WooCommerce B2B PluginWhols WooCommerce B2B Plugin
Whols WooCommerce B2B plugin

Moreover, this plugin allows you to show wholesale pricing information on your shop page as well as on the product detail page. This will attract new customers and get them interested in buying products.

Additionally, you can choose to hide the retail price from wholesale customers if you wish.  It’s a great way to ensure that only wholesale customers are able to see the discounted prices.

Key Features of Whols:

  • This plugin allows you to show wholesale pricing info on the shop page as well as the product detail page.
  • Also, customers having wholesale roles assigned can buy products at wholesale prices.
  • Plus, you can disable coupon codes for wholesale customers so only retailers can use them.
  • Ability to add custom or additional fields to the registration form.
  • You can have category-wise product prices for different user roles. 
  • Easily create a wholesale store that is separate from your main WooCommerce store.


You can get this freemium plugin in both the free and premium version. The free version is available to download from the official plugin directory. 

However, you can purchase the premium version from its official website with 3 pricing plans. 

  • Single Website Plan: Costs $79 per year, it comes with wholesale registration, registration field manager, wholesaler request management, etc.
  • 5 Websites Plan: Costs $149 per year and comes with category-wise product price, restricted wholesale store access, and more. 
  • Unlimited Websites Plan: Costs $249 per year and includes disabling coupon codes, visibility of product category, wholesale order type, and so on.

8. WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin helps to maximize your store’s potential whether it’s B2B to B2b+B2C. Besides, this plugin helps to capture wholesale leads, create different pricing, create quick wholesale order forms, and more.

WooCommerce Wholesale SuiteWooCommerce Wholesale Suite
WooCommerce wholesale Suite

That’s not all, it comes with more amazing features for your B2B stores. One of them includes a minimum order option. This feature helps to set minimum, maximum, quantity breaks, and quantity increments by product, and much more. 

Key Features of WooCommerce Wholesale Suite:

  • Easily manage your B2B and D2C (Direct-to-customer) orders in one central place. 
  • Create separate pricing for your wholesale customers on your existing products.
  • No need to duplicate products to offer different pricing sets B2B and B2C.
  • Easily control your stock levels by allocating it to certain user groups.
  • You can set up dynamic shipping rules for each user group in your B2B business.
  • Also, create coupons for retail customers and disable them for B2B customers.


This is a freemium B2B plugin where you can get free and premium versions from its official website. You can simply get started with the free version, and the premium version comes with 3 pricing plans on its official website

  • Basic Plan: Costs $25 per month billed annually for a single site and comes with wholesale pricing, minimum cart requirements, wholesale order form, and more. 
  • Professional Plan: Cost $29 per month, billed annually with everything on the basic plan. Also includes volume discounts, tiered pricing, and more. 
  • All Access Plan: Costs $41.5 per month, billed annually with everything on the professional plan. Also includes BB sale agents, priority support, and access to future plugins. 

9. WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin Bundle

Last but not least, we have WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin Bundle. It’s called a plugin bundle because you’ll receive two plugins on purchase (Members Only and Fees and Discounts.) So create a wholesale or B2B store easily using this plugin.

WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin BundleWooCommerce Wholesale Plugin Bundle
WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin Bundle

Besides, with this plugin, you can decide who can see your products. As well as create multiple pricing levels and choose whether to pre-approve customer registrations or not. 

Additionally, you can restrict access to products and categories by hiding them from certain users. Also, you can display different prices for different users or create client-specific products.

Key Features of WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin Bundle:

  • Create multiple pricing levels, and combine bulk discounts and user role-based pricing.
  • It also allows you to set greater discounts for some customers than others.
  • You can create wholesale areas on your site or make the entire store wholesale.
  • Ability to exclude tax by user role
  • Plus this plugin works well with all the WordPress themes
  • It’s also compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) and other popular multilingual plugins like LocoTranslate.


This premium B2B plugin bundle comes in 2 pricing plans from its official website with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

  • Basic Plan: Costs $89 per year with usage on a single site.
  • Pro Plan: Costs $159 per year with usage on unlimited sites.

If you’re new to creating websites, then check our complete guide on how to create a website from scratch


That’s all for now folks! We’ve come to the end of the list of the best B2B plugins WooCommerce in 2024.

In this article, we’ve mentioned both free and premium B2B plugins. So, select one that meets your needs. As per our recommendation, we will go with WholesaleX, because it’s freemium with affordable prices. As well as exclusive features for various businesses.

But, if any other plugins should be on the list or you’ve any confusion while choosing one. Then, please post a comment, we’ll be glad to be helpful.

Further, you can read some of our blogs on how to change product page layout on wooCommerce and the best free eCommerce themes and templates.

Finally, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Also, make sure to like, comment, and share our posts.

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