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7 Best Page Builder Plugins For WordPress

Do you want to build beautiful landing pages optimized for your marketing goals?

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of page builders available for WordPress at this point in the industry?

We’re focusing on WordPress page builders in
this post. We’ll be going over each plugin’s editor, content modules, templates
and any additional features they offer.

7 best page builder plugins for

1. Thrive Architect

thrive architect editor

Thrive Architect is an intuitive frontend page builder plugin by Thrive Themes. It’s a premium plugin that works with virtually any WordPress theme. It does not allow you to customize theme elements, such as your header, footer, search page, archive pages or 404 page. This feature is only available in Thrive Theme Builder, which requires a Thrive Themes membership to access.

Thrive Themes itself has an entire suite of
marketing plugins and well-designed WordPress themes.

What are Thrive Architect’s best features?

  • Visual Editor – Thrive Architect is a drag-and-drop page builder that works on the frontend of your site. You can see your changes as they’ll appear on your site in real time.
  • Dozens of Content Modules – From text and heading elements to calls to action, pricing tables and contact forms, this plugin has every content module you need to build optimized landing pages.
  • 330+ Landing Page Templates – Choose from a library of over three hundred landing page templates filled with a wide variety of designs, from simple splash pages to full-on landing pages designed to suit different marketing purposes.
  • Various Style Options – From simple button style selections and font settings to drop-shadow and intricate color settings, Thrive Architect has the style options you need to create custom designs with ease.
  • Complex Sizing Options – This plugin has multiple column layouts to choose from, but you can also resize any column to any width you please. There are also padding and margin settings you can configure for sections, columns and modules.
  • Build Your Own Template Library – Save individual modules, sections or even entire pages as templates, and reuse them later.
  • Thrive Themes Membership | Our Review – You can purchase Thrive Architect on its own, but you can also purchase it as part of Thrive Themes’ membership program. This program grants you access to all of Thrive Themes’ plugins, including Thrive Leads, Thrive Optimize and Thrive Comments.
thrive architect landing page

Thrive Architect pricing

You can purchase a single site license for
Thrive Architect for $67. Support renewals only cost a small fee. Membership
prices start at $90 every three months or $228 every year and can be used on up
to 25 websites. All plans are backed by a hassle-free, 30-day, money-back

2. Elementor

elementor editor

Elementor is a powerful WordPress page builder plugin that comes in free and premium versions. It launched in 2016 and immediately changed the way page builders were designed within the WordPress community with its innovative frontend live editor.

What features does Elementor

  • Visual Editor – Elementor was one of the first page builders to introduce live frontend editing with its intuitive editor and friendly user interface.
  • Dozens of Content Modules – This plugin has enough content modules for you to build beautiful, optimized landing pages. There are even WooCommerce modules and third-party add-ons you can install to gain access to even more modules.
  • 150+ Templates – This editor has over 150 pre-designed templates to choose from if you don’t have an eye for design. Some are even available as “template kits,” which are a set of key website pages (homepage, About page, etc.) that feature uniform designs.
  • Customize Everything – From typography and color settings to on-page photo editing and animations, Elementor has enough style options for you to create amazing designs without CSS.
  • Sizing Options – Configure margin and padding settings for modules, rows and sections. You can even choose different font sizes for different devices.
  • Personal Template Library – You can save anything within the Elementor editor and reuse it on other pages later. This includes modules, styled sections or entire landing pages.
  • Hello Theme – Elementor’s own Hello theme is available to install for free from the WordPress theme directory. It’s the best way to get started with the plugin if you don’t already have a theme, especially if you have Elementor Pro, which grants access to Theme Builder.
  • Theme Builder – Elementor’s Theme Builder tool allows you to customize key theme elements for almost any theme, not just its own theme.
  • Popup Builder – Elementor has a built-in popup tool you can use to create effective popups designed to help you achieve your marketing goals.
elementor landing page

Elementor pricing

You can get started with the basic version of
Elementor for free by installing it from the WordPress plugin directory.
Premium plans start at $49/year for a single site license. A 30-day, money-back
guarantee is available for all plans.

3. Divi Builder

divi editor

Elegant Themes launched the Divi theme in late 2013 and shook up the page builder sub-community within the wider WordPress community when it did. It released the page builder within the theme as a standalone plugin shortly after.

Key features of Divi Builder

  • Visual Editor Now Available – Divi’s first editing experience, while groundbreaking at the time, was a somewhat clunky collection of sections and rows with modules you couldn’t even see until you clicked on them or previewed the page. Now, Divi Builder has a frontend visual builder that allows you to see your changes in real time.
  • 40+ Content Modules – Divi Builder’s collection of content modules are optimized for marketing and include calls to action, contact forms and testimonials.
  • 800+ Templates – Divi Builder has over 800 pre-made landing page designs available in over 100 website packs. Unfortunately, pre-made section and module layouts are not available.
  • Customize Everything – From text, colors, animations and other styles to padding and margin sizes, Divi Builder lets you control every part of your design.
  • Divi Library – Save any page, section, row or module design you create in the Divi Library, and reuse it later.
  • Divi Theme – Divi Builder is the standalone version of the Divi theme. Your purchase of Divi Builder also gives you access to the Divi theme, which unlocks theme options and a theme builder tool, both of which are optimized for Divi Builder.
  • Divi Leads – Divi Builder comes with a built-in split testing tool that allows you to compare two versions of the same element to see which one performs best.
  • ET Membership – Divi Builder plugin is available as part of ET’s membership program, which also grants you access to the Divi and Extra themes, their email opt-in plugin Bloom, and their social sharing plugin Monarch.
divi landing page

Divi Builder pricing

Divi Builder is part of Elegant Themes’
membership program. An annual license costs $89 while a lifetime license costs
$249. A 30-day, money-back guarantee is available for both plans.

4. Beaver Builder

beaver builder editor

Beaver Builder is another freemium page builder plugin that offers live frontend editing and powerful features. Along with the features mentioned below, you can purchase the Beaver Themer extension as a premium add-on. This extension allows you to customize key theme elements for almost any WordPress theme.

What features does Beaver Builder

  • Visual Editor – Beaver Builder is another
    powerful page builder plugin that uses an intuitive frontend editor that
    displays your changes live.
  • Dozens of Content Modules – This plugin comes
    with just the right amount of content modules for you to design
    highly-optimized pages. They include such modules as calls to action, pricing
    tables, contact forms and opt-in forms.
  • Dozens of Templates – Beaver Builder has
    numerous landing pages to suit a variety of different marketing campaigns and
    content pages, including contact pages, team pages, pages for your services,
    about pages and more.
  • Advanced Customization – This plugin has
    advanced styling and sizing options to give you complete control over your
    designs as well as to give you the ability to create professional designs with
  • Library – Save and reuse modules, rows or even
    entire landing pages.
  • Beaver Builder Theme – Some Beaver Builder
    plans come with the Beaver Builder theme, which has advanced theme options and
    optimization for the Beaver Builder editor.
beaver builder landing page

Beaver Builder pricing

You can get started with the basic version of
Beaver Builder for free by installing it directly from the WordPress plugin
directory. Premium plans start at $99 for unlimited site licenses. You’ll need
to purchase a license for the second tier at $199 to gain access to the Beaver
Builder theme, however. All plans renew at a 40% discount and are backed by a
30-day refund policy.

5. Brizy

brizy editor

Brizy is a younger yet just as powerful page builder plugin developed and maintained by the same company that operates ThemeFuse and Unyson.

Key features of Brizy

  • Visual Editor – Brizy uses a drag-and-drop
    editor on the frontend of your site and allows you to see your changes in real
  • Content Modules – This plugin has a modest
    content module collection, but they’re still enough to help you build optimized
    pages with ease.
  • Hundreds of Templates – Brizy may not have the
    most extensive collection of content modules on this list, but it certainly
    makes up for it with templates. There are dozens of full landing page templates
    and hundreds of pre-designed sections.
  • Customization – This plugin’s styling options
    are expansive and easy to configure. You can even adjust margin, padding and
    column sizes.
  • Theme Customization – The premium version of
    Brizy allows you to customize your theme’s header and footer.
  • Popup Builder – The premium version also
    includes an intuitive popup builder for optimized forms and calls to action.
  • Split Testing – Split testing two designs
    against one another is a feature the developers plan to implement and improve
    upon as time goes on.
  • Brizy Cloud – The premium version comes with
    complementary access (for one year) to Brizy Cloud, a simple hosting service
    that allows you to host individual landing pages you create with Brizy and use
    custom domains if you wish.
brizy landing page

Brizy pricing

A basic version of Brizy is available through
the WordPress plugin directory. Premium plans start at $49/year for three site

6. Themify Builder

themify builder editor

Themify Builder is a simple page builder plugin that comes with fewer features than the other plugins on this list, yet it still has frontend editing. It’s designed to work with any theme but is especially built for Themify’s own themes.

What features does Themify
Builder offer?

  • Frontend Editor – Themify Builder’s frontend
    editor is less intuitive than the other options on this list, but it still
    allows you to see your changes in real time.
  • Content Modules – Themify Builder has a
    moderate collection of content modules for you to use.
  • 40+ Templates – This plugin comes with over 40
    pre-designed landing pages for you to get started with.
  • Customization – Themify Builder comes with
    simple styling, sizing and animation options that make designing like a pro
    quick and simple.
  • Themify Themes – This plugin is designed to
    work with any theme, but it’s especially optimized for Themify’s themes, which
    use the plugin as a framework.
themify builder landing page

Themify Builder pricing

Themify Builder’s lite version can be
installed from the WordPress plugin directory. A premium add-on bundle, which
unlocks access to dozens of additional content modules, is available for $39.

7. SiteOrigin

siteorigin editor

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is one of WordPress’ first and oldest page builder plugins. While a number of powerful competitors have risen throughout the years, this plugin continues to innovative and expand upon its simplicity.

SiteOrigin’s key features

  • Grid-Based Editor – SiteOrigin’s page builder
    uses a grid-based editor that does not allow you to see your changes in real
    time by default, though a live editor feature is now available.
  • Content Modules – This plugin comes with
    limited content modules, but they’re enough for you to build unique landing
  • Site Packs – A free SiteOrigin Site Pack
    plugin is available for you to install pre-designed landing page layouts.
  • Themes – SiteOrigin has developed several free
    and premium themes that integrate seamlessly with its page builder.
siteorigin landing page

SiteOrigin pricing

Many of SiteOrigin’s features are included for
free. You can gain access to premium content modules and advanced options for the
developer’s themes with a license for SiteOrigin premium. Pricing for this
version of the plugin starts at $29/year.

Choosing a WordPress page builder

The WordPress page builder plugin you
ultimately decide to go with will depend on what you need it for. Do you simply
want to build optimized, well-designed landing and content pages, or are you in
the market for a new site design?

If it’s the latter, your best options are Elementor,
Divi and Beaver Builder as they each have dedicated themes designed for their
respective page builders. If all you need is a page builder, take some time to
determine what’s important to you.

Watch and read tutorials, not necessarily
reviews, of each page builder if ease of use is important to you. You’ll get to
see each editor’s UI and ease of use as the instructors walk you through using
each of them.

If you don’t have an eye for design, you’ll
most likely want to stick with page builders that have a wide variety of
templates. Full landing page templates are great, but access to module and
section templates can truly change the way you build pages with these editors.

If budget is your deciding factor, Thrive
Architect and Elementor most definitely have the best bang for your buck.
Thrive Architect’s single site license plan is relatively cheap, and
Elementor’s tiers only increase if you need more site licenses.

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