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6 Best Free WordPress Instagram Plugins to Add Your Own Feed

Searching for the best Instagram plugins to display your feed to the world?

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In this post, I’ve collected six great free Instagram plugins that make it easy to showcase your Instagram feed on WordPress (or the feed for someone else’s account or a hashtag).

Beyond just collecting plugins, I also installed each plugin on my test site to give you an idea of how it looks and functions.

Let’s dive into the best WordPress Instagram plugins.

Six Best WordPress Instagram Plugins (All Are Free)

All of the Instagram plugins on this list offer a free version that makes it easy to get started and test things out. Some of them also have a premium version with more functionality.

This list include everything from detailed plugins that let you embed custom feeds from multiple Instagram accounts or hashtags, to simple offerings that add a new Instagram feed block to the WordPress block editor.

Let’s dig in…

1. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed WordPress plugin example

Instagram Feed is, by far, the most popular free Instagram plugin at It’s a good first stop for anyone looking for a free Instagram plugin for WordPress.

Instagram Feed makes it easy to embed an Instagram feed for any account. For free, you can:

  • Create a feed from one or more Instagram accounts
  • Add a “Follow on Instagram” button
  • Offer infinite load more to keep people engaged with your feed

One of the things that I like about this plugin is how easy it is to set up. Assuming you’re logged in to your Instagram account already, all you need to do is click a button to set it up:

One-click instagram setup

Then, you can customize how your feed looks, like changing the width. Once you’re finished, you can display your Instagram feed anywhere on your site using a shortcode.

If you want more functionality, there’s also a Pro version that lets you:

  • Embed Instagram feeds from hashtags instead of just user accounts
  • Choose more layouts – grid, carousel, masonry, highlight
  • Show captions
  • Enable likes and comments
  • Filter posts by media type (e.g. only images or only videos) or keyword/hashtag
  • Moderate your feed before publicly displaying images (helpful for a hashtag feed or feeds from other accounts that you don’t control).

Get Instagram Feed

2. 10Web Instagram Feed

10web instagram plugin example

10Web Instagram Feed is another popular free WordPress Instagram plugin at

It lets you create your own custom feed complete with:

  • Profile information (optional, of course)
  • Follow on Instagram button
  • Follower count
  • Two different layout options
  • Lightbox so that visitors can view larger pictures without leaving the page
  • Options to sort how your Instagram feed is ordered

One unique thing is that you can create hashtag feeds even in the free version.

Like Instagram Feed, it’s super easy to set up – you pretty much just click a button. Then, you can:

  • Choose your layout
  • Set how to sort Instagram pictures (e.g. you can display your most recent, or your most liked first)
  • Configure whether or not to use the lightbox functionality

10web settings

If you want more functionality, there’s also a $25 Pro version that adds support for:

  • More layout options – Masonry and Blog Style
  • Option to combine usernames and hashtags into a single feed
  • Conditional filters to control which posts are included in your Instagram feed
  • More themes
  • Infinite scroll
  • Displaying comments, captions, and likes.

Get 10Web Instagram Feed

3. Instagram Widget by WPZOOM

Instagram Widget by WPZOOM is a bit simpler than the previous two plugins. Rather than giving you a detailed settings area, it gives you a dedicated Instagram widget that you can use to display your Instagram feed.

Instagram Widget by WPZOOM only works for your own Instagram account – not other people’s accounts or hashtags. But it still does give you some options, like the ability to:

  • Control the number of images and columns
  • Display profile details, including your biography
  • Show overlay with the number of comments and likes when a user hovers over an image
  • Display a “Follow” button

It’s also super easy to set up – you can connect your Instagram account with the click of a button. Then, you can set everything up in the widget:

Free Instagram wordpress widget

If you just want a simple Instagram feed in your sidebar or other widget areas, this is a great free option.

Get Instagram Widget by WPZOOM

4. Kona

Instagram block example

Kona is a relatively new plugin that adds a dedicated Instagram feed block to the new WordPress block editor (AKA Gutenberg).

There, you can:

  • Choose the number of columns and images
  • Add image spacing
  • Decide whether or not to show your profile
  • Use equal-sized images
  • Add an image background

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no pagination – so it will only display your X most recent Instagram images.

Instagram feed block plugin

Note – the backend live preview didn’t work on my site, but the Instagram feed showed up fine on the frontend when I published the post.

Get Kona

5. Intagrate Lite

Intagrate Lite approaches creating an Instagram feed in a different way than all of the other plugins.

Rather than helping you display an entire Instagram feed in a single spot, Intagrate Lite actually imports each individual Instagram image as its own WordPress post.

This approach definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you do want to be able to import Instagram images as separate WordPress blog posts, this is the plugin for you. You can also use template tags to map specific content to various parts of your posts:

There’s also a Pro version with more features, like multiple streams, hashtags, support for custom post types, and more.

Get Intagrate Lite

6. Instagram Slider and Carousel Plus Widget

instagram feed slider

Finally, there’s Instagram Slider and Carousel Plus Widget. I’m including this plugin because it’s the best free plugin I could find that lets you create a slider from your Instagram feed.

If you just want to create a basic grid, you might be happier with one of the other plugins. But if you want to create an Instagram feed slider for free, this one is a solid option.

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can start using it right away via the included shortcodes.

To modify how your Instagram feed functions, you’ll need to use shortcode parameters, rather than a graphical interface.

With those shortcode parameters, you can:

  • Choose which account to display a feed for
  • Enable lightbox gallery functionality
  • Choose how many pictures to include
  • Decide whether to include captions, like counts, comment counts, etc.
  • Configure how the slider functions, including options for navigation, autoplay, speed, etc.

If you want more functionality, there’s also a Pro version that adds:

  • More layout/design options
  • A new “block” view (this layout is pretty cool – example below)
  • Some other smaller settings

Block view from plugin

Get Instagram Slider and Carousel Plus Widget

Which Is The Best Free Instagram Plugin For You?

So now for the important question – which is the best free Instagram plugin for you?

Well, let’s run through some scenarios…

If you just want a really simple way to display an Instagram feed of your own content, check out Instagram Widget by WPZOOM for an Instagram widget, or Kona for an Instagram block that you can use in the block editor.

If you want something with a little more functionality and flexibility, go with Instagram Feed or 10Web Instagram Feed. Both will let you customize your feed, including the ability to create a feed for other profiles and/or hashtags.

If you want to display an Instagram feed slider rather than a grid, go with Instagram Slider and Carousel Plus Widget. Or, you can get a carousel template in the premium version of either of the two previous plugins.

Finally, if you want to import Instagram photos as actual separate WordPress posts, then Intagrate Lite is definitely the plugin for you. Or, you could also use a WordPress import RSS feed plugin along with a tool like FetchRSS.

Any questions about which is the best WordPress Instagram plugin for you? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to help!

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