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5 High-Quality Sketch Alternatives for Windows (2019)

As you may have noticed, every platform we’ve discussed in this post has a free version available. If you’re torn between two or more, consider giving those free versions a test run in order to choose the right piece of software, risk-free.

Conclusion on the best Sketch alternatives for Windows

When it comes to UI design platforms, Sketch takes the biscuit. Its advanced vector editing, prototyping, and collaboration features make it highly desirable for industry professionals. However, its lack of compatibility with the Windows operating system causes trouble for those who aren’t fans of Apple.

In this post, we pointed you in the direction of five high-quality Sketch alternatives for Windows.

In summary:

  1. FigmaThe most similar to Sketch in terms of functionality. However, its Professional and Organization pricing options could make it an expensive choice for teams.
  2. VectrEasy and free to use, this tool is ideal for those new to UI design. Unfortunately, its lack of native prototyping functionality makes it a poor substitute for more advanced users.
  3. Adobe XD. Perfect for those who are familiar with Adobe platforms and already have a Creative Cloud subscription.
  4. Moqups. A low-cost alternative to Figma. This platform is best for smaller or simple projects and teams on a budget.
  5. FluidUI. A solid choice for individual mobile designers. Teams will do best to look into a more cost-effective option.

Do you have any questions about finding a Sketch alternative for Windows? Let us know in the comments section below!

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