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5 Best Job Board Plugins to Power Your WordPress Site

Whether you want to advertise for internal positions, or showcase some of the best employer openings in your industry, all of WordPress’ best job board plugins can help. They give you the features and functionality you need to display available positions, and may even give you tools to manage resumes and other related facets.

In this post, we’ll look at the best job board plugins for WordPress. Here’s a full breakdown of what the article will feature:

First, let’s discuss what job board plugins are and why they’re great for showing off current employment positions.

Why Your Site Needs Job Board Plugins (And What to Look For In the Right One)

In short, a job board plugin lets you create and manage online job listings and applications on your WordPress website. Of course, this type of plugin serves as a vital connection point between an employer and other job seekers. This means you’ll want to choose the right plugin.

While you can manually implement job listings on your site, we don’t recommend it. Instead, a job board plugin offers significant advantages. It can automate different aspects of the job posting process, which reduces your effort and saves you time. In turn, this can keep your job boards up to date and will offer greater value to job seekers.

In terms of features and functionality, job board plugins typically include ways to handle almost the entire job search process. Here are some of the ways a plugin might help:

  • You can post job descriptions, categorize listings, and manage incoming applications.
  • Depending on the plugin, you may be able to create custom application forms that feature the ability to upload resumes (and even read them).
  • For end users, automated job alert functionality and detailed search options will enhance the User Experience (UX).

Overall, job board plugins can be an essential asset for any WordPress site that wants to establish an efficient and effective online job marketplace. Over the rest of the article, we’ll look at some of the best job board plugins we can find.

5 Best Job Board Plugins to Power Your WordPress Site

Here is our list of five of the best job board plugins for WordPress. The list is in no order, although later we’ll try to rank them. For now, let’s discuss the available options.

1. Job Manager and Career

First up is ThemeHigh’s WordPress Job Manager and Career plugin. It has a lot of power to help streamline the job recruitment process.

The Job Manager and Career plugin.

This plugin is could be ideal if you need an efficient way to manage listings and job applications. Here’s a snippet of what it gives you:

  • You can create and manage job openings without effort.
  • Candidates will be able to apply directly from a dedicated career page on site.
  • The application management tools give you comprehensive insights into applicants’ details.
  • You can find suitable candidates fast using advanced search functionality.
  • Applicants can share their documents through an uploader – ideal for resumes.
  • You can keep candidates informed about their application status through automated email notifications.

In terms of pricing, the plugin offers three subscription options:

  • A single-site license for $49 per year.
  • Licenses for five sites is $99 per year.
  • 25 site licenses are $149 per year.

Overall, the Job Manager and Career plugin offers a flexible and comprehensive feature set makes it a valuable addition for businesses of all sizes. There’s also a free version available to try out the plugin’s features.

2. WP Job Openings

The WP Job Openings plugin offers a comprehensive set of features and functionality to help you manage your recruitment process. It’s a streamlined design that will suit organizations of all sizes.

The WP Job Openings plugin.

The plugin is a slick tool that includes a whole host of different aspects suitable for building and running a job board:

  • It includes an intuitive career page creator, complete with pre-built layouts.
  • The application tracking system lets you monitor, rate, and filter applications directly from the WordPress dashboard – all from a single screen.
  • You’re able to build email notification templates and send messages to applicants, complete with real-time notifications.
  • There’s lots of flexibility to create and customize application forms.
  • If you have development knowledge, there are plenty of available hooks to help you customize the plugin to your exact needs.

Pricing options for WP Job Openings work on site license limitations, rather than functionality restrictions:

  • Individual: $69 for a single-site license.
  • Professional: $139 for up to five sites.
  • Agency: $399 for as many licenses as you need.

Note that there’s a free version available too. On the whole, WP Job Openings is a versatile way to set up a job board for all sorts of sites, such as corporate websites, staffing agencies, and more. We like pretty much everything about this plugin, and it’s one for your shortlist!

3. WP Job Manager

If you want the ultimate in WordPress integration for your job board, the WP Job Manager plugin will be near the top of your shortlist. It’s an Automattic product – the leading WordPress contributor – so using this plugin is almost a guarantee of compatibility with the platform.

The WP Job Manager header from

As such, it’s pleasing that WP Job Manager includes a wealth of functionality:

  • Shortcodes let you integration searchable and filterable job boards with ease.
  • Front end forms let employers submit and manage job listings without logging into the back end.
  • You have customizable RSS feeds to help display jobs elsewhere, or to let others subscribe.
  • Job listings use Google’s Job Posting Schema to ensure they display well in search engines.
  • Candidates can apply for jobs through email or a dedicated link.

The core WP Job Manager plugin is free, although it offers paid extensions too. However, you can get them all as a bundle. This costs $159 per year for a single site license, and $329 for a developer license without limits.

Given the extendability of WP Job Manager, it could suit lots of site types. You get the ability to tailor the plugin to your exact needs, without needless expense, and with arguably the best compatibility on offer.

4. WPJobBoard

The WPJobBoard plugin is a highly adaptable solution to set up job boards within WordPress, and this includes those with technical knowledge too.

The front end of a site the using WPJobBoard plugin.

The plugin includes functionality that isn’t typical for the competition:

  • WPJobBoard integrates with a number of third-party services. For instance, it supports PayPal and Stripe, so you can take payments through your job board.
  • There are a number of ways to boost the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your jobs. Each listing uses Schema markup, serve your jobs using RSS, will auto-post to Twitter, and much more.
  • A drag-and-drop visual editor lets you build listings, application forms, and even resumes from the WordPress dashboard.
  • You can syndicate job listings to popular sites such as Indeed, SimplyHired, and JuJu.
  • The plugin comes with extensive documentation and responsive support.

There are two pricing tiers for WPJobBoard and both offer nearly the same features and functionality:

  • A Personal license is $97 for use on one site.
  • The Business license is $199 for as many sites as you need the plugin for. However, you also get a selection of business extensions too.

The WPJobBoard plugin is ideal as a straightforward option for your site. We like its syndication abilities and its monetization options. In short, the plugin offers the flexibility and feature set a WordPress job board needs.

5. JobSearch WP

The last plugin on this list is JobSearch WP. It’s a versatile, premium-only solution that offers a deep set of ways to customize your job boards.

The JobSearchWP plugin.

This plugin includes the tools to monetize your job board, and cater to international audiences too:

  • It offers extensive customization options to help tailor the experience to your needs.
  • The plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.
  • If you wish to translate your job listings, you get full WPML plugin support.
  • You have plenty of ways to organize both job listings and resumes.
  • You can showcase showcase job listings and resumes in various ways within the options.
  • There’s extensive shortcode support, such as those for lists, searches, and more.
  • The plugin also provides a user dashboard page template, which includes social media login options​

A regular license costs $79, and is for a single site​​. However, JobSearch WP only comes with six months of support, as per Envato’s policy. Even so, the functionality of this plugin makes it a worthwhile and valuable solution for your job board website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There’s been a lot in this post to dissect and take on board. As such, let’s try to answer a few of the key questions about the best job board plugins we feature, and how to use them in an optimal way.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using a Job Board Plugin on My WordPress Site?

Job board plugins help you to streamline recruitment through features such as customizable application forms, advanced filtering, and automated alerts. They can enhance user engagement, offer better organization and management of job postings, and integrate seamlessly with your WordPress site.

Can I Customize the Look and Feel of These Job Board Plugins to Match My Website’s Design?

All of the job board plugins on this list offer extensive customization options. They typically let you match the plugin’s appearance with your website’s design, and not only create custom listings, but application forms and resumes too.

Are These Job Board Plugins Suitable for Non-Technical Users?

As with any WordPress plugin, these job board plugins excel when it comes to UX. All of the functionality will be available within the WordPress dashboard. However, some plugins also support developer-level functionality too.

Do These Plugins Support Multilingual Job Postings for International Audiences?

Many job board plugins offer multilingual support, but JobSearch WP puts this aspect front and center. We recommend you take a look at each plugin to see if it can meet your needs on a global scale.

Can I Monetize My Job Board Using These Job Board Plugins?

Several of the job board plugins on this list support monetization, such as JobSearch WP and WPJobBoard. You can set up paid job listings, subscription models, or integrate your site with WooCommerce to process payments.

Which Solution You Should Choose From Our List of Best Job Board Plugins for WordPress

This list of best job board plugins is solid, which may not help when narrowing down the contenders. To help, check out the following table. It gives you an at-a-glance look at the key aspects of each:

Rank Name Standout Feature Price Range Free Version?
🏅 WP Job Openings Customization of listings $69–399 per year Yes
🥈 WP Job Manager Fantastic compatibility with WordPress $159–329 per year Yes
🥉 Job Manager & Career Excellent, competitive pricing $49–149 per year Yes
4 JobSearch WP WooCommerce and full WPML support $79 No
5 WPJobBoard Job listing syndication options to third-party sites $97–199 per year No

For our money, WP Job Openings and WP Job Manager are both superb plugins. They are free, but let you extend the functionality of your job board through paid add-ons. This is an ideal setup, because you can scale as your needs and budget allow.

However, this isn’t to say the other plugins on this list are bad. After all, they’re a part of the five best job board plugins for a reason! As such, check out each one, as they all offer something for specific user cases.


A job board doesn’t seem like a key feature of a site, but it can be one of the most important. Not only can you give your industry reputation a boost through sharing relevant and open job roles, you can also find your businesses next hire too.

The best job board plugins will all help you set up listings and receive applications. However, we like both WP Job Openings and WP Job Manager. Both have free core plugins that you can extend through premium add-ons. What’s more, they come with arguably the biggest range of features and functionality in the field.

Which of these best job board plugins for WordPress do you think will suit your site? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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