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7 Best Free RSS Feed Readers (2020 Edition)

Are you looking for a simple and free way to manage your growing list of RSS feeds?

These days there’s more content on the web than anyone can manage. But, we try anyway. If you’re ready to start handling your RSS subscriptions, and enjoy the RSS feeds you’ve subscribed to, it’s time you pick an RSS feed reader to help you out. This way, every time a website you love posts new content, you’ll know immediately, without ever having to go to another individual website again.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the best free RSS feed readers around so you can make a quick and easy choice and start focusing on other, more important things, like catching up on newly published blog content.

Top RSS feed readers

1. Feedly


Feedly is a popular RSS feed reader that lets you organize and read all your favorite blogs in one convenient place. It also comes with additional features beyond being a feed reader.

For example, share content with your team, create notes, and even enjoy the Power Search feature. Perhaps most impressive, however, is the AI research assistant – Leo – that knows how to read and analyze information, so your feeds always remain clutter free.

2. Inoreader


Inoreader is the perfect blend of RSS feed reader features for both beginners and advanced users. You can read content on the web, iOS, and even Android. Plus, you can create offline folders for accessing content whenever you want.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds, email newsletters, Facebook pages, podcasts, and more. And thanks to the automated workflow, you’ll receive push notifications when needed and all content will be marked as read when it meets the criteria you define.

3. NewsBlur


NewsBlur is another free RSS feed reader that works on the web, iPad, iPhone, and even Android. One of its most standout features is that when you want to read articles from your favorite websites, NewsBlur maintains the style of the original site.

Plus, you can organize your content with categories and tags, hide stories you don’t like, highlight those you do, and share your favorite pieces on your public blurblog.

4. Feedreader Online


Feedreader Online is a free, web-based RSS feed aggregator that lets you read your content with ease. That said, it doesn’t lack in the feature department.

Its intuitive interface comes with advanced filtering for finding the content you want, maximum feed capacity, and even different viewing modes that will let your group headlines according to source, date, or tag.

 5. Feeder


Feeder is a sleek RSS feed reader that tracks your online sources and bundles them into easy to read groups.

Push notifications, advanced filtering options, and mobile device enhancements make reading content from all over the web easier than ever. Unique to this feed reader is the fact that it also comes as a Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge extension.

6. Good News

good news

Good News is touted as your personal news stream and comes free of charge for anyone that wants to use it.

It comes with 12 different visual styles, such as Pinboard, Comic Strip, Blog Blocks, and TweetStream, so you get your news the way you want. It also lets you create your own topics for aggregating your favorite news sites into one easy to access spot.

7. FlowReader


FlowReader is a tool that lets you combine both your RSS blog feeds and social media feeds (think Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube), so you never miss a thing. In other words, FlowReader lets you tap into your love for online reading and social networking all at once.

To use it, just add categories that you’re interested in and pick the view you want – Expanded View to see entire articles, Compact View for headlines only, or Read View so you can open multiple articles on one tab.

Wrapping up

And there you have it! The best RSS feed readers in the market for helping you take a hold of your RSS subscriptions and begin enjoying the content you collect, rather than fight through it day after day.

For people that love to indulge in blog posts, news articles, and much more, an RSS feed reader is the perfect way to organize it all. And if you pick the right one, you may even be able to tap into exclusive features like social media integrations (FlowReader), automated push notifications (Inoreader), or even a personal AI research assistant that caters to your content needs (Feedly).

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