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5 Platforms for Freelancers and Businesses

What the best invoicing software online all have in common

Invoicing platforms can be valuable time-savers, but only if you’re careful about your selection. Choosing an expensive platform lacking in features, or supplying several features you don’t require, could end up hurting you more than it helps.

⏰ When considering a platform, think about the ways in which it’s capable of saving you time. If you couldn’t use that time productively to make up for the platform’s cost, it’s probably not worth the investment. Cost-effectiveness is key.

? With this in mind, it’s wise to look into platforms that are able to do more than just send invoices. Some include other valuable accounting features such as time tracking, expense tracking, bill paying options, bank account monitoring, or estimate generation.

? Automation is also a useful component of any invoicing platform. Scheduled late fees and reminders to deal with unresponsive clients, recurring invoices, and automatic tax calculations can save you time as well.

?️ Finally, it’s important to look for a platform you can customize with your own branding. Invoices are small yet important opportunities to promote your work, and to demonstrate your professionalism to clients with consistent branding.

Five of the best online invoicing platforms for freelancers and agencies

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best invoicing software online by considering their price, features, and ideal user. If you just want to see an overview of the solutions included, check out our summarized findings:

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