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5 of the Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Your Business in 2019

Overall cost and pricing plans

AppointmentPlus isn’t the cheapest appointment scheduler, but the software is packed with features. Not only that, but the pricing plans are set up for flexibility as your business expands.

Free trials aren’t available, but AppointmentPlus offers demos of its appointment scheduling software.

Here are the plans:

  • Bronze Plan – $49 per month for individuals and smaller teams. It provides features like multiple admins, event scheduling, payments, website and Facebook integrations, SMS reminders, and email notifications.
  • Silver Plan – $69 per month for start-up and small teams that need more functionality. The features include everything from the previous plan, interactive notifications, service schedule exceptions, staff profile sharing, and staff filters.
  • Gold Plan – $99 per month for more established businesses with larger staffs. You get all features from the previous plans, IP address restrictions, more appointment fields, templates, room sharing, multiple appointments in time slots, and analytics.
  • Platinum Plan – $199 per month for smaller enterprises. The features include everything from the previous plans, a dedicated account manager, more user profiles, high volume for appointments, custom fields, location attributes, sub-services, a location lookup tool, and more.
  • Enterprise Plan – This plan has customized pricing for some of the largest organizations in the world. You receive all features including whatever other customizations you need.

Ease of use and reliability

Compared to some of the other appointment scheduler software, AppointmentPlus has a steep learning curve. That being said, it’s best for teams with IT professionals or developers who are willing to manage the system. Other than that, the entire software is reliable and flexible with your own business needs. It’s meant for companies that need to scale and make feature adjustments – not those that are alright with a simplistic scheduler.

Top features

  • Customized scheduling solutions for different industries such as education, logistics, and health care.
  • A powerful scheduler that lets your customers book appointments at any time.
  • Tools for linking your bookings to email marketing and social media posts. Email and text notifications for invitations and reminders.
  • Some of the most robust reporting you’ll find from an appointment scheduler. Some stats include no-show rates and product purchasing trends.
  • Third-party integrations with apps like Mailchimp, Google, and iContact.
  • An excellent pricing structure to ensure that your business scales properly.
  • Payment processing.
  • Extra appointment fields and customizable fields in some of the plans.
  • A quick integration with both your WordPress site and Facebook.

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