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6 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins in 2020 (Popups + More)

Search for the best WordPress lead generation plugin to grow your email list or connect with potential customers?

To help you more effectively generate leads from your WordPress website, we’ve collected six of the best lead generation plugins.

Every second you wait means missed opportunities to get leads, so let’s jump right into the plugins…

Six Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

1. Convert Pro

Convert Pro WordPress lead generation plugin

Convert Pro is a flexible WordPress lead generation plugin from Brainstorm Force, the same team behind the popular Astra theme and Ultimate Addons for Elementor/Gutenberg/Beaver Builder.

It combines a generous feature list with a similarly generous license policy – your purchase lets you use Convert Pro on unlimited WordPress sites.

To help you generate leads, Convert Pro lets you create different types of popups including:

  • Centered popups
  • Slide-ins
  • Notification bars
  • Welcome mats
  • Full-screen popups
  • Two-step opt-ins (open on click)

You can design your popup content using drag-and-drop and set up a variety of targeting and trigger rules to control when your lead gen popups display.

To store your leads, Convert Pro includes integrations with 35+ services, including all the popular email marketing services.

Finally, Convert Pro also includes in-dashboard analytics to see how effective your popups are, as well as built-in A/B testing to compare different variants against one another.

Price: $99 for a one-year license or $399 for a lifetime license. Both plans let you use Convert Pro on unlimited sites. You can also get it as part of the Brainstorm Force agency bundles, which start at $249 for access to all of Brainstorm Force’s products.

Get Convert Pro

2. Elementor Pro (Popup Builder)

Elementor Pro

Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder plugin, and the page builder plugin that we use here at WPLift (read our full Elementor review).

With the free version, you can only design post/page content. But with Elementor Pro, you can use the same visual, drag-and-drop interface to design popups, which makes it a great lead generation tool.

You also get access to the Form widget, which lets you create customizable lead gen forms anywhere on your site and sync them up with popular email marketing services and/or Zapier. You’ll also use the Form widget in your popups.

As for the popups themselves, you can choose from a variety of placement types including:

  • Centered popups
  • Slide-ins
  • Notification bars
  • Full-screen fillers
  • Two-step opt-ins

You can also target your lead generation popups to specific content/users and employ different triggers to control when your popups appear.

The one area where Elementor Pro falters is analytics – it doesn’t have any.

Still, if you want the most flexible WordPress lead generation plugin from a design perspective, this is probably your best option.

Price: The core Elementor plugin is free, but you’ll need Elementor Pro for the Form widget and popup feature. Elementor Pro starts at $49 for use on a single website.

Get Elementor Pro

3. OptinSpin


OptinSpin has a unique take on WordPress lead generation. Rather than just using a simple form all by itself, OptinSpin lets you gamify lead generation with a spinning wheel that gives visitors a chance to win prizes.

You’ve probably seen these – visitors enter their name and email address (plus some other info, if desired). Then, they get a chance to “spin the wheel” and win one of the prizes that you’ve set up.

You can create your own prizes or, if you’re running an eCommerce store with WooCommerce, you can also sync up with WooCommerce coupons to give visitors a chance to win discounts at your store.

With OptinSpin, you can:

  • Offer unlimited prizes and adjust the win probability for each prize.
  • Customize the form that visitors need to fill out to spin the wheel and add as many fields as needed.
  • Integrate with popular email marketing services to store your leads.
  • View detailed analytics to analyze how effective your wheels are at generating leads.

Price: OptinSpin costs $99 with standard Envato licensing. That is, lifetime updates on a single site and six months of support.

Get OptinSpin

4. MailOptin

MailOptin WordPress lead generation plugin

MailOptin is a freemium plugin that can help you both generate leads and communicate with those leads via email by sending your own one-off or automatic newsletters. You can also still integrate it with popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and more if you want.

To generate leads, MailOptin helps you create different types of opt-in forms like:

  • Lightbox popups
  • Notification bars
  • Slide-ins
  • Sidebar/widget forms
  • Before/after post forms
  • Embedded forms

You can access analytics to view your forms’ performance and also use A/B testing to try different variants against one another.

You’ll also get plenty of targeting and trigger rules to control exactly where and when your forms appear.

You can learn more and see the plugin in action in our full MailOptin review.

Price: MailOptin has a limited free version at The premium lead generation version starts at $79, and if you also want the ability to send emails via MailOptin, those plans start at $199.

Get MailOptin

5. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads WordPress lead generation plugin

Thrive Leads is a flexible WordPress lead generation plugin from Thrive Themes, the makers of a number of lead-focused WordPress plugins.

It gives you a visual, drag-and-drop builder where you can design various types of opt-in forms including:

  • Centered popups
  • Notification bars
  • Slide-ins
  • Screen filler overlays
  • Welcome mat
  • In-line forms
  • Two-step opt-ins
  • Content lockers

You can target your rules to different content and users and also employ different trigger conditions, including exit intent.

To analyze and optimize your forms, Thrive Leads comes with built-in analytics and A/B testing.

You get integrations with most popular email marketing services, as well as useful features like an option to display different forms to people who have already joined your lists.

Price: Thrive Leads only comes in a premium version. Prices start at $67 for use on a single site or you can get it as part of the Thrive Themes membership

Get Thrive Leads

6. Capture & Convert

Capture and Convert

Capture & Convert offers another unique approach to WordPress lead generation – content lockers.

Essentially, it lets you lock a portion of your content and require users to enter their email to gain access. You can also ask for social shares or social follows instead.

It’s a little bit more aggressive, but it can be an effective tactic if you’re locking away valuable content.

There are several popular content locker plugins out there, but I find Convince & Convert to have the most polished, modern interface of the bunch.

You can lock any portion of your content using shortcodes and you’ll also get built-in analytics to see how effective your efforts are.

Price: The basic email locker feature is available for free. Plans with more features start at $19 per month.

Get Capture & Convert

Start Generating More Leads Today

So what’s the best WordPress lead generation plugin? Well, I think a lot of that depends on your needs.

If you want the most flexible option from a design perspective, I think Elementor Pro is a great choice. It’s not just for lead generation, either – it will help you out in a number of different ways.

If you want a more conversion-focused tool with analytics and A/B testing, then I’d say Convert Pro might be your best option, especially because of its generous license policy (unlimited site usage).

Any questions about generating leads on WordPress? Ask away in the comments section!

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