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7 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins For 2022

Looking for the best WordPress FAQ plugin for your website? Want to add an FAQ section without hassle?

No problem. We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re rounding up the best WordPress FAQ plugins on the market. Including simple free FAQ plugins to paid FAQ plugins that offer comprehensive support & functionality.

Let’s get started:

The best WordPress FAQ plugins for your website


There are two different types of FAQ plugin to choose from – a dedicated FAQ plugin that is 100% focused on building out FAQ sections. These plugins are typically the most feature-rich and their development roadmap is 100% focused around the core functionality you need.

Alternatively, you can opt for a Gutenberg blocks plugin that comes with a range of different blocks, including an accordion FAQ block.

Here are our top recommendations for each type of FAQ plugin:

  1. Heroic FAQs – The best WordPress FAQ plugin that we’ve tested. This powerful premium plugin has all the features you’ll need to create both simple advanced FAQs that look great. Create your FAQs and add them to your content easily via a dedicated Gutenberg block.
  2. Ultimate Blocks – A popular Gutenberg blocks plugin that includes an accordion FAQ block that is schema-enabled. Free to download via the WordPress plugin repository. Ideal for those who need a simple FAQ plugin.

1. Heroic FAQs

Heroic FAQ

Heroic FAQs is the best WordPress FAQ plugin we have tested. It was created with ease-of-use in mind, and it sure doesn’t hurt that the backend interface is gorgeous and well designed.

From convenient drag-and-drop ordering to being able to edit all your FAQs for your WordPress site on one page – no more clicking back and forth – Heroic FAQs has taken many of the plusses from other WordPress FAQ plugins and incorporated them into their newest offering while avoiding many of the negatives.

There’s no coding knowledge required, and you can use the FAQ editor to make your FAQs look just the way you want them. This means the option to include lists, images, and even videos to improve the user experience can hopefully save on those time-consuming pre-sales and support tickets.

Unlike some WordPress FAQ plugins that force you into using the developer’s styles and make changing the look difficult with coding, Heroic FAQs blends itself into your existing theme, while at the same time being very developer friendly and allowing advanced customization if desired.

It’s mobile-responsive and includes five functional and attractive pre-defined FAQ styles, multiple icon choices, premium support, and animations – including allowing either a toggle or the popular accordion-style expansion.

Pricing ranges from $49/year for one site up to $149/year for a 10-site license – with all options including updates and support for the year.

Price: $49/year and up

2. Ultimate FAQ

ultimate faq WP

Like most WordPress FAQ plugins, Ultimate FAQ allows you to create FAQs and FAQ categories on your WordPress site – unlimited!

You can display them with a variety of styling options on any page, WooCommerce product, or even in your sidebar.

Armed with several unique features, Ultimate FAQ comes with a handy stats dashboard giving you a summary of your FAQ views, while a search form lets users easily search through your questions and answers. The plugin can export your questions and answers to a PDF (to create a user manual, for example) and can also be used with any content that would benefit from an expandable section like recipes or job listings.

Ultimate FAQ has a premium upgrade for $30 which adds more styling and customization options, user submitted FAQs (with optional proposed answers), easy drag-and-drop ordering, and more.

Price: Limited free version or $34.47

3. Ultimate Blocks

ultimate blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugin mainly designed for bloggers who want to create engaging content on their blogs. 

The plugin comes with a Content Toggle block that lets you create clean and beautiful FAQs and add them anywhere on your site. 

The content toggle block is schema-enabled and highly customizable making it ideal for many cases. 

You can create nested accordions for FAQs, add icons to toggles, set container color, change title color, and even set the initial state of the toggle. The content toggle block is also fully responsive. 

It’s very simple to use and being a Gutenberg addon means that you won’t have to play around with shortcodes anymore. Just create and add your FAQs seamlessly to your posts and pages. 

Ultimate Blocks plugin is perfect for adding FAQs to your content as it’s lightweight, SEO friendly, and mobile-responsive. 

If you’re a Gutenberg user already, then you’ll love this plugin even more as it comes with various other content blocks as well. 

Since the plugin is available for free, Ultimate Blocks is the best option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on a plugin for adding FAQs.

Price: Free

4. WP responsive FAQ with category

wp responsive faq WP

The free version of WP responsive FAQ with category comes with the usual functionality like unlimited FAQs, FAQ categories, animations – and it’s easy to incorporate into your site by using the plugin’s shortcode.

WP responsive FAQ with category features search engine friendly URLs, allows for translation, supports a thumbnail image for each FAQ and allows developers total customization through a CSS and JS file.

Each FAQ section can have a custom animation speed set in the shortcode parameters – and you can also choose to limit the number of questions and answered displayed.

WP responsive FAQ with category has a pro version is available for $9 and includes advanced functionality like Visual Composer support, WooCommerce product FAQ support, drag-and-drop reordering, additional designs, animations, and colors – and extra options available when using shortcodes.

Price: Limited free version or $199/year as part of the Essential Plugin Bundle

5. FAQPlus

faqplus WP

FAQPlus is an advanced WordPress FAQ plugin featuring unlimited FAQs, unlimited colors, 25+ animation effects, easy drag-and-drop ordering, Font Awesome support, and more.

FAQs can be added to any WordPress post, page or widget by inserting the provided shortcode. If you use Visual Composer on your website, then FAQPlus is compatible and for the tech-savvy, the FAQs can be styled with custom CSS.

FAQPlus is available from CodeCanyon for $19 and includes future updates and 6 months of support from the developer.

Price: $25

6. Accordion FAQ

accordian faq WP

For an affordable WordPress FAQ plugin that covers all the basics, Accordion FAQ can be purchased at CodeCanyon for $16 – and it comes with future updates.

This plugin features the popular accordion style FAQ display, where answers are hidden by default and expand or contract when the visitor clicks an icon beside the question. You’ll find the basics like unlimited FAQ pages and shortcode support, but also a list-style FAQ option – and the plugin comes with template support and drag-and-drop reordering.

Accordion FAQ is also well documented and translation ready.

Price: $17

7. WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

woocommerce product faq manager WP

Many WordPress FAQ plugins work on WooCommerce product pages, but WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager is a plugin specifically created for this purpose.

In fact, you must have WooCommerce running on your site before you can use this plugin.

WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager touts itself as “zero configuration, just plug and play” so you should have no trouble getting things working. You can create an unlimited number of FAQs for products (with images and/or videos included in the answers) and the Global FAQs function is handy for questions and answers that apply to all products such as those on refund policy, contact information or shipping concerns.

A live FAQ search allows the visitor to type a keyword in the search box, and that keyword then appears highlighted in all questions and answers. Among the other features are an options panel, predefined themes and a theme builder, responsive layout, translation ready, and more.

All in all, if you’re running WooCommerce, this is a featured-rich plugin available at an affordable $21.

Price: $39

Choosing the best WordPress FAQ plugin

When deciding on a WordPress FAQ plugin first think about what it’s being used for, what features you require and whether it’s needed at all.

An FAQ section is perfect for sales and product pages, as well as on blogs that contain a lot of question related material. Using an FAQ plugin to create an FAQ section within your posts and pages allows you to condense your content into digestible sections.

Why would you want an FAQ section on your WordPress website?

If you sell products you probably already get a lot of generic emails asking the same sort of questions – if you have a money back guarantee, what payment methods are available, if your product has this/that feature etc. Responding to each individual can be exhausting.

What an FAQ plugin will do is allow you to add an FAQ section to your products page and answer all these questions under a series of dropdown headers. If you have multiple products, or quite a long list of FAQs you can create an FAQ page and direct people there on your product pages.

What features do you need from your FAQ plugin?

If you want to create FAQs which are simple and basic then WordPress has their own FAQ widget which you can add to posts and pages, and/or your FAQ page.

If you’re looking for more than an FAQ plugin, and need a variety of content blocks for your posts/pages or FAQ page with great functionality and more customization options, however without paying a penny, consider downloading Ultimate Blocks. It’s lightweight, SEO-friendly and mobile responsive.

WP responsive FAQ with category is an excellent alternative if you need a simple yet relatively functional FAQ section.

If you’re looking for a premium FAQ plugin consider Ultimate FAQ plugin or Heroic FAQs as they both come with more styling and customization options.

Which FAQ plugin will you choose for your WordPress website?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.

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